Friday, 30 May 2008

The end is near.

Last week Cutting Pink With Knives played Hox to Dot (London), 2 Days in Stereo (Glasgow) and Dot to Dot festival (Nottingham and Bristol).

With it being the debut year for Hox To Dot it seemed like not enough tickets had been sold, despite a relatively strong line-up. We played directly before Dan Deacon in the Macbeth - the sound was awful (as usual for the Macbeth), we rocked relatively hard but it felt like there was no real atmosphere, despite my housemate Curtis (stand-in vocalist for 6 gigs) throwing a banana at someone amongst other things. It was a pleasant day in terms of weather though.

After the gig we drove to Stuarts house in Leamington, in preparation for driving to Glasgow the next day - with Stuart taking over driving duties from the Friday. This was my second time in Glasgow in a week and a half and my third time overall. I have to be honest and say I've never enjoyed this city and never felt comfortable there. I've been chased down the street, threatened and sworn at, and the gigs have always been unremarkable. HOWEVER it does have Monorail records inside a realllly yum vegetarian cafe, which I really recommend. I should not go into particulars on the rest though.

Nottingham (Dot To Dot) on the Saturday more than made up for the prior two days. It was amazing and my favourite day overall of this 4 day mini-jaunt. Got interviewed by a lovely couple and played a sweet as hell set with loads of people going mental. The layout was brilliant, with the majority of venues on the same block, and the attendees were delightful looking. Much drunken fun had by all.

Bristol was awesome too - with us playing on the Thekla - a big ship, and it felt like it too, but it was awesome. We had instruments thrown to great heights, stage invasions, blood, everything. Oh and one guy asking for an old oscure cover version we used to do about a year ago. Mirror Mirror, Dan Deacon and Heartbreak (especially Heartbreak) were all awesome too and we drank tonnes of vokda+rockstar and beer. Sweet.

Unfortunately over the course of these four gigs it was ultimately decided that CPWK is splitting up. As it stands as I write this we have 6 gigs left. Whilst I have loads of happy memories of the band, I feel a bit frustrated and bitter to be honest because I think we could have done so much more - there were various elements that just didnt fall into place for us, sometimes regardless of how hard I pushed. And I would like nothing more, personally, than to do a last London show which, as it stands, we are not doing - which is no fault of mine! Really annoying.

A part of me instantly wants to join another band, form a new band/project but I have conflicting feelings about it all. I'm not sure I want to start from scratch again, i'm not sure if i want to fuck about with drums/drummers, I dont know if i can write good enough music etc etc. Maybe I just need a couple months off. I really dont know - I have different feelings about it every day.

This is the last weekend for Dananananaykroyd and Maths/Throats pre-orders by the way. Get on it or never have the tshirts.

Finally, this is amusing -

Monday, 19 May 2008

Gross Merch and stupid bands!

Ok, so there is obvious Cannibal Corpse/Cradle of Filth/swedo-death-black grimmmm-ness, but the below is just mysoginistic? I would feel really proud to be in these bands, not!

Firstly the UKs own Annotations of an Autopsy produced this grammatically interesting number. I can see it going down well whilst shopping on a Saturday afternoon -

Secondly, Whitechapel from the US could potentially make many a teenage boys penis go flaccid upon seeing his BREEEETAL girlfriend wearing these sexy garments. I can also see the less intelligent mother worrying greatly for her daughters hygene. The pictures not the best, they are pants (literally) in case it isnt clear -

So these little beauties led me to wonder if there is any chance of any intelligent life inthe people behind such ideas. The lyrics to some Annotations of an Autopsy suggest I was clearly wrong for ever even contemplating that they might have any intellect whatsoever -

"Welcome to Sludge City" - AOAA

She bled from every fucking hole
First step: rip out entrails
From her bloody cunt
Nothing but a piece of meat, nothing but a whore
I'm sick and tired of fucking whores
I'm trying sodomy with saws
Let's see how fucking hot she is
With her arsehole ripped to bits
Straight up her arse goes my blade
Thrusting deeply
Nothing but a whore
Disembowl her fucking body
Make her feel it

I would hazard a guess that the fatboy singer has never been close to a woman anyway -

To be honest I feel pretty bad even putting all this on my blog. Im all up for freedom of speech and gross funny stuff etc, but when your key demographic is teenage boys, AOAA are helping warp some little minds out there! Whitechapel lyrics were just as bad, but with a few bigger words btw.

