Tuesday, 16 December 2008

GOAT/Rolo tour part 2/the end of the year to date......


My previous experience of Exexter involved a quiet gig with Cutting Pink With Knives supporting Antelope (who are on Dischord and feature dudes from Supersystem and stuff). This show wasn't the busiest thing ever either, but still had about 50-60 people, which is cool for a Sunday night outside of term time (No-one young actually comes from Exeter, right?). Exeter was nice, had a bit more time to explore this time round, and bought a hoodie, due to my on-tour hoodie bobbling to fuck and smelling. Nice. I believe we stayed in Winchester afterwards or something. Travel-to-the-lodge.


Some people hate Satans Hollow, some people love it. I think it's pretty sweet. It just looks like a comedy satanic dungeon, with the stage 'in the round' (ie in a circle in the middle of the room). Todays travelodge was in the city centre, so i fucking GOT.ON.IT. i was pretty drunk after loading out, but then we went to a cocktail bar where everything was £2. I drank Ameretto Sours, using van parking money I shouldn't have been using (which I repaid of course). I talked a nice young lady from Washington D.C and then went back to the Travelodge for long chats with Eva. Sobering.


King Tuts Wah Wah Hut is good venue in terms of how they feed you and look after you. Seriously good. The rest of the UK should take note. However they have had some shit noise limitation thing imposed by neighbours, so this was so quiet it was untrue. I was talking to people in front of the stage whilst bands were playing. Saw the dudes from take a worm for a walk week - these dudes are so nice. I vowed to stay with them next time im in Glasgow as they wish to change my perception of their fair city. Joes gf Kelsey came to the show too, which was nice, as I always enjoy a chat with her.


My ex-home. Where I went to Uni etc. The fucking crew came out tonight - Stu, Curtis, Matt, Jim, Beard, Manoj, and more....hilariously, I bumped into Jim randomly in HMV, he was just standing in the ipod section charging his ipod whilst listening to Man Is The Bastard on a docking station, really loud. This inspired Jim and Curtis to shout powerviolence-esque lyrics and phrases throughout the show and mosh inappropriately. Good times. Good size crowd too.


Felt weird to be home, but not home, if that makes any sense. The borderline was right next to G-A-Y and it was clubnight night. Fruity scenes prevailed. Tom TGOATs parents came to this show, as did Vikki Blows, the model. She came and asked me for a Holy Roar tote bag (for free) i said "no way, fucking freeloader" - not realising who she was. I mean yeah - she should have paid for it, but at the same time it would have been good to see her have one. Or something. Thom Throats came to this show too, as did my new drumming friend Tom. More good hangouts. Crowd reaction for this show was offfffffffffffffffff.


We actually managed to get up at a reasonable time at my flat and get down to Brighton for about 2pm. I do like Brighton alot. Had a sweet cheap pizza buffet (not pizza hut), bought 'Johan Johannnnnssssooon - 'forlandia'' from resident records, went to a few other record shops/clothes shops/coffee places, and then the show was very hot and the crowd somewhat standoffish. Steve and Laura-Mary Blood Red Shoes came, as did Reuben ex-Johnny Truant and Ross from the Agency amongst other familiar faces. Drove back to my flat afterwards.

London (again) - all ages xmas party.

This was insane. Rolo Tomassi were the only 'heavy' band playing. The scala was sold out to the tune of about 1200 kids. The oldest you could be was 18 or something. I felt like a right old paedo. 500/600 kids were moshing, jumping up and down, circle-pitting and going crazy to Rolos at like 1pm. It was ridiculous. James stagedived and climbed speaker stacks, and Joe T ended the set by launching himself off his monitor and motherfucking HEADWALKING onto kids before collapsing to the floor. Seriously the best thing he has ever done.

Drove to sheffield (via nottingham) afterwards and I came home the next day via megabus. Exhausted. Monday I finished my xmas shopping (almost) with Rachel in tow. Got drunk. Tuesday I drove to Devon for family xmas (family rented a house down there), going via Langport, Somerset to visit Daisy Von Howl. Also visited Ellen along the way. Finally arrived in Malborough, Devon at like 10.30pm.....a long day, a long drive.

