Wednesday, 30 July 2008


I lived, in my formative years (11-18 full-time, then intermittently through Uni), in a village called Aylburton on the edge of the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire. Its an area that, for kids, is pretty much boring as fuck but has a lot of character in terms of its people and the local dialect.

Some articles for reference -

Me and my close couple of friends, growing up, were highly amused by the dialect. Not in a rude/disrespectful way - it was just genuinely a world unto its own. Some key phrases -

"Ow Bis Ol' Butt?" = How are you old friend?
"Yer Tiz!" = Here it is.

There were many many more. From this lifelong amusement, grew an injoke between me and my friends that A forest of dean hardcore band would be hilarious with many farming references and all lyrics/vocals in the local dialect. Yesterday I paid tribute to this by getting the following -

FDHC. Forest of Dean Hardcore. Get in.

[Sad little side-fact. I sold a copy of the Maths/Throats cd on Holy Roar to someone in Woolaston, a village two miles from my village, and also the village where one of my best mates, Stuart grew up. It was an honour posting that one. I'm just dying to send a cd to Aylburton now]

Today has been all about Found Dead Hanging and Torche. Please check out and remember and revisit Found Dead Hanging. Too killer if you like your tech-metal - really off the wall weird, but still with a groove. Awesomely unique band.

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

2 amazing things for today....

....a book and a band.

Book: 'Old Rare New: The Independent Record Shop' by Emma Pettit.

Amazing book - lovely layout, great pictures, great interviews and musings about records and record stores. For anyone out there who only really downloads music these days, or for anyone young enough who considers downloading to be the best way of getting/collecting music - I URGE you to read this. Essential for music geeks like me and essential education for everyone else.

Band:More Than Life

Pretty forgettable band name unfortunately, but what a fucking band. This is Hell meets Set Your Goals? The Movielife meets Dead Swans? Either way this is the amazing - the UK really needs more bands like this - melodic hardcore without sounding cheesy or cliched.

Monday, 28 July 2008

I made myself a playlist/compilation...'s not in any real order. My compilations are always a bit all over the shop musically.

1. Tar....Feathers - Half A Sentence
2. Bloodlined Caligraphy - Saturday Night in Dixie
3. The Dream Is Dead - Who Rules Bartertown
4. The Endless Blockade - Death to Spies
5. Enemy Soil - Sentencing
6. Errors - Salut! France
7. Eyehategod - Peace Thru War (Thru War and Peace)
8. Wolf Parade - Soliders Grin
9. Frankmusik - Done Done
10. Ghostlimb - The Force That Gives Us Meaning
11. White Denim - Shake Shake Shake
12. Health - Triceratops (acid girls remix a)
13. Job For A Cowboy - Reduced to Mere Filth
14. Killing The Dream - Thirty Four Seconds
15. Loma Prieta - Worn Path
16. Lykke Li - Im Good Im Gone
17. Maruta - Behind The Steel Curtain
18. MGMT - Electric Feel
19. Midnight Juggernauts - Road To Recovery
20. Narrows - Life Vest Float, Kids Dont
21. Envy - Conclusion of Existence
22. Pissed Jeans - Fantasy World
23. Rolo Tomassi - Oh, Hello Ghost
24. Wiley - If You're Going Out, I'm Going Out Too
25. Scarlett Johansson - Song For Jo
26. Suicide Note - Black Snow
27. the_Network - Rabid Electronics
28. The Ergon Carousel - Hindsight is a wonderful thing...
29. Waco Fuck - Abstract
30. Weekend Nachos - Prioritize
31. Cult of Luna - Ghost Trail

