Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Holy Roar Store Overhaul

Yesterday/Today I began a MASSIVE overhaul for the holy roar 'store' and distro. I'm using Zen Cart to do this. It seems relatively straight forward, but has so many feature to get to grips with. Its basically using a template along these sort of lines - - but there are plenty other websites out there that use this.

It will probably take a few weeks to get it really going - the idea being to sell mp3s and videos on there as well as all our cds/vinyl/shirts/tote bags/distributed items etc.

If we can get it all working as planned it should be great and a real BIG improvement on what we have at the moment.

Starting to feel human again today. Have an interview tomorrow for a temp position in a media agency.

The 'Laser Hannon' CPWK video has already been selected for '120 minutes' on MTV2! Which is good news....

Monday, 22 October 2007


I fully have man-flu. Shit as fuck.

Sunday, 21 October 2007


Does anyone else find it annoying when you ask someone (usually a music snob, usually of the hxc/DIY/indie/emo variety) what a band sounds like and they reply - "Oh, you know, kinda that early 80's LA/Detroit sound" or "..that early nineties DC sound" etc etc

THIS IS STUPID. I'm sure there was more than one type of 'sound' within an entire city in a certain time period! You tit! Better descriptions are required!

I think im getting a cold/sore throat. Rubbish.

Saturday, 20 October 2007

Today in central London/Brick Lane.... and Ellen -

Bought -

- Jesu - 'lifeline' ep
- Coalesce - 'There is nothing new under the sun +'
- Defeatist - 7"
- Plan B (scout niblett/nout sciblett cover)

Acquired -

- new Vice

Drank -

- coke
- water
- White Chocolate Mocha from coffee@bricklane (good stuff)

Ate -

- Chicken/Pork Burrito from MexiCali
- Lemon and Poppyseed cake

Watched/Listened to -

- Trencher playing in Beyond Retro

Nice day. I am now drinking beer and awaiting Spag Bol.

Friday, 19 October 2007

Hips and mosh

Today i went for an x-ray on my left hip. In the past two days I have had a doctor and a nurse move or prod my hip awkward ways which has caused it to be more painful. Nice. In 7-10 days I will know the outcome of the x-rays.

Today I have been listening to the new Sworn Enemy album - 'Maniacal'. It's Slayer gone mosh. Cr00sh.

Last night CPWK and Rolo Tomassi played in Cambridge with MMISL and some other band. 3/4 Maths turned up too. It was a nice little evening with some decent fish'n'chips too. Me and Eddy made 'Olicosis' faces whilst on stage (directed at Oli of course). Br00ts.

Oh, the Tombs record (ex-Versoma) is awesome. Check them out.

Interesting piece of news - we are releasing the new Cutting Pink With Knives single on cd as well as digitally. Well, i say we - i mean Tuned magazine is. They came to us to see if we fancied giving away an ep with copies of Tuned that get sold in WH Smith. We obviously were not going to turn this down, especially as its timing was perfect with 'Laser Hannon' being pencilled in for digital release on November 19th, and Tuned coming out Nov 12th. There will be approx 7000 of these cdeps! These are the details I posted on myspace/wesbite -

CD Format -

1. Laser Hannon
2. Chums*
3. Menthe (home recording)*

Available EXCLUSIVELY with Tuned Magazine in WH Smith (and ONLY WH Smith!) from November 12th.

Digital Format -

1. Laser Hannon
2. My France Is Dead*

Available from all good digital outlets (iTunes etc) from November 19th.

* = Exclusive to this release

These are the artworks -

CD - the whole artwork is funny - go see it when it comes out.

Digital - done by Dan Reeves - check him out he is AWESOME -

There will also be a video for everyone to laugh at for the track. Exciting!

Coliseum are coming over in December. CANT WAIT. Hopefully Throats can support on a few shows. Oh and First Blood are playing London Oct 29th I believe. I well wanna go! They recently made the best Hoodie ever -

Wednesday, 17 October 2007

today has been all about...

- Feist
- TV on the Radio
- Tombs (ex-Versoma)!!!
- Kit Kat Chunky Peanut Butters
- Headaches

Internet on the TV

I started listening to TV on the Radio yesterday and am fully converted. They are so odd. But great. To me its liek Arcade Fire and Why? coming together to create something completely new. Seriously - listen to this band.

It looks like im managing Paul Marshall (as well as co-managing Rolo Tomassi) for the forseeable future, with a view to it being more long term. Im really excited about this new challenge - - as you can see he is a completely different kettle of fish to Rolos.

Everything is going pretty well apart from my personal financial situation. I will probably need to do some temping between now and xmas. Oh well. It wont be forever.

Narcosis split up. Best band in britian gone. Gutted.

The tape compilation is shaping up nicely. Should be announcing tracklisting tomorrow hopefully. Its awesome.

Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Dear Stuart Price...

....aka Jacques Le Cont aka Les Rythmes Digitales, please do another Les Rythmes Digitales album, or just tour again? 'Darkdancer' now came out EIGHT years ago, but still shits on most dance music being produced today.

Sir, you are a visionary.


Bagels with butter and Nutella on are the best thing in the world. But I ate two and feel sick.

I just saw 'the twins' from Big Brother 'perform' (aka mime) Barbie Girl on GMTV. Fucking Hell!

Im quite excited about our forthcoming tape compilation, the narcosis ep and the throats/maths split cd.

Talking of Narcosis - they played with CPWK and Rolos in Bolton on Saturday. The PA and soundman were abysmal (VERY professional wiggling the nobs for the levels of the drum machine randomly up and down for laughs!), so our set was v short indeed! SDorry - Narcosis - fucking amazing. Easily one of the best British bands at the moment. But still the PA didnt do them justice. Jamie has come on quite a way from when i first saw him perform with them. Some dude from Evisorax (i think?) was dancing around at the front in a very drunken manner, pissing the band royally off. The drummer ended up throwing sticks at him etc and ending the last song midway through. Priceless.

CPWK filmed a video on sunday - it should be up by the end of this week fingers crossed. If all thge ideas comes across and everything is realised that we worked, to be honest, pretty hard to achieve, then it should look ace. Watch this space. Literally.

Playing in Ashford in Kent tomorrow w/ This Town Needs Guns. Its just me and Eddy doing this set. Chris has to go to some film party with old graduates or something. So it should be novel if nothing else!

Friday, 5 October 2007

recent happenings....

CPWK played Bardens Boudoir, London last thursday. Crowd wasnt fun and the venue sucks. Last saturday we played with Ghost Frequency and Get Shakes. Ghost frequency are awesome dudes. and great live. We rocked this show. Get shakes had a dick for a manager. It was laughable - we got told to 'grow the fuck up' for laughing at the the fact they had gaffa taped towels over their keyboards. Ha!

Rolos played macbeth last night. Another venue im not a massive fan of. But they were good. Rolos are now being booked by Primary Talent which is big time awesome.

I went to presentations on Midem and SXSW - quite an interesting day - saw the Capsule ladies and Julie from Visible noise - which was nice.

CPWK are playing ULU, london next sat with Akala, Winterkids and Tinchy Stryder. HILARIOUS! But awesome.

Last weekend was mine and ellens 4 yr anniversary of being together. She surpirsed me by taking me to hotel du vin in Henly - awesome hotel, awesome food. Awesoem girlfriend!

Meneguar are amazing.

Bolton tomorrow for cpwk and rolos!