Tuesday, 20 November 2007


.....for big lack of updates. Massive personal problems and am working full time to get rid of debt. Fun times.

Normal service will be resumed soon.

Monday, 5 November 2007

Day off

Today I have a day off from tour. Ellen is home too. Holy Roar West Norwood Massive.

Friday I drove to Maragte and back from London. Saturday I drove to Birmingham. Sunday I drove to Exeter and then to London.

Shows have been nicely fun, if not remarkable. I feel like I have very little else that I can say that can be public.

Friday, 2 November 2007

Earning money for a lack of fun times!

So on monday I started temping. At a media agency - buying advertising space. This is what I did before I gave up 'the working world' for music. So im back at it earning a decent amount and with Def Jam and Mercury Records as clients. And the people are nice. They havent given me enough work yet though as I am utterly bored and writing this from my desk.

I am temping because - a) i want to be able to buy people xmas presents, b) i dont want to keep being charged £20 a month on my (now non-graduate) overdraft. Great.

Listening -

Between the buried and me - colo(u)rs
Tony danza - II
Number 12 - mongrel
Set your goals - Mutiny

Here is a preview of the Holy Roar tape comp artwork -

Dan Reeves did it - awesome. Should be a Holy Roar t-shirt coming from him v. soon.

Rolo Tomassi support Liars tomorrow in Brighton and are doing a full tour in december - dates to come soon.

Cutting Pink tour that i leave for in a few hours -
Friday 2 Nov 2007 Margate Lido
Saturday 3 Nov 2007 Brimingham The Rainbow w/Fuck Buttons, Doom Patrol, Antelope, PCM + more!
Sunday 4 Nov 2007 Exeter Cavern w/ Antelope (dischord, usa)
Tuesday 6 Nov 2007 Liverpool Barfly
Wednesday 7 Nov 2007 Manchester Roadhouse w/ Twisted Charm
Thursday 8 Nov 2007 Accrington Upsi Bar w/ Rolo Tomassi
Friday 9 Nov 2007 Edinburgh Henrys Cellar Bar
Saturday 10 Nov 2007 London Metro w/ Antelope (USA, Dischord Records)

We now have the 10" mint green vinyl version of populuxxe. It has a bonus track and re-done artwork - all done/put out by Kate Moross. Its amazing.

Wont be posting until after tour now i reckon!

Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Holy Roar Store Overhaul

Yesterday/Today I began a MASSIVE overhaul for the holy roar 'store' and distro. I'm using Zen Cart to do this. It seems relatively straight forward, but has so many feature to get to grips with. Its basically using a template along these sort of lines - http://stickfiguredistro.com/catalog - but there are plenty other websites out there that use this.

It will probably take a few weeks to get it really going - the idea being to sell mp3s and videos on there as well as all our cds/vinyl/shirts/tote bags/distributed items etc.

If we can get it all working as planned it should be great and a real BIG improvement on what we have at the moment.

Starting to feel human again today. Have an interview tomorrow for a temp position in a media agency.

The 'Laser Hannon' CPWK video has already been selected for '120 minutes' on MTV2! Which is good news....

Monday, 22 October 2007


I fully have man-flu. Shit as fuck.

Sunday, 21 October 2007


Does anyone else find it annoying when you ask someone (usually a music snob, usually of the hxc/DIY/indie/emo variety) what a band sounds like and they reply - "Oh, you know, kinda that early 80's LA/Detroit sound" or "..that early nineties DC sound" etc etc

THIS IS STUPID. I'm sure there was more than one type of 'sound' within an entire city in a certain time period! You tit! Better descriptions are required!

I think im getting a cold/sore throat. Rubbish.

Saturday, 20 October 2007

Today in central London/Brick Lane....

...me and Ellen -

Bought -

- Jesu - 'lifeline' ep
- Coalesce - 'There is nothing new under the sun +'
- Defeatist - 7"
- Plan B (scout niblett/nout sciblett cover)

Acquired -

- new Vice

Drank -

- coke
- water
- White Chocolate Mocha from coffee@bricklane (good stuff)

Ate -

- Chicken/Pork Burrito from MexiCali
- Lemon and Poppyseed cake

Watched/Listened to -

- Trencher playing in Beyond Retro

Nice day. I am now drinking beer and awaiting Spag Bol.