I think it goes without saying that Holy Roar would never ever support/release anything at all like this. Thank god we have some taste and intelligence.

In other news - crushingly disappointed at Cardiff City losing the FA Cup final. I believe it should have been 1-1 at half-time yadda yadda. I sank sorrows with 12 pints of beer, bodeans mega feast and afterskool club. I danced awesome. The filth continued on Sunday with a killer hangover and an 18" pizza. It was a bit big.

'Far Away' by Cut Copy is an absolute fucking tune.

Friday, 16 May 2008

LOL @ ur ded bf

So last night/this morning I got back from being on Tour with Rolo Tomassi/Horse The Band. This is my little account of it.

Sunday 11th May - Plymouth

We set off from Chateaux FitzVanes for Plymouth after Rolos arriving at mine on Saturday night. The drive to Plymouth takes forever, with 3 stops needed on the way for one reason or another. Its an awesome day in terms of weather. We arrive at the White Rabbit - its a venue built into a bus station, with a sweet backstage area. Not keen on the support bands, but the beer is free flowing and spirits are high. Dinner is a nice pasta bake. We end up staying with a dude called Dave who is a nice dude and used to play in No Comply. Unfortunately he is massively drunk and tells me the same stories lots and lots of times. And I thought I was drunk!

Monday 12th - London

We wake up and leave pretty sharpish feeling dirty, tired and hungover, in my case at least. We stop at ASDA for an awesome fry up breakfast and spot a few MILFs doing their monday morning shop. It is win at life. The trip back to London is a bit quicker, the weather is still amazing. Arrive at the Underworld and go for a wander along camden high street, people watching. The merch area in the Underworld is in a different room to the stage, so I dont get to see any of the bands tonight, but it seems busy and Throats turn up, as does Nick from Hungry, Peter W and Steve G Last Fm amongst some others, so its nice to see lots of friendly faces. Get obliterated again. Me, James Tomassi and Ed Tomassi go back to Bill and Al Throats with Thom Throats in tag too. Buy vodka on the way back and all get kisses from a crazy middle aged lady who gave us 50p for vodka. I do guitar work in a wheelchair, try to ride a bmx around the house, swing it round my head in the garden like a prick, have two poos for no reason, feel pain probably due to alcohol abuse. Go to bed at like 5am after many amusing occurrances and a Tomassi doing naughty things with a girl whilst a 3rd person sleeps next to them. I sleep in a bed with Ed. Its hot. In more ways than one.

Tuesday 13th - Stoke

We have to wake up and get back to Catford to meet the rest of the Tomassi crew back at chateaux FitzVanes. We all feel chronic. Pick Wes up on the way at his scouse bints place. Stoke isnt the most glamourous of places. At all. The promoter isnt very friendly or helpful either and lays on a Tesco Value rider and doesnt bother giving HTB buyout or hot food. Tesco Value riders suck shit. More awful support bands, so decide to drink lots of Labbatts Ice. Am pretty hammered. Eva is on fire tonight. Probably the best I have ever seen her play. Drive back to the Sheffield area after the show (awesome chat with Ed) and I stay at Eva and James' house. It has an unusual set-up where all the bedrooms are on the ground floor but it works. I get introduced to 'Big D' - aka Deanna Spence. She is clearly a legend.

