Friday, 29 August 2008

New Holy Roar Preorders up now!

so today i banged this out in a few places -

Devil Sold His Soul / Tortuga Split 7" Vinyl.

A1 Devil Sold His Soul - Crane Lake
B1 Tortuga - The Tomb of John Wortley (1857)
B2 Tortuga - Dance Like No-one's Watching


Brand new exclusive track from possibly the leading light in British post-metal, Devil Sold His Soul. An absolute epic that works its way through melody, aggression and reflection with ease.

Tortuga unearth their long sold-out demo that landed them a deal with In At The Deep End. These two tracks possess a sound that appears to sit at a stark crossroad between the elemental power of Cult of Luna, the churning complexity of Breather Resist or Botch and the punk attitude of Fucked Up and Hot Snakes.

Comes in card sleeve with card insert and maroon vinyl. Limited to 500 copies ever! Only available from us and the bands - this will not appear in shops or on itunes etc. PREORDER SHIPS TO ARRIVE 6TH OCTOBER APPRROX.

Ergon Carousel preorders will begin within a week or two hopefully. Two Holy Roar t-shirts are on the way too......its certainly busy times!

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

New jams....

I think I really need to be in a new band or two. There is a couple of things bubbling under the surface, but nothing concrete really as of now. I have decided I think this is what has been wrong with me lately. Time to put the wheels in motion a little bit more....

I'm going to put up a bunch of new stuff on the player on the Holy Roar Myspace today and generally do some updating - so should have new tracks from Ergon Carousel, the_Network, Tortuga and Devil Sold His Soul up today hopefully.

We are now (honestly!!!) putting together a Holy Roar t-shirt or two and will bundle them with all new releases too if they are ready in time. Maybe some other new shirts too - we defo want to crank this angle up. Suggestions and ideas and artists all welcome.

Playlist -

Fuck the Facts - Disgorge Mexico
Recon - Welcome to Viper City
Acacia Strain - Continent
Slipknot - All Hope Is Gone
Pivot - O Soundtrack My Heart
Trash Talk - s/t album
Late of The Pier - Fantasy Black Channel
Metaform - Standing on the Shoulders of Giants
Lil Chris - Gettin' Enough
The Source - You got the love
Bloc Party - Intimacy
Norma Jean - The Anti Mother
Lady Sovereign - Public Warning!
Walls of Jericho - The American Dream
Bring Me The Horizon - new video/new song

NEW BLACKOUT CREW VIDEO!! These dudes are like GLC, but from Bolton or something and real! Too AMAZING! -

Sunday, 17 August 2008

I've been on holiday...

....hence the neglect of this blog. Sorry. I went to the Greek island of Kos. It averaged 35/36 degrees celcius everyday. This is pretty much what I did -

- played tennis/had tennis lessons everyday. Loads of fun. I was the group king at 'Spanish Tennis'. I think I should have also won the 'most consistent server' award.

- Lay by a swimming pool reading 'London Fields' by Martin Amis (I highly recommend it, so far - I didn't finish it). Occassionally I jumped in the pool. Mostly though I looked over the brim of my book, in my huge white sunglasses, staring at posh British girls in bikinis. Difficult. I did not talk to any of them however as they were generally surrounded by 16 yr old boys with perfect bodies. Bastards.

- Went in a canoe once. It hurt my shitty, CPWK-ruined, hips. On a separate occassion I swam in the sea and saw lots of fish including a sneaky little Plaice.

- Ate 3 buffet style meals a day. Rather than ever be sensible and have just one dish, I would usually stick tiny bits of lots of dishes on my plate. This was sometimes amazing, sometimes a disaster. Pancakes+apple strudel+pain au chocolat+greek yoghurt for breakfast? Caesar salad+grilled aubergene+cheese+seafood pasta+roast lamb+mussels????? Hmmmmm.

- Drinking loads of 'Sex on the Beach' cocktails, coronas and the occassional gin and tonic in the evenings due to their being nothing else to do in the evenings and also due to the depressing fact that i wasn't utilising my double room with any of the aforementioned girls. I hate you posh girls - it's not my fault im fat, bald and ugly honest!!!

That was it. It was too hot. It was very relaxing, but I get 'itchy feet' or something and ended up not really getting off on the 'doing nothing'-ness of it all.

I haven't updated the website yet, so this is a blog exclusive (the thrill!), we are releasing all the following before the end of 2008 -

-Devil Sold His Soul/Tortuga split 7" - limited to 500 copies, new DSHS song, Tortuga tracks taken from their sold out demo. Coloured vinyl - only available from the bands and direct from Holy Roar.
- The Ergon Carousel (cdr/digital) - this will come in handscreened packaging courtesy of D!L!P!R! and will be limited to 100 physical copies. Dont know who this band are? It's 3/5 Narcosis, 1/5 Beecher, 1/4 Carmen. Get excited. Grind your face off.
- Happy Holy Roar compilation tape volume 2. Again limited to 100 copies. Last year volume 1 sold out in a week. Volume 2 will be even better.
- Throats/the_Network split cd. Both bands rule. the_Network will be over in the uk in November. If i have to justify this release to you, I hate you.
- Data.Select.Party - cdep. We will be helping out Fear and Records with this one. Am ironing out details now. The best summery-pop guitar band in the UK by far. Don Cab/Minus the Bear writing huge pop songs. Amazing.

This week - Rolos @ Barfly w/ You Me At Six, Throats w/ Gallows, Kerrang Awards. Probably more. Phew.

Monday, 4 August 2008


Band of the day is clearly Krallice. Colin from Behold...The Arctopus and Dysrythmia and Mick from Orthrelm/Octis etc plus some other dudes doing what is (essentially) black metal. However - the production is awesome (again courtesy of Colin), Mick shreds some solos which elevates this above the usual and, most weirdly of all, it actually has an insanely melodic, emotive, epic feeling to it. These are literally the best black metal riffs I have heard, possibly ever. It's actually surprising that none of the integrity is lost considering how catchy some of this seems to me.

I think I want to start documenting my favourite ever songs and albums, but am not sure how to do it yet. Its a big task!

Last night I cooked this and it was king.

Friday, 1 August 2008

Something that is annoying me....

Can everyone please stop using the word(s) 'minimalist' and 'minimalism', please?!?!

'Minimalist Techno'
'Minimalist Club Night'
'Minimalism inspired metal'

...and thats just three from the last few days. Is this word trendy or something? Shut up! I swear people are just applying the word to things that have absolutely nothing to do with the context of the word just because they've seen it banded about a bit and think "Ja, dahling, gotta stay hip, yeah?"

In other news - fuck your Cursed records and go back and listen to Ruination. Fuck yeah.