Tuesday, 28 October 2008


So I haven't posted on here ages. I went away for two weeks with Rolo Tomassi on their tour with Blood Red Shoes. Prior to that I was running around like a headless chicken trying to get as much finalised as possible. Here are some highlights -

Managing to scrape/dent the side of the van on day four in Leeds. Well done Alex. This was combated by Pizza Cano. Ever been to Leeds or live in Leeds and not done Pizza Cano? Your Loss. The best takeaway pizza in the country, and only around a fiver.

Epic post gig drives (Portsmouth to Sheffield, Leeds to Edinburgh etc etc).

The incredible scenery on the way to Aberdeen.

Steve Ansell and Laura-Mary Carter of Blood Red Shoes and their tech Reuben Gotto (who also plays in the awesome Johnny Truant) being so nice to me and Rolo Tomassi it was untrue. Not only do Blood Red Shoes KILL IT live every night, they come from a place where looking out for support bands is a must, and so we get 'paid' to do their merch so we can eat because bullshit dickhead promoters think that not even providing a travelling support band with a loaf of bread is acceptable. Fuck you Portsmouth promoter especially. On top of this Steve sees that we plan to drive to Edinburgh after the Aberdeen show (a 4 hour journey) and books us a travelodge for the night. We proceed to stay up half the night with BRS drinking wine and Whiskey. Unbelievable. Blood Red Shoes - we honestly could not have more respect for you. Amazing people, amazing band.

Rolo Tomassi celebrating such niceness (and saying thank you in a way) by stripping down to pairs of Blood Red Shoes pants in the Mean Fiddler in front of 1000 people. It was quite a sight to behold. Pictures please?

Starbucks Caramel Macchiato.

Morrisons Banana split dessert.

Rolo Tomassi doing Cockney impressions.

Rolo Tomassi at the BBC Electric Proms in Liverpool, playing to Huw Stephens/Radio 1 people and John Peels family (an invite only audience). Interview in a lift with Huw Stephens (another lovely bloke), Tom Ravenscroft being hot as usual, and Rolos doing a snippet of 'Oh Hello Ghost' on acoustic guitar and piano for BBC North-West lunchtime TV news. I'm trying to get a copy of that, but in the interim, watch Rolo at the Electric Proms.

Meeting Frank and Steph Carters dad.

Being shown James, Eva and Joe N from Rolo Tomassi in a previous incarnation on CITV when when they were 11/12 by James and Evas mum. Hilarious.

I've probably forgotten stuff, but those were some obvious highlights

....i've probably forgotten a bunch of stuff, but those were some obvious highlights. Last night I dj'ed at Old Blue Last again (fun times), tonight i'm seeing Pulled Apart By Horses, Thursday is Brontide @ the Good Ship and Friday is Doomriders! Phew!

Listening -

Andrew WK
Blood Red Shoes

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

It had to happen sooner or later.

This is my Bring Me The Horizon post.

I first saw Bring Me The Horizon play in Coventry at the Jailhouse in August or September 2005 before their debut ep came out (Oct 2005 approx - although im sure there was a delay on it). At this point they were a bunch of really skinny kids who looked like early Norma Jean (hell - Oliver Sykes' email address at the time was even a Norma Jean lyric). There was, live at least, elements of that sound there too. I thought they were really good, really energetic and only played 4 songs that each were around the 5 minute mark. It was clear they were destined for bigger things. If anyone wants proof of how different they looked back then, just grab an original copy of the debut ep (if you have one). I had 5 copies of this original pressing due to doing a trade with 30 Days of Night - god I should have hung on them!

Old Pic (but not as good as the pic on the back of the ep)

Then the band signed to Visible noise, the ep got reissued, they made their debut album (which was solid and did its job for the time, if unremarkable in retrospect) and they all got fatter and started having shitter hair and clothes - not sure why this happened. Of course the soap opera really cranked up too - hair extensions falling out live, 'pissing' on a girl and the subsequent court case, pics of Oliver being sucked off by a girl on the internet, allegedly punching a staff member of kerrang on the Reading/Leeds/Kerrang awards weekend......you name it, it's happened. I'm sure there is more too.

I think it's also worth pointing out that the artwork for both the debut ep and the first album are really non-genre specific - neither allude at all to what the band sound like and get a big thumbs up from me.

Now, of course, Suicide Season, the second album, has just been released. The artwork isn't as original/non-specific as previous releases - ironically it looks quite a bit like a newer Norma Jean record or a Scarlet record. Produced by legendary Swedish metal dude Fredrik Nordström, it obviously is sonically amazing. Musically its easily also the strongest thing they have done. Sure - Bury Your Dead want their guitar tone and style of playing back for a bunch of the songs, but at least BMTH are making a conscious effort to not repeat themselves and inject ideas all over the places. Many of the ideas may have been down to Fredrik Nordström, but at least they are there. The lyrics, whilst quite silly alot of the time, also display honesty if nothing else - singing about girls, drinking and personal matters. So, in all, its not original or lyrically very intelligent but it's a hell of a lot of fun.

I, for one, am quite happy (regardless of all the easy slagging thrown at these bands) that British bands like Bring Me The Horizon, Gallows and Rolo Tomassi are all making varying marks. None of them sing or are commercial in any traditional sense. We should be grateful for them all, in a very general sense, I think. It's alot more interesting than Funeral For A Friend or Bullet For My Valentine now isn't it?