Wednesday 14th - Glasgow

Another epic drive. On the way we quickly realise that Cancer Bats/Johnny Truant are playing Glasgow the same night AND Glasgow Rangers are playing the UEFA cup final. Or something. This is surely a receipe for disaster. Have an epic chat with Mate in the van, which is awesome. Upon arrival at the venue we wander across Glasgow to try and find Monorail records which is, frankly, fucking awesome. I havent seen so many imports/Japanese stuff/hard-to-find stuff in so long. So obviously I exploit this opportunity and just buy the new Cut Copy album instead (which i'm listening to right now as I type). Head back to the venue and we are informed that doors open in ten minutes. Rolos were not asked to stick around or soundcheck - its a bit of a sham. Rolos have been soundchecking every night basically, as HTB dont bother. Two really bad support bands and colon open bracket play, ending with the girl in colon open bracket smashing her keyboard up, which is sweet. This is the worst attended show of the tour, predictably. Before Rolos play I pop out to buy a slice of pizza. Just as I am leaving a massively drunk Rangers fan stumbles into the restaurant and they refuse to serve him. As I turn the corner to go back to the venue I see this dude running towards me shouting something that I cant understand at all. As he gets closer he says (roughly) "GEEEHHHMMMEEE YAAAAAA FACCCCCCCKKKKING PEEEEISSSSSSSSSSAAAA AAAND AAAAAAAHHHHHHLLLLLL GGGGGISSSSS YYYYYYOOOUUUUUSSSSS SPPPPPPPPAAAAAAHHHHHCCCCCCYYYYYYY CHHHHHHICKKKKKEEEENNNNNN PEEEEEEEEEHHHHHHSSSSSSSSAAAA" he then tries to grab my pizza so I start running into the venue. He tries to follow but the security lady says to him "Leave the laddy to his pizza, fuck off, you're not coming in". I win and my preconceptions about certain types of people are reinforced. Yay. Drive back to sheffield after the show and stay at Eva/James house again. We get back at like 5.30am. Not fun.

Thursday 15th - Sheffield

After an awesome pasta bake/salad/banana cake laid on by Big D, we head over to the Corp in Sheffield. Its a definite homecoming for Rolos with friends of their showing up and a majority of their parents. The show is probably the best attended and most energetic apart from London, which is awesome. I get frustrated at a few bits and bobs, but all gets sorted. Spot a girl with a Pissed Jeans shirt and a full sleeve of tatts - top marks. A long session of goodbyes is had between camp HTB and Tomassi - which is really nice and really looks promising for future tours/inter-band relationships for Rolos. We then drive to London after the show - totally epic again. I have a cookie and a bottle of coke at like 4am which keeps me awake but ruins my chances of instant sleep upon getting home. Gutted. Mega gutted tour is over.

Listening -

Cut Copy - In Ghost Colours
Horse The Band - A Natural Death
Kayo Dot - Blue Lambency Downward
Envy - Abyssal
Do Make Say Think - You, You're A History In Rust
Tokyo Police Club - Elephant Shell

Saturday, 10 May 2008


This week has been characterised by good weather and not much else. Having said that I did see Knuckledust/Bury Your Dead/Suicide Silence/Parkway Drive on Wednesday and The Notorious HI-FI Killers/Shitting Fists/White Hills on Thursday. The mosh gig was fun as hell, far more enjoyable than I thought it would be. Obviously I was in the top 20 oldest people there, out of like 600. Key moment coming when 'London Hardcore legend' (tm) May dj'd an old snapcase song and me thinking that hlaf the audience were 5/6/7/8 years old when it came out. Oh dear. Props to Bury Your Dead for the moves and props to Suicide Silence for being really loud, hilarious and going for it. No props to 15 yr old girls doing windmills in amongst people standing still at the back of the venue - for fucks sake girl, are those hair extensions growing into your brain or something? The White Hills gig was fucking boring - 3 bands of hipster stoner/doom or whatever. Shitting Fists are the worst thing to be taken to the Shoreditch bosom for quite some time. Some moody old bitch from some label was there giving me evils because I tried to blag my way into her shitty stoner gig a few weeks ago.

Bizarre (done by an old friend) -

At the moment I am all about -

Air - Talkie Walkie
Paramore - All we know is falling
Blacklisted - Heavier than heaven, lonlier than god (totally raging, awesome awesome stuff)

I am off on tour for a week with Rolo Tomassi from tomorrow. Expect no updates (unless im bored in a cafe somewhere) and hopefully some sweet tour stories upon return.