Friday, 19 October 2007

Hips and mosh

Today i went for an x-ray on my left hip. In the past two days I have had a doctor and a nurse move or prod my hip awkward ways which has caused it to be more painful. Nice. In 7-10 days I will know the outcome of the x-rays.

Today I have been listening to the new Sworn Enemy album - 'Maniacal'. It's Slayer gone mosh. Cr00sh.

Last night CPWK and Rolo Tomassi played in Cambridge with MMISL and some other band. 3/4 Maths turned up too. It was a nice little evening with some decent fish'n'chips too. Me and Eddy made 'Olicosis' faces whilst on stage (directed at Oli of course). Br00ts.

Oh, the Tombs record (ex-Versoma) is awesome. Check them out.

Interesting piece of news - we are releasing the new Cutting Pink With Knives single on cd as well as digitally. Well, i say we - i mean Tuned magazine is. They came to us to see if we fancied giving away an ep with copies of Tuned that get sold in WH Smith. We obviously were not going to turn this down, especially as its timing was perfect with 'Laser Hannon' being pencilled in for digital release on November 19th, and Tuned coming out Nov 12th. There will be approx 7000 of these cdeps! These are the details I posted on myspace/wesbite -

CD Format -

1. Laser Hannon
2. Chums*
3. Menthe (home recording)*

Available EXCLUSIVELY with Tuned Magazine in WH Smith (and ONLY WH Smith!) from November 12th.

Digital Format -

1. Laser Hannon
2. My France Is Dead*

Available from all good digital outlets (iTunes etc) from November 19th.

* = Exclusive to this release

These are the artworks -

CD - the whole artwork is funny - go see it when it comes out.

Digital - done by Dan Reeves - check him out he is AWESOME -http://danreeves.carbonmade.com/

There will also be a video for everyone to laugh at for the track. Exciting!

Coliseum are coming over in December. CANT WAIT. Hopefully Throats can support on a few shows. Oh and First Blood are playing London Oct 29th I believe. I well wanna go! They recently made the best Hoodie ever -

Wednesday, 17 October 2007

today has been all about...

- Feist
- TV on the Radio
- Tombs (ex-Versoma)!!!
- Kit Kat Chunky Peanut Butters
- Headaches

Internet on the TV

I started listening to TV on the Radio yesterday and am fully converted. They are so odd. But great. To me its liek Arcade Fire and Why? coming together to create something completely new. Seriously - listen to this band.

It looks like im managing Paul Marshall (as well as co-managing Rolo Tomassi) for the forseeable future, with a view to it being more long term. Im really excited about this new challenge - www.myspace.com/paulmarshallyeah - as you can see he is a completely different kettle of fish to Rolos.

Everything is going pretty well apart from my personal financial situation. I will probably need to do some temping between now and xmas. Oh well. It wont be forever.

Narcosis split up. Best band in britian gone. Gutted.

The tape compilation is shaping up nicely. Should be announcing tracklisting tomorrow hopefully. Its awesome.

Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Dear Stuart Price...

....aka Jacques Le Cont aka Les Rythmes Digitales, please do another Les Rythmes Digitales album, or just tour again? 'Darkdancer' now came out EIGHT years ago, but still shits on most dance music being produced today.

Sir, you are a visionary.


Bagels with butter and Nutella on are the best thing in the world. But I ate two and feel sick.

I just saw 'the twins' from Big Brother 'perform' (aka mime) Barbie Girl on GMTV. Fucking Hell!

Im quite excited about our forthcoming tape compilation, the narcosis ep and the throats/maths split cd.

Talking of Narcosis - they played with CPWK and Rolos in Bolton on Saturday. The PA and soundman were abysmal (VERY professional wiggling the nobs for the levels of the drum machine randomly up and down for laughs!), so our set was v short indeed! SDorry - Narcosis - fucking amazing. Easily one of the best British bands at the moment. But still the PA didnt do them justice. Jamie has come on quite a way from when i first saw him perform with them. Some dude from Evisorax (i think?) was dancing around at the front in a very drunken manner, pissing the band royally off. The drummer ended up throwing sticks at him etc and ending the last song midway through. Priceless.

