Tuesday, 20 November 2007


.....for big lack of updates. Massive personal problems and am working full time to get rid of debt. Fun times.

Normal service will be resumed soon.

Monday, 5 November 2007

Day off

Today I have a day off from tour. Ellen is home too. Holy Roar West Norwood Massive.

Friday I drove to Maragte and back from London. Saturday I drove to Birmingham. Sunday I drove to Exeter and then to London.

Shows have been nicely fun, if not remarkable. I feel like I have very little else that I can say that can be public.

Friday, 2 November 2007

Earning money for a lack of fun times!

So on monday I started temping. At a media agency - buying advertising space. This is what I did before I gave up 'the working world' for music. So im back at it earning a decent amount and with Def Jam and Mercury Records as clients. And the people are nice. They havent given me enough work yet though as I am utterly bored and writing this from my desk.

I am temping because - a) i want to be able to buy people xmas presents, b) i dont want to keep being charged £20 a month on my (now non-graduate) overdraft. Great.

Listening -

Between the buried and me - colo(u)rs
Tony danza - II
Number 12 - mongrel
Set your goals - Mutiny

Here is a preview of the Holy Roar tape comp artwork -

Dan Reeves did it - awesome. Should be a Holy Roar t-shirt coming from him v. soon.

Rolo Tomassi support Liars tomorrow in Brighton and are doing a full tour in december - dates to come soon.

Cutting Pink tour that i leave for in a few hours -
Friday 2 Nov 2007 Margate Lido
Saturday 3 Nov 2007 Brimingham The Rainbow w/Fuck Buttons, Doom Patrol, Antelope, PCM + more!
Sunday 4 Nov 2007 Exeter Cavern w/ Antelope (dischord, usa)
Tuesday 6 Nov 2007 Liverpool Barfly
Wednesday 7 Nov 2007 Manchester Roadhouse w/ Twisted Charm
Thursday 8 Nov 2007 Accrington Upsi Bar w/ Rolo Tomassi
Friday 9 Nov 2007 Edinburgh Henrys Cellar Bar
Saturday 10 Nov 2007 London Metro w/ Antelope (USA, Dischord Records)

We now have the 10" mint green vinyl version of populuxxe. It has a bonus track and re-done artwork - all done/put out by Kate Moross. Its amazing.

Wont be posting until after tour now i reckon!