Christmas in Devon was amazing. I think the only thing lacking was a 'partner' to share it with. The house was huge, flatscreen tvs and playstations and shit in every room....it was amazing. I ate fucking tonnes, we went on walks to the coast, to pubs, went to Salcombe, had good times. Although I did have to get up at 6am on Christmas day (I have cousins ranging from 15 to 6 years old, with me being the oldest by a significant margin). There are 9 'cousins' including me, then my parents, her sister and partner, her two brothers and their partners, my nan and grandad and my other nan. 20 of us in total. Crazy.

So I finally got back to London yesterday (another epic drive), got home for a few hours, then drove back out to Heathrow to pick up Brian Phoenix Bodies and his girlfriend, who are now asleep in my lounge. The NYE RAGE starts here......

Sunday, 14 December 2008

Ghost of a Thousand/Rolo Tour.....

Thursday - Foals show @ Oxford Academy.

Foals are all awesome. Got a sweet Foals t-shirt too. Bit of an odd gig though for me. It was cold as shit this day, we had to load out whilst Foals were playing (which was shit and i thought not neccessary) and nothing overly eventful happened. It was awesome to see Will ex-cubscout/brontide and Simon Moody art king, and we had dinner at Red Star, a japanese restaurant, which is wicked. I had to go straight back to the travelodge which was 10 miles away after the show, which was also not the most fun ever, but all the travelodges every night have really helped in terms of not feeling stupidly knackered which is a massive plus point.

Friday - Tunbridge Wells headline show for Rolo Tomassi

This venue apparently use to be a public toilet and still has no heating. This was literally the coldest thing ever. A good crowd turned out due to it being Haeostatic Picnic Races last ever show. About 140 people. Went for a sweeeeet curry wearing 20 layers of clothes and the barmaid wasn't exactly the worst thing ever, with free red bull into the bargain. Travelodges, as good as they are for sleeping, give me the worst fucking 'groundhog day' feelings ever. I'm alwasy the first one up too, which leads to either boredom or long showers (at least i get dibs on towels) or walks outside if theres any petrol stations or anything. Wow this post is fucking exciting.

Aldershot - First day of Ghost of a Thouand tour.

Aldershot is pretty boring. We got there at lunch time and ate in a cafe called Jennys which fucked ruled. I pigged it and had american waffles with sausage, beans and egg, then i had pancakes with maple syrup. Killer. Tried to kill time in a shit record store and in Costa coffee. I've been a right sucker for coffee shops so far this time out. The show was pretty good - good atendance etc and free domino pizza (calories intake today = 10000000000). The Ghost dudes are fucking sweet, had good chats with Tom especailly. I felt/feel really bad as I slated their album a few years ago on thecommunion.co.uk (which doesnt exist anymore), and im now eating my words as they sound awesome. What was i thinking with such a harsh/shit review? Gladly im not any vague attempt at a 'journalist' anymore.

Now im in Exeter. Costa's fucking xmas choc'n'orange muffin (with choc chips/orange jaffa pieces and orangey core) fucking kills it. Eat that shit.

On-road playlist -

Spank Rock
Wolf Parade

Monday, 8 December 2008

Hectic times until dec 21st!

So i'm sat in James Tomassi's house and Rolo Tomassi are sorting a cover of 'Stay Another Day' by East 17 for their Huw Stephens Christmas Party Session....pretty sweet!

Tomorrow they have a photoshoot for Rocksound and a meeting at Adidas, Weds is the Huw Stephens session and a visit to the Gallows studio, Thursday is supporting Foals in Oxford, then its onto the Ghost of a Thousand tour! Phew!

The Mirror! Mirror! mini-album is fucking awesome - that will be out March 30th.

I'll try and do more tour diaries again this time round......

Monday, 1 December 2008

Top 10 albums of the year / Top 20 songs of the year

This has taken some fucking compiling. Here we go. There is only a vague order to both lists.