Some notes (number=track number, durrr) -

1. Had this on my computer ages, had it in our distro, I really should have kept it. Stand out track, odd indie I guess.
4. Endless Blockade, Weekend Nachos, Waco Fuck etc etc etc powerviolence/grind is currently awesome!
5. Richard Johnson is a fucking king. This is like proto agoraphobic nosebleed.
6. I wish the whole album was like this song.
7. Dopesick by Eyehategod is suuuuuuuuuuuch a classic album that I have recently rediscovered.
8. New album is grower- but maybe in honesty there is only really like 4 memorable songs. Its still all good though.
9. His album WILL be amazing. This song, along with '3 little words' is the best he has done. Untouchable.
11. Garage rock is supposed to be shit and to have gone out of fashion. White Denim have torn up the rulebook and made it awesome.
13. I dont give a fuck - this song has a sweet riff in it. Im not cool, I dont give a shit. Fuck your 'cool' points.
14. This Is Hell opened the doors for me to this type of hardcore. This song rules.
15. Thanks to for introducing this band to me.
17. When will the album be out? So amazingly crushing.
18. Most of the album is boring but this is such a summer tuuuuuuuuuuune.
19. Possibly the only really good song on this album.
20. Botch+punk = Narrows.
22. Again - possibly the only tune of theirs that has really grabbed me.
25. The only original song on her album of Tom Waits covers. Its great.
26. This band have changed so much - I really like the new album and now need to revisit all the back catalogue.
28. Ive already talked about this band. The only good uk grind band.
31. I always buy Cult of Luna albums - the new one is pretty good-ish, but this is the only really remarkable song - it gets fast!!!

ps diet cherry coke tastes shit.

Thursday, 24 July 2008

Lets review some demos!

Each week Holy Roar gets loads of demos to our P.O. Box. For the FIRST TIME EVER (and maybe last) i'm going to review the current pile sat next to me. Yes we do listen to at least a bit of every demo sent! Some hints though - we really dont care if you have played 'Peterborough's premier venue', nor do we care if you are grossly musically inappropriate for our label - LISTEN to our bands before sending something. Please understand also that nothing written here is personal - I dont know you, i'm sure you're lovely and i'm sure you're heart is in the right place and you listen to good music.

So here we go.....

First up is Atheist Temple. They seem to centre around either a brother and sister or a married couple, it's not made clear. The demo was recorded before recruiting a rhythm section and has a drum machine. The riffs are very basic, the guitar sounds like it was recorded into a computer, the drum machine is boring, the vocals are amateur and the lyrics are abysmal. 2/10

Next is The Halcyon Glow. Kind of an indie band with, according to them, post-rock and progressive tendancies. The recording sounds ok for a demo - the vocals are perhaps a little loud and whilst not bad, arent really amazing. Kinda vaguely makes me think of new Earth going pub-indie on the intro. The first song is 9 minutes - but not for any real good reason as far as I can see. 'Prog' and 'post-rock' doesnt mean playing for ages unfortunately. There is also solos scattered throughout that are really horrible in a kind of classic rock/80's rock kinda way. 4 or 5/10.

Now - Rise of Raphia. This sounds like Everytime I Die+Dillinger etc etc - unfortunately quite obvious as to who are the influences. Its still solid, well played and decent sounding, but quite unremarkable. 6/10

Film Noir are from Paris. Rolo Tomassi have a song called 'Film Noir' on the ep we released. This might explain why they sent us a demo, it might not. The disc doesnt work, so i'm listening via their website. Really shit boring indie. Clearly didn't listen to our labels output. 1/10

The Rampton Release Date have sent a 12 track album which includes lyrics. Awful packaging/artwork. Kinda sounds like the Exploited if they were a bunch of dads down the pub. 2/10

Young Hollywood sound exactly like Motorhead jamming with Everytime I Die. Quite fun - but you wonder whether the vocalist has arrived at this sound out of choice or through limitation. Not very original - some big ETID rip-offs. 6/10

Fury of the Headteachers (worst band name ever) are kinda lo-fi garagey/quirky rock. Really not very good at all, horrible recording, vocals, and songs. 1/10

Shilling Whores also have a terrible band name. They are shit. This is getting really depressing now. Bad pub rock whatever. 0/10.

