Saturday, 27 September 2008

Blogging that is good, rather than trying to kill new releases

Yeah ok, the internet is gay, cheers Anal Cunt and I fight against it every day in one way or another or something. Buuuuuut, recently my attention has been grabbed by a few blogs that seem to do things in a way that is kind of a bit more honourable and respectable, bringing back some releases from the dead or highlighting some off the wall gems.

Worship and Tribute - this dude is seemingly in his early twenties or late teens, but has a massive grip on both guitar play and techniques as well as an ear for some pretty odd music, amongst some classic screamo and post rock. Well worth checking - i've discovered some amazing albums here.

The Dying Machine - shit name for a blog, but luckily it just covers LOADS of stuff that never got released/is out of print/well rare etc etc. There's a Ruination post on it somewhere. They are fucking amazing.

Cephalochromoscope - even shitter name for a blog. This one is totally brutal and the dude has a total boner for Japan. Loads of awesome old grindcore. Don't be a pussy all your life.

In other news, this is why The Ergon Carousel are already legendary -

Well done Oliver, you never let me down. I do love you.

In further news - come to the Old Blue Last in Shoreditch tonight. I'm dj'ing the main bar from 9pm til close. It could be amusing!

Last on the menu this morning, god bless the internet for allowing everything that TV will not -

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Weird dreams and amazing times.

Last night I had such a bizarre dream and so vivid too. I dreamt I was walking up the stairs of a house (not mine, not my parents') with my mum and sister. I was reiterating for the millionth time that my sister was going to bed too late and that 9pm was a sensible time for a 12 year old to go to bed. When we got into my sisters bedroom in this new house, we looked out the window to see that it was really windy and that there was a helicopter trying to land in the field in front of the house. It was so windy that it looked like the helicopter was bouncing off the ground, because it couldn't land due to the wind. The helicopter obviously wasnt doing itself any good, and soon this method of attempted landing was resulting in part of the helicopter ripping off - first a rotary blade smashed into a ground floor window of the house, then part of the tail smashed into the house. Then huge branches began to smash into the cars outside the house. For some reason I owned a Land Rover (i dont - I own a Golf). When the storm died down, we went outside to look at the cars - there was 3 windows broken on my car and many more broken on the other two cars (another Land Rover and some kind of weird Saloon car that my mum said 'was new'). We decided that we wouldn't claim for my broken windows on the insurance, to keep my premium from going up.

What was the point in that!

On Monday night Rolo Tomassi launched their album in the Old Blue Last in Shoreditch, London. Rumours abound that approx 250 people were there (official capacity = 80). Rumours also abound that all of Gallows were there (certified), members of Metronomy and some model called Alice Dellal. This was easily one of the best shows this year. It was chaos. A wall of death happened. Masses of stagediving happened. There was also so many people I knew there it was untrue. Classic pic - - if anyone has more pics please let me know. The aftershow part at The Macbeth got horribly horribly messy. Suffice to say - yesterday was a write-off. But seriously, go and buy Hysterics now if you havent - the cd and vinyl have different artwork, both look incredible, well done Hassle.

Rediscovery of the day - The Other Side Of The Sky: 'Rorschach' is such a good album. They kinda take the Isis template but really use way more awesome post-rock textures and have a waaaay more kinda Kyuss/fuzz vibe. I'm usually bored to tears by music liek this, but this has genuine variation and emotion.

Sunday, 21 September 2008

I love Prince

Prince is amazing. Every few months something happens that reminds me of this. So why in HELL did Kate Nash cover Purple Rain? I realise im quite far behind with this piece of news, but its so horrible. Ruining musical legacies!!!!!!!!

Iglu and Hartly are also really bad. And so are that Flobots band. BAN IT ALL.

On a better note - we as Holy Roar decided to give away two free releases today by Cutting Pink With Knives and Maths. Go see our website for details.

On friday night i got shouted at by chavs at a hipster clubnight in Birmingham for playing Hip Hop. I also had people messing with the decks. I was also sober due to illness. I think I may remain sober. My love affair with Birmingham has ended. I also had drummer problems. No point ranting about that.

