Wednesday, 29 August 2007


.....why do hip hop/rap albums generally have 20+ track with interludes etc whilst pop/indie/rock albums generally have 10-14 tracks? Why did this happen?

Flyers arrived at my flat for zxzw. This festival is going to be AMAZING. - the locust/psychic tv/knut, meneguar, get hustle, shit and shine, paul marshall, cpwk fuck loads more - all for 10 euros! Insane. Very excited about it.


Went to see Dan Deacon and Crystal Castles last night at Corscia Studios in Elephant and Castle with Chris CPWK. The sound system in there is INCREDIBLE. SO.MUCH.BASS.

Dan Deacon was amazing. Got a tee. Will be rocking that tonight at Optimus Prime Club in Kingston. CPWK share a booking agent with him. He played in the middle of the crowd, everyone went nuts around him. He was so funny. Used to a stand-up comedian. It shows.

Crystal Castles were equally amazing. The singer just keeps jumping up and down. Sound fantastic. Really hope they dont go down in the current nu-rave/electro bubble - they deserve so much more and are so much more diverse.

Bumped into Nathalie from Primary Talent there, she is cool.

Rolo Resissue cds will be arriving monday - will be available from gig from then, and online/shops from Oct 1st. I think they will look and sound awesome. Serious.

Took my iMac to regent street Apple store - needs a new harddrive, 166 squid. Ouch. Gonna buy it more RAM too so it rocks when i get it back.

Playing Kingston tonight - really looking forward to the other bands - Data Select Party have new tunes that absolutely kill. I want to go nuts tonight. Need it innit.

Wen to HMV - realllllllllllllllllly cant afford it but got new MIA, Chromeo, Shape of Broad Minds, Paramore and Madina Lake. I'm currently like some hideous Plan B-meets-Kerrang musical mess!

Monday, 27 August 2007

everything i've done musically.....

......i thought i'd make a list.

T:RiD - sixth form band in the Forest of Dean, that only ever pissed about in my mate Ben's lounge. We did covers of Queens of the Stone Age and Rage Against The Machine amonst others. Never played a gig.

Deadnaut - Mainly happened in first year of Uni in Birmingham. Sounded like bad sludge metal mainly. Did a Raging Speedhorn cover amongst a original songs. Recorded one demo with Mick Kenney (of Mistress, Anaal Nathakh etc). Supporting Himsa was main claim to fame. Never really had a drummer, and all swapped instruments all the time.

Numinor - Tried to sound like Hopesfall/Botch/Minus before evolving and sounding a bit like murder of/blood brothers. Recorded 3 demos. The third of which was released by on 3" cd (ltd to 150 copies). Supported Shai Hulud, Zao and Martyr AD amongst others. Website with all old gigs, pics, discography is here -

Crawl Back In - did one demo and 8 (?) gigs. Sounded like (sonically and structurally) Cult Of Luna meets Sleep or something. Did mini-tour with Palehorse and Mistress. Demo recorded by Mick Kenney. Second demo was due to be recorded, but the studios roof fell in, so it never happened. That was a shame as the material was good. Featurd Chris Mills on drums who was also in Conquest of Steel. Also played with Charger and Labrat amongst others.

Rheic - did one gig supporting Minus The Bear and Murder of Rosa Luxemburg. Only wrote about 5/6 songs. Had 3 guitarists. Similar to Crawl Back In but with much more emphasis on melody/guitars playing different things etc.

If I Started Killing - played two gigs. 3 vocalists originally, down to 2 for gigs, one guitar (me) and drums. Ellen on vocals. Our two gigs were a free one in a rock pub and a birthday party. Sounded like pig destroyer gone sludgy/weird. Were due to support The Gossip but we split up. Gutted.

Seducedwomandead - Kind of the sequel to Numinor. Spazzy/Thrashy/Arty. 3 demos. These came out post-humously on a discography tape on German label Yehonala Tapes. Supported Minus The Bear, Plot to blow up the eiffel tower, Playing Enemy and a fuckload more that i named in the liner notes of the discog tape. Had alot of fun in this band. We wre all good friends.