Now - xmaslights. Starts with bad metal vocals and stuff. In fairness this band also have big post-rock style bits, but it doesnt sit very well together in all honesty. They should ditch the metal and they would be loads better. 2/10 for the metal 5/10 for the more epic parts.

No Kilter have a nice loud, clear sounding demo. They are playing t in the park and they have a UK tour that ended yesterday. Well done for having a work ethic, seriously. They used to be on Lockjaw and now want a new label. This is easily the best thing so far. I'm not sure what Holy Roar could or would do with a band like this or whetehr this is a 'Holy Roar' band - but it is very good. Im defo gonna keep tabs on these dudes, they deserve to do something. Talented and clearly know what needs to be done. 9/10

Now we have Between The Screams. Metal with keyboards. Vocalist isnt all that great and does singing too thats kinda odd. Music is 'epic' but dull. I think they love Devil Sold His Soul, In Flames, Bleeding Through and beatdown stuff etc, but fall short of the mark. 4/10

Trial of Fifty have a nice twangy discordant sound. There's defo some JR Ewing and the ilk in here. Nice recording too at City of Dis studios. Vocalist sounds a bit like the dude from Mewithoutyou, but not as good. It treads a line. This is solid stuff though - well written, nice sounds, energetic. 7/10

Finally for todays batch we have Habsyll. Clearly Khanate fans is the first thing that springs to mind = instant little underground audience for this lot! These dudes clearly know what they are doing - and clearly have their own thing going on. Huge swathes of noise, odd drumming, odd sounds, it reall ysounds fucked up - totally slow and brual and grimm. This is awesome. Will also keep tabs on this. 9/10

Bands.....what is your problem?

I am offering to release something by you and spend money on you.
I am offering to put you on a show and pay you money.
I am offering to put you on a compilation cd for Japan.
I am managing you and you cant be bothered to reply and/or tell me what's happening.

There is 4/5 of you in each of these bands and not one of you can take 2 minutes to write an email?

Why do I bother?

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

A strange little loop/connection from my past....

I used to be in a band called Seducedwomandead when I was based in Birmingham. We used to do a cover of a song called 'Congratulations on your impending nuptuals' by Mara Akate.

This is the cover, recorded live in my old house (at one of the house shows we used to do) in December 2005. We wanted to record this song properly but never got round to it.

A short time later I release 'Raise The Bullshit Flag' by Phoenix Bodies on Holy Roar. I then find out that 2 members of Pheonix Bodies used to be in Mara Akate. Strange, but nice, coincidence!!!

Cruisin' for Wall-e

Last night I went to see Wall-e in Wandsworth. On the way I picked up my friend Larry (the dude on the cover of 'Populuxxe' by Cutting Pink With Knives). I smuggled in some Pepsi Max and a small chocolate bar as well as taking advantage of 'cheap Tuesday' at this cinema. Cinema and snack for £6. Yeah.

Wall-e is amazing. It probably doesn't need any more praise whatsoever. I am a big big Pixar films fan anyway, but this is up there with the best. Cute robots are the best. Its easily a solid 9/10. Next week: Batman......

Driving back to my place, ignoring some speed limits, on the quiet streets of London, with it warm enough to have the windows down, blasting Late of the Pier, Outputmessage (amazing underrated album), Tokyo Police CLub and other anfums was the best.

Currently amazing -

Loma Prieta - Last City
Suicide Note - Empty Rooms

Feist on Sesame Street -

Awesome awesome METAL for REAL americans. Thought AOAA were bad? Think again! -

Tuesday, 22 July 2008


CPWK, last song ever.

I have a million shitty Youtube videos I could post about and random Holy Roar news, but today, nothing else needs to be said.

Quote of the day (someone out of Foot Village) - "Most worthwhile things require some sort of bravery, but it is better not to think of them as risks. That implies some sort of justified fear, and fear in any form is not justified. Fear is evil through and through. Even when things don't work out the way one hoped, or even bring about terrible results, there are always more amazing things on the way for those who keep following their bliss. Risk is nothing."