Top 20 songs of the year.

20. Portishead - Machine Gun - An incredible comeback single. Most of the rest of the album was boring, but this song is so cold, relentless and the shifts in drum and synth sounds are awesome.

19. Scarlett Johansson - Song For Jo - On an album of Tom Waits covers, this is the only original track and yet strangely the strongest. Siteks production is wonderful. Hazy.

18. Rolo Tomassi - Abraxas - possibly the strongest song they have ever written. Tech as hell, then an incredible riff at the end.

17. Jesu - The Stars That Hang Above - taken from a split with Envy, this is incredlble, the double kick programmed drums at the end and the absolute atmosphere this whole track holds.

16. Metaform - Brick and Mortar - the rest of the album is kinda laid back, but this is a bass-heavy stormer.

15. Minus - Black and Bruised - totally blown out sound, Incredible chorus, even better bridge.

14. Suffocate For Fuck Sake - We are driving through darkness - very intense start, before a load of brilliant ringing chords. Monumental.

13. Crystal Castles - Through The Hoisery - one of the less obvious tracks on the album, it never fails to hit the spot for me.

12. Weekend Nachos - Prioritize - ridiculous de-tuned power-violence at its best. This cropped up on a relapse comp.

11. Cut Copy - Far Away 80's nu-romantic/rave heaven?!?!

10. Slipknot - Psychosocial - the video/single version nearly ruined this track, but the album version has the best beatdown EVER. Listen hard for the scratching by sid that is tuned and timed perfectly in the beatdown.

9. Bring Me The Horizon - The Comedown - an absolute adrenaline rush. Anyone who denies this album as a tonne of fun is dumb.

8. Late of The Pier - Focker/Heartbeat - couldnt decide which track. 2 perfect singles on a solid, but slightly patchy album.

7. Tokyo Police Club - In A Cave - incredible, perfect single on a solid, if unremarkable album. The lyrics are lovely.

6. Bloc Party - Signs - tubular bells for the post-nu-rave generation? The vocals hit a perfect spot on occassion in this track.

5. Wiley - If you're going out, i'm going out too - summer party anthem! Grime-lite!

4. Food For Animals - Shhhy - the best noise-hop ever. Hail.

3. TV On The Radio - DLZ - the album is total solid, but this is a shining star of a tune. Sublime.

2. Throats - Hibernate - show me a better hardcore or metal song this year and i'll show you the door. The ending is jawdropping and it contains at least another 3 beyond insane riffs from heavy heaven.

1. Frankmusik - Done Done - this was a fucking b-side to a tour-only single. This is one of the best songs ever, nevermind just this year.

Top 10 albums of the year

10. Endless Blockade - Primitive - Perfectly produced, raging power-violence with noise-elements. Progressive without losing any focus

9. The Acacia Strain - Continent - this album is stupid too, and takes loads of listens to realise it's not just one song, but the lyrics are fucking pure hate, and this is the soundtrack to every shitty night and negative emotion of this year.

8. Gregor Samsa - Rest - This is better than the newest Sigur Ros album. Incredible pop-based slow ambient brilliantness.

7. This Is Hell - Misfortunes - perfect straight-ahead modern hardcore with no metal or frills.

6. Maruta - In Narcosis - the best, noisesit, most discordant grindcore album of the year.

5. K-The-I??? - Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow - the best progressive, textural hip-hop i've ever heard.

4. Friendly Fires - s/t - such a great, lush indie record. That's about it.

3. Krallice -s/t - Colin Marston of Behold The Arctopus and Mick Barr of Orthrelmetc out-do their day jobs with the best black metal album ever.

2. Blood Red Shoes - Box of Secrets - huge sounding, grunge/indie with perfect songs from start to finish.

1. Torche - Meanderthal - The perfect rock album for every stiuation, every party, every work day, every upper in life, every downer. Songs for every mood. A total rush with a backend of stoned hazy comedown perfection. Incredible Incredible stuff.