Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Throats preorders up!

Go check out the various packages now in the shop! Overall there is 2 colours of cd packaging available, 2 colours of vinyl available, a cd and 12" vinyl in a variety of combos! All pressing information available on the release page. The shirt and hoodie are exclusive to this preorder only. This preorder end by release date (Feb 1st) at the latest so get on it...

Dont forget you can still save loads and get the limited cd, limited vinyl, hoodie and t-shirt plus all old throats material you require, entry to throats gigs and more in THROATSOFGOLD club

Monday, 14 December 2009

Good tidings we bring....


So THIS FRIDAY is the last time we will be posting orders out until the first week of January. Dont forget pre-xmas orders over £25 get a free tote bag and over £50 get a free tote bag and a free t-shirt. YOU WILL RECEIVE IN TIME FOR XMAS IF YOU ORDER BY FRIDAY LUNCHTIME. YES.

As i'm feeling nice, here is what to look out from us over the course of the next month or -

- A Brutality Will Prevail t-shirt designed by Bill from Throats
- A ridiculously brilliant Hang The Bastard t-shirt.
- A kind of new Maths shirt that will look amazing.
- A new Cutting Pink With Knives shirt (hopefully)
- The Guilty Parents cd
- Another secret release that will be revealed the day it goes on sale

...you know us, some of this may get delayed or end up not happening or something, but this is the aim!

Tuesday, 1 December 2009


As it's now december, we thought we would let you know what's going on/going down/coming up yadda yadda sleigh bells.

- We will close for the Xmas break on Friday 18th December. This will also be our last day of posting for the year. FRIDAY 18TH DECEMBER IS THE LAST DAY BEFORE CHRISTMAS WE WILL POST STUFF THAT WILL GET TO YOU IN TIME TO BE A XMAS PRESENT OR WHATEVER.

- From today until the morning of 18th december, any order of £25 or more gets a FREE TOTE BAG. Any order of £50 or more gets a FREE TOTE BAG and A FREE HOLY ROAR SHIRT.

In other news -

- Throats preorders on their self-titled release should be going up at some point in the week before Christmas. Get excited on these! Cd packaging will be available in 3 colours - 100 orangeypink from us, 800 in grey from us/in shops etc and 100 green direct from the band at shows. Vinyl will be available from us in 2 tbc colours. One will be limited to 50, the other limited to 200. Finally there will be a preorder t-shirt and a preorder hoodie. There will be a variety of bundles too to save monies. Again - this will all make sense when it goes up! This will be released and orders will be dispatched in time for Feb 1st. Why not join THROATSOFGOLD club and get cd, vinyl, shirt and hoodie, all forthcoming Throats releases and shirts for the next year, guestlist to gigs and any throats back catalogue you want? Its only £50 for a year membership. Would make an awesome xmas gift too!

- There might be another secret release appearing before Christmas. It depends on how fast we move, i'm trying to get it done though and it will be ultra cool I promise! It's gonna happen soon anyway....

- The Guilty Parents ep will most likely make an appearance early January.

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

New Holy State T-Shirt! Happy Holy Roar 3 SOLD OUT!

This years Happy Holy Roar tape compilation - the imaginatively titled 'Volume 3' - sold out on preorder in 24 hours. RIDICULOUS. It was purely available from the Holy Roar website and only on tape, an apparently dead format. This is amazing. Thank you so much to everyone that bought a copy! This will go out as soon as we can (early Dec is likely).

Now up in our webstore is brand new, amazing Holy State t-shirts. Metallica silver and purple/eggplant print on a light blue or white Gildan ultra cotton shirt. Only 50 were made (equally split between colours), of which we have 25. Each one comes with a Holy State hand tied tag.

Monday, 16 November 2009

Happy Holy Roar Volume 3 available for preorder

The third volume in our annual Christmas tape compilation series is here!

Once again limited to 100 copies, this years volume comes in 100% PCW recycled chipboard packaging with cover atwork and insert. On top of this the tape comes available in (provisionally) ten different colours, with 10 of each - red, mid blue, dark blue, green, orange, grey, lilac, purple, pink, and black.

We have made available a package so it is possible to buy all ten different colours for a discounted price. As its Christmas - anyone who buys this package will receive a bunch of other free stuff too, and i mean good stuff.

Side A is comprised of cover songs and the tracklisting will only be revealed upon purchase. Believe us this is massively worth it!

Side B is exclusive or rare songs. Of particular note is perhaps Easy Hips and Le Swing collaborating on a christmas themed thrashtastic original composition!