Rolo Tomassi party night tomorrow night.

Listening -

TV on the Radio - Dear Science
Prince - Purple Rain/1999

Sunday, 14 September 2008

I have stuff for sale!

CDs/Vinyl/Stuff for sale. Please make offers. Bundle them up for extra cheapness. Ill go even cheaper if you want stuff posted without jewel cases. Just wanna get rid of everything! I’m aware some of it is highly amusing stuff!

Please email me at or reply here.

Mastodon/American Heritage – split picture disc
Thrice/Thursday – split on glass bottle type colour vinyl
Jenny Piccolo – picture disc
Harkonen – Hung to dry (green vinyl)
Holy Molar/Ex Models – dark purple vinyl
Beecher/The Leif Ericson – split
Among the missing/red stars parade – split
An Albatross/XBXRX – split on clear red vinyl
Ground Unicorn Horn

Home Video – that you might/dialogue box
Mass movements of the moth – Finale
Dysrythmia/xthoughtstreamsx – split
Wolves of Greece

Textbook Traitors/Forensics – split in foil type bag
Alias and Tarsier – Dr C/5 Year Eve
The Exelar/Towers – Early Demonstrations (clear vinyl/clear packaging)
Godflesh – songs of love and hate
Jesu – 2x picture disc of debut lp. TEST PRESSING numbered 24/30 White pic disc
Kid Kilowatt – guitar method (clear vinyl
Time in Malta – Construct and Demolish
Kayo Dot/Bloody Panda - Split 12” TEST PRESSING numbered 1 of 5

30 seconds to mars – a beautiful lie (us version with bjork cover as secret track etc)
Alec Empire – The Ride (cd1 and cd2)
Amen – Buy America (cd numbered 2/2000)
Animosity – Shut It Down
The Bled – Found In The Flood
Brujeria – Mextremist Hits
Ec8or – World Beaters
Embrace Today – we are the enemy (in slipcase)
Fight Paris – Paradise, Found
Fiedlys Dreams – Rock n Roll Gangster
Fear Before The March of Flames – Odd how people shake
Fear Before The March of Flames – art damage
Fear Before The March of Flames – the always open mouth
The Fall of Troy - s/t
Mudvayne – the end of all things to come
Byzantine – the fundamental component
Chimaria – The Impossiblity of reason
Citizen – manifesto for the new patriot
Converge – Caring and Killing
Craw – bodies for strontium
Crazytown – darkhorse
Cold – s/t
Cold – 13 ways to bleed onstage
Defenestration/Scurge – Year of the Slug
36 crazyfists – rest inside the flames
Foo Fighters – one by one
Heaven Shall Burn – Antigone
In Flames – Trigger ep+dvd
Kittie – Oracle
Killswitch Engage – the end of heartache
Kid Rock – Cocky
The Forecast – Late Night Conversations
Jeroan Drive – Deathrow Industry
Leng Tche – Marasmus
Coldworker – The Contaminated Void
Madina Lake – from them, through us, to you
xLooking Forwardx – The Path We Treat
Dysrhythmia – Pretest
Rosetta/Balboa – Project Mercury
Attack Vipers – the mirror and the destroyer
Horse The Band – a natural death
Fighting With Wire – man vs monster
Hot Chip – coming on strong
Expectorated Sequence – Hairbomb
Guapo – Elixirs
Neon Blonde – s/t
Neuraxis – Truth Beyond (2xcd)
Secondmonday – Rewrites wont coverup
Scars of Tomorrow – design your fate
Send More Paramedics – the hallowed and the heathen
Send More Paramedics – the awakening (2xcd)
Thy Kingdom Come – through bleeding eyes
Tribute to Nothing – wrench (signed!)
Sika Redem – Entheogen
Tura Satana – relief through release
Under a dying sun – supernova
Tusk – The resisting dreamer (with weird slipcase)
Undying – the whispered eyes of angels
The Ocean – fogdiver
Skinless – from sacrifice to survival
Slaves of Dope – Inches from the mainline
The Vanishing – still lifes are failing
Xbxrx – wars
You Judas – Discover mutiny
The Sound of Animals Fighting – lover, the lord has left us….
Snub – the harvest
Snowblood – the human tragedy
Snowblood – being and becoming
Polysics – do or die!!!
Polysiucs – now is the time!
Tricky – Knowle West Boy
Attack in Black – Marriage
See You Next Tuesday – 3 song cd
Sugar Coma – what goes around ep
Spark lights the friction – cocaine honeymoon
Subvert – assisted sucides
Proudhon – the joy of sex
Raging speedhorn – how the great have fallen (promo in slimline jewelcase)
Sword – lord by fire
Tang – another thousand days out of this world