Thursday, 10 July 2008

Last night....

....I dreamt that a small chinese man was hassling me in my street, asking me to drive him to Bolton on Christmas Day. I was like "That'll cost you at least £6 sorry mate" he toddles off and comes back with 30p presses it into my hand and goes "That enough? That enough?"


Wednesday, 9 July 2008

I'm not writing enough I know.....

.....but loads has been happening.

This week I have been ill. Falling asleep, aching, snotty, ache ache ache, cough cough ill. Call it what you want. But it has seriously destroyed my week. I was supposed to go see Comeback Kid/Dead Swans with a girl who I think is cool. But I had to cancel that and she went to the gig with someone else, and stuff, which kinda made me jealous. On Monday (during the onset of ill) I had to go pick up Rolo Tomassi from Victoria Train Station, take them to a lawyers office near Oxford Circus, then take them to Hassle Records - where they finally (officially) signed their record contract and toasted it with champagne. They got a bus from Sheffield to London - arrive din London at 2pm, then were on a megabus back towards Sheffield at 7pm. Whistlestop to say the least. I totally struggled through it feeling bad and it pissed it down mega-hard - it wasn't really much fun to be honest.

I think, in keeping with previous ill times, this illness was brought on by excess. This past weekend I went to Kotrijk in Belgium, where Cutting Pink With Knives played Farmfest with Sightings (Load Records) amongst other bands. It was awesome - an attractive french girl told me she wanted "Times of Grace [Neurosis] tattooed across her breast" - as she phrased it. The beer was great, me and Stu drank far too much of it resulting in silly photos, mass food fights, Stu running round with his tits out and loads of inappropriate was totally fun. We stayed the night with a dude called Vincent who helped organise the festival and he made us roast chicken and pork and gave us loads of drinks! So good! This is why we ended stuff with a few euro shows...

I've been very confused lately. Basically - from Jan 09, by all indications, I have options. I can a) stay in London and find a new person/people to live with b) move my stuff back into my parents house and try and stay on tour with Rolo Tomassi/Throats as much as possible as driver/tour manager, with a laptop to do Holy Roar c) Move somewhere else entirely and continue as I am essentially but with a kinda fresh start (unless I chose Birmingham) d) go to Canada or somewhere for like 2/3 months work ina bar, do loads of skiing and have a break e) some kinda combination of these. If anyone actually reads this I would love some thoughts and opinions.

Playlist -

Metallica - Some Kind of Monster DVD
White Denim - Workout Holiday
Triac - new 7"/cd
Suffocate For Fuck Sake - everything (why doesnt everyone know this band!!!)

Friday, 4 July 2008

I dont often do this...

....but this morning I have heard the best new UK band by a fucking mile. If you dont like this, I dont like you. - The Ergon Carousel

Rubbish band name, but when it's 3/5 of Narcosis, and dudes who used to be in Carmen and Beecher it really doesnt matter! Possibly faster than Narcosis and maybe with more defined riffs, its maybe Narcosis 2.0, but it is fucking amazing.

This band better tour and stuff. Keep an eye on this one....

Wednesday, 2 July 2008


I haven't updated in ages. Since last update I have been to Paris/Versailles, Chicago/Indianapolis and Cornwall. This weekend i'm off to Belgium.

I could write so much about these trips its untrue. Lets just say America was the best week of my life - fun food, amazing people to hang out with, Dudefest was incredible, bought too much stuff (the American dream) etc etc. France was with CPWK, Cornwall was with family, Belgium will be with CPWK.

There's photos on mine and Stuarts (my accomplice in trips to USA/France) Facebook - if you know me, check it out.

Here are some amusing videos related to the band Maths on Holy Roar. Firstly, a bizarre cover/music video -

Secondly, this came under the same search terms and amused me alot, but makes no sense -