CPWK filmed a video on sunday - it should be up by the end of this week fingers crossed. If all thge ideas comes across and everything is realised that we worked, to be honest, pretty hard to achieve, then it should look ace. Watch this space. Literally.

Playing in Ashford in Kent tomorrow w/ This Town Needs Guns. Its just me and Eddy doing this set. Chris has to go to some film party with old graduates or something. So it should be novel if nothing else!

Friday, 5 October 2007

recent happenings....

CPWK played Bardens Boudoir, London last thursday. Crowd wasnt fun and the venue sucks. Last saturday we played with Ghost Frequency and Get Shakes. Ghost frequency are awesome dudes. and great live. We rocked this show. Get shakes had a dick for a manager. It was laughable - we got told to 'grow the fuck up' for laughing at the the fact they had gaffa taped towels over their keyboards. Ha!

Rolos played macbeth last night. Another venue im not a massive fan of. But they were good. Rolos are now being booked by Primary Talent which is big time awesome.

I went to presentations on Midem and SXSW - quite an interesting day - saw the Capsule ladies and Julie from Visible noise - which was nice.

CPWK are playing ULU, london next sat with Akala, Winterkids and Tinchy Stryder. HILARIOUS! But awesome.

Last weekend was mine and ellens 4 yr anniversary of being together. She surpirsed me by taking me to hotel du vin in Henly - awesome hotel, awesome food. Awesoem girlfriend!

Meneguar are amazing.

Bolton tomorrow for cpwk and rolos!

Thursday, 27 September 2007


Upsilon Acrux
Every Time I Die


Last weekend I went to Holland. This is my account of the trip -

We all gathered at mine and Ellens flat (Ellen acommpanied/tour-managed the trip). We got to West Norwood train station to find trains fucked. After going to clapham instead we got to Gatwick. The flight was uneventful, but i had my susual 'will i die this time?' thought, as I always do with planes.

We got the metro to central amsterdam, and walked to our Hostel, which was above a pub called 'Durty Nellys' which was just outside the red light district. The handle broke on my suitcase, so it was fucking painful carrying it (for the whole trip). Our room was clean and ok and included breakfast, so we couldnt compain too much.

We went out, looked at some shops (awesome clothes shop and a record store which had 'oh wow!' by CPWK) amongst them. We then stopped and had dinner - which was shit to be honest. Then we found ana amazing pub that had really nice strong begian/dutch beers. Got a bit merry. Then went across the road to a coffee shop and ate a hash muffin and helped smoke a joint. Then walked around the red-light district and porn shops and looked at sluts. Then went back to durty nellys and had a pint of guinness. I was totally fucked, but felt ok. Went to bed, and had a shit nights sleep due to bells, thirst, noise, chris talking in his sleep etc etc.

Left our bags at durty nellys and went exploring the next day as we had all the day to kill in amssterdam. I guess we got quite bored due to lack of spending money, and we were knackered. Went to another coffee shop which had fit waitresses and had hash chocolate cake. I thought this did NOTHING. Ellen got a bit giggly though.

Picked up pour bags and went and got the metro to the venue. Met GTUK, Antitainment (who we were playing with) and Johan and Hannah for the first time. Soundchecked and then went upstairs for an awesome veg meal. Then all hell broke lose. Well - in my head at least! When we started eating, i literally could not stop laughing at everything, no matter how unfunny. Everyone seemed silent, but i was crying rivers of tears. I tried to go downstairs to compose myself, but the stairs were like an accordian stretching out in front of me and i took ages to get down the stairs! All the way through the gig then I was a state, not really talking, whitey-ing out, played shitly too! People were tryign to talk to me and i couldnt speak. Dont do drugs kids.

Afterwards we stayed with Johan and Hannah in their studio, which was a big room - it was odd, but cool. We had breakfast the following morning outside, which was nice too. I also met LAMB here. He is my friend. We then all went on the train to Rotterdam. We checked into our hotel, which was nice, then went to the venue. The venue was awesome - had a record store, mini-cinema, bar and venue. We all got to order a pizza each for dinner, had a fridge full of wine/beer/soft drinks, then played the gig with Toxic Lipstick and Germlin. This gig was way better than the night before.