Side A
Run Walk!
Hang The Bastard
Betty Pariso
Guilty Parents

Side B
LeEasySwingHips - This Turkeys Bezurkey
Dreamboats - Night Creatures
Youves - Casino No, No
Bastions - Her Casket Holds No Bones
Crocus - A Spiritual Polemic (live)
Livimorket - Black Alkymi
Brutality Will Prevail - Life
Wreck Of The Minotaur - A Kiss For Luck But You Still Shit Your Knickers
A Boat To Row - Best Wishes
Hammers - The Weight of Days [

I literally have no idea how i'm going to top this one next year!


Wednesday, 4 November 2009

New Motherfucking Band on Fuckingmother Holy Fuck Roar

Blog title indicates my excitement on multiple levels. FINALLY i'm working with a band from South Wales. I was born in Caerphilly and grew up in Cardiff, so why the fuck i've worked with English, Scottish, American and European bands before my own kind i'll never know. I must be a fucking idiot. Thank fuck i've finally rectified this. Secondly, i'm finally working with a band that is close to another aspect of my musical roots. Anyone that ACTUALLY knows me will tell you i love THE MOSH. This band are not generic mosh by any stretch of the imagination, but they make me want to bang my head and cut the shit. No twanging, no noodling, no pussy bullshit. Thank fuck. FINALLY.

Who are they? Please welcome Brutality Will Prevail.

These dudes have been working hard for around 4 years now I believe. But at the beginning of this year the band unleashed an ep called 'Forgotten Soul', and combined with a ridiculously intense live show, my mind was totally blown. 'Forgotten Soul' is cinematic hardcore tuned to drop HELL on downers. Slow, thick and sludgy, BWP are like a suffocating black tar or a steamroller hellbent on a slow march to hades. Beneath it all shards of strewn melodies and refrains drag you even further into this bands HEAVY FUCKING SHIT. Oh and lets not forget perhaps one of the scariest drummers you will ever see performing live.

An album by Brutality Will Prevail will drop within, we believe, the first half of 2010.

Go and get yourself acquainted with the band before the year is out (there's a fuckload of dates on their myspace which will appear on the Holy Roar site too within the next couple of days).

Wednesday, 28 October 2009


At this stage, I would pretty much say Throats are one of the defining heavy bands on Holy Roar, if not the defining band. All the way back in 2005 (i think?) my old old band, Seducedwomandead played an alldayer in Spalding with a very early incarnation of Throats. I'm pretty sure they did an awful Slayer cover and I thought nothing more of it. Two years later, after the band had sent me, essentially, a pretty poor demo, our pathes crossed at Rapturefest in Reading. The band were a shambles, having to borrow even a distortion pedal from me. The first glimmers of potential were shown however when the band closed their set with an early version of 'Deathnaps' - a song that would appear on their split cd with Maths the following summer. Anyway, off the back of this performance I asked the band to be on the first Happy Holy Roar tape and they nailed their first awesome recording in the form of a version of 'Reign of Low', and from that it was sexy time between Holy Roar and Throats.

So that I don't turn this into a fucking bio, since then the band have released the aforementioned split cd with Maths (June 08), a split cd with the_Network (Nov 08) and a split 7" with Rolo Tomassi (Aug 09) where they covered each others material. During this time, despite spending 2009 with a drummer conscripted to the German army, the band have still managed to tour with Rolo Tomassi, Maths, Crocus, Johnny Truant, enormo-halls with Gallows and Everytime I Die, Blackhole, The Plight and Battletorn as well as shows with Coliseum, Trash Talk, Gold Kids, Rise and Fall, Ghost of a Thousand, Youves, Lewd Acts, and a million other bands. They've had props from some fucking huge bands from all corners of the globe. Still press has largely ignored them - well that's their loss. Frankly Throats are the biggest selling artist currently actually on Holy Roar - proof that fucking hard work, touring loads, having amazing music and a good aesthetic works over hype, dumb pr and idiots in positions of power.

SOOOOOOOOO now we arrive at the first definitive statement from Throats - a self-titled record that is being recorded this week at Serafina studios with the awesome Nick Kinnish. This will be released on February 1st 2010 by Holy Roar in the UK and by Twelve Gauge Records in the USA. There are tonnes of plans in the works for this release, all of which will be revealed gradually as it gets closer. I've had the record played to me, bare bones, in a rehearsal studio, and it slayed even there. See -

Throats practice from Throats Dude on Vimeo.

First up for more info and stuff - we will be conducting a live twitter interview with the band at 3pm uk time tomorrow (Thursday)........