Monday, 5 May 2008

A holiday for banks.


James Commander arrives. Me, James and Curtis drink beer and vodka. Sleep.


Wake up. Feel slightly cack. Wake the others up with manly weight action. Go to Tescos for supplies for Maths/Throats cd release show party. Drive to Brick Lane, wander round Brick Lane. Setup stuff in Beyond Retro. Gig happens. It rules. Lots of people attend. Leave. Drive to Leamington Spa. Pick up Stuart. Go to Birmingham. Go to Rootys for Tuck Shop featuring Zombie Zombie, Gently Friendly and others that are less notable. Get drunk. Go to Claires with most of the crew. Sleep. Much drunken fun had.


Get woken up by Curtis demanding to go for a Weatherspoons breakfast. Feel really shit. Go to Pak supermarket. Go to Weatherspoons. Mong out. Go to Doom Patrol practice. They rule hard. The new songs kill. Head to Leamington. Have chinese food. Go out in Leamington. See a Les Dennis look-a-like kiss a hot girl half his age. He must be loaded. Girls of Leamington are saluted.


Wake up. Feel surprisingly ok. Play GTA4 and watch TV. Go for a greasy breakfast/lunch. Come home. Weather is awesome.


Saturday, 3 May 2008

Gigs galore!

Today is official 'Gig Day'.

At 3pm, Beyond Retro, just off Brick Lane, London, Maths and Throats will be doing a free gig to celebrate the release of their split cd, which is now available to pre-order from Holy Roar.

Then I will be travelling up to Birmingham to see Zombie Zombie and to party hard.


My body refuses to lose fat.

Friday, 2 May 2008

Enemy of the music business.....

.....the bullshit continues!

1. Situation XXX continues. PURE ANGER. Legally can not talk about it for fear of getting in BIG trouble.

2. Magazine asks bedroom label (aka Holy Roar) to pay travel costs for its writer/photographer to do an article on a Holy Roar band. These are big travel costs - not just a london travelcard or something. I know for a fact that this magazines publishers have shit loads of cash, so they are money grabbing, tight-fisted coporate cunts. As if paying for PR to try and get the article in the first place was not costing enough! The rich get richer.

It is now a daily occurrance - oceans of shit and oceans of horrible, clueless, backstabbing, scheming, sly dickheads. I gave up the 9-5 desk job for the BIG MONEY company to escape people like this - but its clear that regardless of industry, when it gets all formal/legal and all that shit all the idiots and dickheads come out.

A big part of me wants to give up.

In other news - Frankmusik pulled out of his gig last night. What a great end to the day! And my 'date' pulled out of coming to the gig anyway to go to the dentist instead! And then on the way home my weatherspoons curry was DISGUSTING.

On a positive note, Maths came over to see me/pick up cds yesterday. That was cool. And the Dananananaykroyd cds arrived. Also cool.

Thursday, 1 May 2008

Dananananaykroyd/Maths+Throats is officially go!

'Sissy Hits' by Dananananaykroyd and the Maths/Throats split cd are now available to preorder, along with exclusive tshirt+cd packages that will only be available for the duration of May as part of this package deal! Get hitting the Holy Roar Store now!

Yes I am suitably excited about all of the above. Whilst we have released some digital singles, a compilation tape and a 7" in the interim, this is the most exciting period for Holy Roar since the Rolo Tomassi reissue and 'Populuxxe' by Cutting Pink With Knives came out last September. It has been too long! Here we go again!

Whilst the future of all our current bands looks very bright indeed, it would appear that the career of DJ Lethal (Limp Bizkit/House of Pain) has taken a turn for the worse -

Spinning Limp Bizkit songs for 15 Bulgarian 'frat' boys? Oh dear.

Latest Purchases/Acquisitions -

Portishead - 3
Torche - Meanderthal
Thrice - Alchemy Index 1-4 (not very exciting)
Crystal Casltes - Courtship Dating 7"
Protest The Hero - Fortress
Four Year Strong - Rise or Die Trying (uk version)

Im still really hammering Souffocate For Fuck Sake too. Get your hands on them!!!