Got up the next day, had breakfast int he hotel, then got the train to Tilburg. Tilburg is awesome - a small city with loads of small neat shops. ZXZW (the festival) was spread across 12-or-so venues throughout the day. I watched - a short set by Monotonix (awesome, nuts), Meneguar (awesome), Charlie Adler (not so great), Get Hustle (not my thing), Germlin (cool), Grinding Halt (awesome doom/screamo), Black Haven (ok), the locust (cool).

We played at 9pm to a really good, enthusiastic crowd, we had great sound and played amazingly. We then sold ALL of our cds and tapes and all adult size tshirts. A bit of a success.

The food at zxzw was nice too (ribs, chicken, veg etc), and we had a shared dressign room with unlimited beer (sweet).

We then stayed with a chap called Louis who was 37, had an amazing retro styled house, a pretty 21 yr old girlfriend (go louis!), an awesome wet-floor shower, awesome old records, and an awesome old car. He fed us and gave us drinks and the next day drove us to the train station in his old car blasting 'ace of spades' by motorhead. Awesome.

The got back to amsterdam airport and had a million hours to kill. So we ate and drank shit. Then there was a minor security alert, but we were only delayed by 30 mins really, then we flew back to london. Coming back was depressing.


Tuesday, 18 September 2007

i dont love the drugs...

CPWK played Oxford on saturday. It was some kind of extreme rave. Lots of Pillheads and weird girls. We chased promoters around the venue to ensure we got paid. Got home at 4am. Interesting, but not the most enjoyable thing ever. A bit scary. Fear of the unknown i guess. No-one was nasty or rude though, apart from bouncers.

This weekend CPWK are in holland for gigs in amsterdam, rotterdam and ZXZW fest in tilburg. Rolo Tomassi are playing Truck Fest. Awesome.

There will be alot of updates on holy roar myspace/website over next few weeks - rolo cd reissue, cpwk - populuxxe album, holy roar unisex tote bags, 2/3 new releases for 2008 and more. hopefully 2 digital releases and one cd/digital release.

i havent been to holland since i was 5/6 so im pretty excited.

blog update from cpwk - http://blog.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.ListAll&friendID=10268189 - lots of news there.

The new Upsilon Acrux album is awesome.

Friday, 14 September 2007

bristol, brighton, oxford....

So last few days CPWK have played Brighton and Bristol. Brighton was with Rolo Tomassi, whilst Bristol was with The Locust. It took me 4 hours to get to Brighton because of traffic, which was soul-destroying. The show was good though, with kids going crazy. The Locust crowd were somewhat more reserved (apart from Bristol 'legend' Big Jeff who went nuts) but we sold alot of stuff, so we obviously did something right. It was a much more reserved gig than Brighton for me too as I had a very short lead. Oh well.

Playing some kind of crazy rave tomorrow in Oxford - apparently CPWK did quite a few of these gigs before I joined, but it will be my first experience of this type of thing.

Had lunch with Peter W today which was nice. More rolo stuff talked about etc and plans made.

New Throats song is amazing.

Holy Roar tote bags are in production.

I have skittles flavoured vodka. Cool.

Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Road Warrior

Since I last posted I have driven to the border of Wales and back, driven to Reading and back. This is the extent of me driving so far. Doing ok I think. Apart from not knowing how to turn rear windscreen wiper off at one point, oops.

So apart from travels to my parents house with Larry in tow to pick up car, we played in Luton on Friday night which was cool and got treated really well. Rolos + Oli Narcosis (who is driving them) stayed with me and ellen that night. Woke up on saturday and went and played Notting Hill Arts Club, again with Rolos, this was an awesome gig, so much energy. And Les Savy Fav turned up! Sunday we played Rapturefest in Reading which wasnt very well attended, and the PA was shit, but we did a ridiculous set and Rolos owned. Throats were awesome too - check them out.

Rolo Tomassi and Cutting Pink were played back to back on radio 1 rock show last night - http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio1/rockshow/ (sept 11)

Cutting Pink are also all over rocksound this month - go check it out.

Gigs for me on wed/thurs/sat this week, then holland next week for ZXZW etc! Woo!

Thursday, 6 September 2007

im glad to be of a generation...

....where people actually bought music. Packaging and sound quality is so much better in PHYSICAL releases.