Ting Deh? - Me on distorto-bass, Ellen on mini-keyboard and vokills. One gig (improv/weird night in hoxton). Ditched after this gig due to lack of confidence i guess?

Cutting Pink With Knives - I initially joined for 3 gigs as a fill-in bassist last summer. This became permanent after Dan left to be a full-time nurse. Have supported alot of bands and put out 2 full cds (i joined 2 months after 'oh wow!' came out on ADAADAT) so far as well as a few smaller releases. Info on CPWK should be pretty easy to find still!

Every band I was on guitar, apart from CPWK/Ting Deh?/a fw songs with Deadnaut.

I really want to do more musically - anything from electro-pop to ion dissonace type stuff! Get in touch if you are serious and up for anything really good.

If i have forgotten anything ill come back and edit this.


....don't have a driving lesson after a strong cup of coffee.

As a label we employed new PR for cpwk and rolo tomassi from end of july. Our old Pr could not carry on due to being too busy with a couple of major bands.

Recently Rolo Tomassi were featured as one of our 'ten new favourtie bands in kerrang'. Also recently i have done two interviews for holy roar for a couple of webzines. CPWK have done email interviews for rocksound and drowned in sound and a face to face interview and photoshoot for Plan B.

I think at our level pr shits on advertising. Its obv more credible and can cost alot less.

I want to get rolo tomassi a great booking agent and a much bigger label. That is being worked on, along with their finances. And more touring in the interim. I want to prove myslf with rolos in order to manage other bands.

CPWK - we should be touring in november, and go from there. I want to be touring all the time with loads of great bands. I hope it can happen. Along with alot more press/ not sure how realistic my hopes are. But the new record is strong. Its a bit of a waiting game.

With Holy Roar Rolo Tomassi and CPWK are our priorities for the rest of the year as they are currently the two touring bands who only answer to us as a label at the moment. I think the imeddiate future beyond cpwk and rolos is digital releases by smaller bands. There is no (available) bands out there from the UK at the moment who strike us as good enough and hard working enough. We are also reticent to repeat ourselves, so we might be avoiding heavier/hardcore bands.

My iMac is fucked. Im getting it looked at on wednesday. Worried about productivity for the rest of the week because of this. It might get sent away for repair - not sure yet.

Going to see crystal castles/dan deacon tomorrow night, playing in kingston weds night, seeing parents thurs-sat, seeing prince sat night. Ellen is back next tuesday. Thats my week, asides from working on all various things.

As an aside id like to get sponsorship for cpwk with clothes/equipment/shoes. I want Nike, Vans etc. Is this impossible? is that souless vapid and pathetic of me? I need to find more ways to make money, im so broke.

Im also impressed a girl i saw on vbs/vice added cpwk and has 'airz' by us on her profile.

I think that very briefly brings things up to date. I really want to keep this updated with everything that happens, every interesting tit-bit. Hopefully I will. I will always probably ramble and jump between topics too.


Since the end of May/beginning of June I have been attempting to forge my own path in music as a job. This meant I have up a 'career' in media buying, which I did for 1.5 years, in which time I had two jobs and climbed the ladder faster than I should have. I hated it most of the time though. It was merely me trying not to be poor. Money does not equal hapiness. It is true.

Anyway, I digress. Since giving it up I have so far been on tour twice with my band, Cutting Pink With Knives, once with Chronicles of Adam West and once with Phoenix Bodies/Ed Gein/COAW. Going on tour with other bands at this level is pointless I quickly realised. I have also got CPWK a booking agent for uk/eu, and am trying to get one for the usa. I have also become the co-manager of Rolo Tomassi. I have also continued to run Holy Roar Records, stepping that up a great deal too.

....I've got a driving lesson now. Will finish this in just over two hours.