Hiscox bass hardcase (brand new)

Thursday, 11 September 2008

A general post of bits and bobs....

1. The new Bleeding Through album - 'Declaration' - is shit. I have a soft spot for this band, as they have stayed at my house/hung out a few times over the years. So it's kinda disappointing. Few people seemed to pick up on the fact that last record 'The Truth' was, tonally, pretty damn good - the guitars took a leaf out of the Entombed/old dirty Swedish death book. On this record the kick drum has 'God Hates Us All' Slayer syndrome (CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK) and it sounds like the guitars are consistently throbbing in time with drums - i guess this was done to try and give both instruments 'punch' - it has failed and makes me feel like my ears are fucking up.

2. It looks like Holy Roar (or specifically, me) is doing a radio show for Diesel music. Yes, the clothing brand. Slightly bizarre. Look here. 1-3pm on 17th September. I'm hoping to get Maths down for an acoustic session, as well as interviews with Throats and Gallows. And then i'll play loads of Holy Roar stuff and stuff I dig. Sweet.

3. Tombs were pretty sweet at the Old Blue Last on Monday night. They have just signed to Relapse. They sound like My Bloody Black Metal Valentine.

4. I'm hoping to go and see Blacklisted tonight at the Grosvenor. This should be insane. I might dope up on ibuprofen first though - have had some weird flu-esque aches for days now.

5. The Throats/the_Network cd is almost ready - im just waiting for final proofs/jpegs of the artwork.

6. The Ergon Carousel packaging is being made as we speak.

7. 2 Holy Roar t-shirts are on their way! Finally! These we should have end sept/early oct-ish.

Playlist -

Friendly Fires
New Throats songs
songs by Daedulus, K-The-I??? and King Cannibal.

Monday, 8 September 2008

Wrong? Right?

Is this the worst idea ever for a band called Violence or the best idea ever?

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Throats recording new material....

So yesterday (and later today) I have been/will be in Margate in Kent with Throats who are currently recording 3 brand new songs with Jamie Frye. The songs sound like Slipknot, Korn and Shellac. Only kidding! Its like everything you have already heard from Throats x1000 - there is a clear progression, with this band now evidently finding their feet. It's quite to put into words but there is more shredding, it's darker, its faster, its tuned lower, its more direct, its more epic. It's an awesome step. Fingers crossed - this should come out a monster. These 3 songs will surface on a split release with the_Network in November.

This saturday i've got a practice with a new band. I hope it can get off the ground a little bit. 6-piece. Called Violence. Watch this space.....

In other musings - it's weird seeing Rolo Tomassi on the cover of Plan B. Talk about coming a long way. Read Ellens Blog for a more amusing musing/comparison on the topic. They also have their new album available for preorder now via our friends at Hassle Records. It should look (and does sound) incredible.

I'm guiltily enjoying Norma Jeans new album - I should hate it as they continue to get more and more melodic and lose the essence of what made them special in the first place, but the songs are very well written. Leave the snobbery at the door. Also listening to lots of Wiley, Pivot and Trash Talk.

Finally i'm djing in the main bar at Old Blue Last, Shoreditch, London on Friday 26th September. Lovvers are playing upstairs. Should be a sweet night.