I, frankly, despise kids who think its ok to put albums by independent labels and artists on their blogs for full download. HAVE SOME RESPECT OR DO YOUR HOMEWORK YOU LITTLE DICKS.

Wednesday, 5 September 2007

zoom zip bruuum

Got my iMac back from repair. Seems to be working fine - bought some extra ram for it too so should work a bit better. Also they installed latest operating system on it - so i now have all the latest versions of all standard software which i could not have got before - result!

Just took ellens citroen for a quick spin in anticipation of driving to my parents tomorrow, where i shall pick up The Beast and drive back Friday morning. Scary/cool stuff! The citroen is a bit rubbish to be honest. Glad we are getting The Beast.

No other major news - some touring and a secret gig shaping up for CPWK, and a live review for rolos/cpwk in Luton on friday for kerrang (with photo(s)!).

Oh - and the Rolo tomassi reissue arrived today - they look fucking swish. So much better than the (admittedly quite cool) original version. Will be available from us/shops Oct 1st.

Looking into getting some Holy Roar merch on the go soon too.....

I think coca cola gives me headaches? Im not very good with sugary drinks, despite how much i like them.

Tuesday, 4 September 2007

oh oh oh!

I'm fucking LOVING pop-punk!

And Ellen is home in a few hours!

And I should be picking my car up on Thursday! Roadtrip stylee with Larry!

And gigs this weekend should be amazing! And hanging out with good friends!

And I just had coffee and it always makes me posi!

Happy Times!


I went to the Brixton Windmill last night to see Oorutaichi. There was fuck all people there really, maybe 20 max, as there is a tube strike. Having said that i'm not sure there would have been loads more people anyway.

I didn't mind going on my own as Mark from Elastic Artists, Tom Ravenscroft/Hermeet and Angus were all there. So chatted to them. Mainly Mark and his lady tbh. Mark is totally safe.

First on were The Fourers, a band CPWK played with in Manchester for a channel 4 gig. They are very tight, and nice enough, but very very pedestrian indie. When their bassist came up to me prior to them playing and said hello, I had one of those 'where the hell do I know you from?' moments.

Second on were Asakodo Teliverek. I thought they were rubbish. Japanese woman on vocals? Check. Twee costumes? Check. It was like CPWK if we were a joke lame ironic pile of indie twee nonsense. Annoying.

Thankfully Oorutaichi cheered me up. Had a (broken english)chat with him - he was very nice and gave me a copy of his latest album. He also patted me very very close to my bottom several times, which was interesting. Anyway, his performance was great, he really gets into it and clearly loves his music loads. Its really hard to describe his sound, so just go to his Myspace (linked above).

Go and see him -

Sept 5th - Bodhi Gallery, London
Sept 6th - Luminaire, London
Sept 7th - underground @ kenneys, Dublin

He did actually want to tour the UK, so its great to see the people of the rest of the nation taking a chance/being a bit forward thinking musically!

Monday, 3 September 2007

APC and a messageboard....

....so the Rolo Tomassi reissue was supposed to be re-delivered today, but APC fucked it up! I asked for redelivery today, yet they tried to deliver last thursday. One of them fucked up becasue i expressly asked for monday. So now i have to pay £5 for them to redeliver again! £5 for their fuck up! They guy on the phone was a twat, unhelpful and arrogant. It was like he thought all his colleagues could not make mistakes. Dick.

Secondly - i absolutely LOVE being criticsed by elitists on messageboards for liking some bands that have actually sold some records! Not! I give up.

So I just went for a run to destress on all this. And because I feel well fat. Gotta ring up about car insurance now.......fun!

Sunday, 2 September 2007


1. I want to get 'FDHC' (Forest of Dean Hardcore) tattoed on me somewhere. So where should i get it? Inside of wrist? What style writing/anything on it/around it? Who wants to pay for it?

2. I havent shaved my face for weeks. Shall I keep growing it and see how big i can get it?

3. I eally want a good pair of New Balance.


That's what the car I got on the weekend looks like. Thats not my actual car, just the closest image i could find online. I gots me a VW Golf 1.9 Diesel TDI. Sweet. It was brutal. Just gotta drive Ellen's car down there to exchange/pick up the new beauty. Hopefull will do that this week/next week.

Saw Prince last night with Eddy CPWK, his lady Alys and (Leisuresuit) Larry. He opened with '1999' and the actual show was amazing. The stage was 'in-the-round' in the centre of the arena, and was in the shape of his logo. On the downside there was no red corvette, rasberry berret, when doves cry (although he played a clip of it as a medley) or i would die 4 u. Gutted. So it was like maybe 8/10???

CPWK got played here last week, which is pretty cool - http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio1/rorymcconnell/index.shtml

CPWK should, fingers crossed, also be doing a video v soon.

Wednesday, 29 August 2007


.....why do hip hop/rap albums generally have 20+ track with interludes etc whilst pop/indie/rock albums generally have 10-14 tracks? Why did this happen?

Flyers arrived at my flat for zxzw. This festival is going to be AMAZING. www.zxzw.nl - the locust/psychic tv/knut, meneguar, get hustle, shit and shine, paul marshall, cpwk fuck loads more - all for 10 euros! Insane. Very excited about it.


Went to see Dan Deacon and Crystal Castles last night at Corscia Studios in Elephant and Castle with Chris CPWK. The sound system in there is INCREDIBLE. SO.MUCH.BASS.

Dan Deacon was amazing. Got a tee. Will be rocking that tonight at Optimus Prime Club in Kingston. CPWK share a booking agent with him. He played in the middle of the crowd, everyone went nuts around him. He was so funny. Used to a stand-up comedian. It shows.

Crystal Castles were equally amazing. The singer just keeps jumping up and down. Sound fantastic. Really hope they dont go down in the current nu-rave/electro bubble - they deserve so much more and are so much more diverse.

Bumped into Nathalie from Primary Talent there, she is cool.

Rolo Resissue cds will be arriving monday - will be available from gig from then, and online/shops from Oct 1st. I think they will look and sound awesome. Serious.

Took my iMac to regent street Apple store - needs a new harddrive, 166 squid. Ouch. Gonna buy it more RAM too so it rocks when i get it back.

Playing Kingston tonight - really looking forward to the other bands - Data Select Party have new tunes that absolutely kill. I want to go nuts tonight. Need it innit.

Wen to HMV - realllllllllllllllllly cant afford it but got new MIA, Chromeo, Shape of Broad Minds, Paramore and Madina Lake. I'm currently like some hideous Plan B-meets-Kerrang musical mess!

Monday, 27 August 2007

everything i've done musically.....

......i thought i'd make a list.

T:RiD - sixth form band in the Forest of Dean, that only ever pissed about in my mate Ben's lounge. We did covers of Queens of the Stone Age and Rage Against The Machine amonst others. Never played a gig.

Deadnaut - Mainly happened in first year of Uni in Birmingham. Sounded like bad sludge metal mainly. Did a Raging Speedhorn cover amongst a original songs. Recorded one demo with Mick Kenney (of Mistress, Anaal Nathakh etc). Supporting Himsa was main claim to fame. Never really had a drummer, and all swapped instruments all the time.

Numinor - Tried to sound like Hopesfall/Botch/Minus before evolving and sounding a bit like murder of/blood brothers. Recorded 3 demos. The third of which was released by thecommunion.co.uk/records on 3" cd (ltd to 150 copies). Supported Shai Hulud, Zao and Martyr AD amongst others. Website with all old gigs, pics, discography is here - www.thecommunion.co.uk/numinor

Crawl Back In - did one demo and 8 (?) gigs. Sounded like (sonically and structurally) Cult Of Luna meets Sleep or something. Did mini-tour with Palehorse and Mistress. Demo recorded by Mick Kenney. Second demo was due to be recorded, but the studios roof fell in, so it never happened. That was a shame as the material was good. Featurd Chris Mills on drums who was also in Conquest of Steel. Also played with Charger and Labrat amongst others.

Rheic - did one gig supporting Minus The Bear and Murder of Rosa Luxemburg. Only wrote about 5/6 songs. Had 3 guitarists. Similar to Crawl Back In but with much more emphasis on melody/guitars playing different things etc.

If I Started Killing - played two gigs. 3 vocalists originally, down to 2 for gigs, one guitar (me) and drums. Ellen on vocals. Our two gigs were a free one in a rock pub and a birthday party. Sounded like pig destroyer gone sludgy/weird. Were due to support The Gossip but we split up. Gutted.

Seducedwomandead - Kind of the sequel to Numinor. Spazzy/Thrashy/Arty. 3 demos. These came out post-humously on a discography tape on German label Yehonala Tapes. Supported Minus The Bear, Plot to blow up the eiffel tower, Playing Enemy and a fuckload more that i named in the liner notes of the discog tape. Had alot of fun in this band. We wre all good friends.

Ting Deh? - Me on distorto-bass, Ellen on mini-keyboard and vokills. One gig (improv/weird night in hoxton). Ditched after this gig due to lack of confidence i guess?

Cutting Pink With Knives - I initially joined for 3 gigs as a fill-in bassist last summer. This became permanent after Dan left to be a full-time nurse. Have supported alot of bands and put out 2 full cds (i joined 2 months after 'oh wow!' came out on ADAADAT) so far as well as a few smaller releases. Info on CPWK should be pretty easy to find still!

Every band I was on guitar, apart from CPWK/Ting Deh?/a fw songs with Deadnaut.

I really want to do more musically - anything from electro-pop to ion dissonace type stuff! Get in touch if you are serious and up for anything really good.

If i have forgotten anything ill come back and edit this.


....don't have a driving lesson after a strong cup of coffee.

As a label we employed new PR for cpwk and rolo tomassi from end of july. Our old Pr could not carry on due to being too busy with a couple of major bands.

Recently Rolo Tomassi were featured as one of our 'ten new favourtie bands in kerrang'. Also recently i have done two interviews for holy roar for a couple of webzines. CPWK have done email interviews for rocksound and drowned in sound and a face to face interview and photoshoot for Plan B.

I think at our level pr shits on advertising. Its obv more credible and can cost alot less.

I want to get rolo tomassi a great booking agent and a much bigger label. That is being worked on, along with their finances. And more touring in the interim. I want to prove myslf with rolos in order to manage other bands.

CPWK - we should be touring in november, and go from there. I want to be touring all the time with loads of great bands. I hope it can happen. Along with alot more press/radio......im not sure how realistic my hopes are. But the new record is strong. Its a bit of a waiting game.

With Holy Roar Rolo Tomassi and CPWK are our priorities for the rest of the year as they are currently the two touring bands who only answer to us as a label at the moment. I think the imeddiate future beyond cpwk and rolos is digital releases by smaller bands. There is no (available) bands out there from the UK at the moment who strike us as good enough and hard working enough. We are also reticent to repeat ourselves, so we might be avoiding heavier/hardcore bands.

My iMac is fucked. Im getting it looked at on wednesday. Worried about productivity for the rest of the week because of this. It might get sent away for repair - not sure yet.

Going to see crystal castles/dan deacon tomorrow night, playing in kingston weds night, seeing parents thurs-sat, seeing prince sat night. Ellen is back next tuesday. Thats my week, asides from working on all various things.

As an aside id like to get sponsorship for cpwk with clothes/equipment/shoes. I want Nike, Vans etc. Is this impossible? is that souless vapid and pathetic of me? I need to find more ways to make money, im so broke.

Im also impressed a girl i saw on vbs/vice added cpwk and has 'airz' by us on her profile.

I think that very briefly brings things up to date. I really want to keep this updated with everything that happens, every interesting tit-bit. Hopefully I will. I will always probably ramble and jump between topics too.


Since the end of May/beginning of June I have been attempting to forge my own path in music as a job. This meant I have up a 'career' in media buying, which I did for 1.5 years, in which time I had two jobs and climbed the ladder faster than I should have. I hated it most of the time though. It was merely me trying not to be poor. Money does not equal hapiness. It is true.

Anyway, I digress. Since giving it up I have so far been on tour twice with my band, Cutting Pink With Knives, once with Chronicles of Adam West and once with Phoenix Bodies/Ed Gein/COAW. Going on tour with other bands at this level is pointless I quickly realised. I have also got CPWK a booking agent for uk/eu, and am trying to get one for the usa. I have also become the co-manager of Rolo Tomassi. I have also continued to run Holy Roar Records, stepping that up a great deal too.

....I've got a driving lesson now. Will finish this in just over two hours.