Follow us and read it -


Wednesday, 21 October 2009

New band on Holy Roar Number 438574 (bored of keeping count now)

Say hello to Hang The Bastard. I would have put up a picture of the band, but they have had 89348364 bassists to date and dont have any photos with latest, and greatest, bassist Stuart Cooney (also, apparently, HTB have a 'b-squad' of members in case anyone, sans Chris on vocals, cant do a gig!).

Hang The Bastard first came to our attention dotted around a few London shows about 18 months ago. Their (original?) bassist began sending us demos too, and whilst we liked what we heard we had yet to catch the band live. We then put them on a show with the_Network in Brixton on a Sunday night and we felt like we royally fucked the band off with, essentially, a bit of a poor show. We kept tabs on them though and early this summer I saw the band play Bar Monsta (or whatever the fuck its called now) in Camden and they fucking DOMINATED the place. They were in charge and along with Brutlaity Will Prevail, completely won me over that night.

Recently I pretty much told the band as much, we all went to Bodeans (duh, where else? When are fucking Bodeans gonna sponsor me?) and so in 2010 we will be releasing a cd (length to be determined) by the band in 2010.

To me the band sound like Eyehategod, Electric Wizard and Sabbath learning Slayer riffs whilst listening to Integrity and Ringworm and bringing the sweet times. Im loathe to use the term 'metalcore' because it has come to represent TASTE OF RELENTLESS CHAOS KILLSWITCH OF GOD TOUR '07 and idiots, but once a upon a time metalcore was fucking awesome (do your homework sucka) and HTB are a prime cut from a sweet era, whilst still pushing forward and being relevant to both hardcore fans and pretty much fans of heavy music in general.

Monday, 19 October 2009


So basically the worst thing in the world has happened. For the first in Holy Roars' 3.5 year career of 37 releases (to date) we have put a pressing error into the public domain. That's correct - there is a release out there that has a kind of big error on it.

The Pulled Apart By Horses/Holy State split 7" picture disc contains the demo version of 'Urges' by Holy State, rather than the version specifically recorded for the 7". So in other words there are 500 7"s out there with this demo version (recorded by George Clift of November Coming Fire fame) out there. The digital download that comes with the 7" is the full REAL studio version. There will also be a limited free download of the real version of this song somewhere soon to show how sorry I am to the band. Obviously there is, and will never be, any digital of the demo version of 'Urges' which is pressed onto the 7".

To reiterate -


Wednesday, 14 October 2009

New band on Holy Roar No. 3 - Crocus

Crocus are amazing on so many levels. I first met them in a shit pub in Chalk Farm and one of their friends got stabbed outside the pub that night. I'm not lying. They then turned in a performance equally as visceral to ten people. I'm not lying. Some time later, after european tours, a tour with Maths and Throats, a million other tours and some more tours Crocus arrive at Offset Festival, play first in the hardcore tent, have a crowd eating out of their hands and completely rip shit-the-fuck-up. Deal sealed. These guys have worked so hard in the last 18 months or so its untrue. Constantly gigging, they have turned into such a honed machine, and with the band based in Cornwall they automatically have 3 extra hours to drive compared to most bands. Intense.

With an EP already under their belts on the wonderful We Heart Records the band truly hit their stride with their recent split cd with Lavotchkin. If you are new to Crocus - this is classic ripping screamo with added As The Sun Sets/Me And Him Call It Us noise inflictions and almost funky basslines. It works, its awesome, no one sounds like them. Crocus are DIY as fuck without the pretension or attitude. If you want a band to look up to in work ethic and attitude, this is the one. This is about as heartfelt and passionate as it gets, and these dudes are genuine, lovely, hardworking and they know how to get crunk and bring it (the partay).

Holy Roar will be releasing the debut album from Crocus at some point in 2010. There's no strict timeframe, but when it drops, expect the band to take everything they have learnt live and on record so far and smash it up a few levels. Of course they will tour relentless on top of this. To say we are a bit excited is an understatement.

ps There are still two bands to announce in the next couple of weeks!

Monday, 5 October 2009

New Band on Holy Roar No.2 - Run, Walk!

Yeah you probably guessed this one already!

Run, Walk! have been bubbling away on the under-underground for a year or two now, steadily building a name for themselves and gaining friends in all the wrong places. Still only both 18, Matt and Tom already pretty much hate me for calling them small, 'hobbit-rockers' and various other height and age themed jokez. So i'm not allowed to say that or anything like it on the press release for the mini-album cd they will release with us in February 2010! In their defence bassist/vocalist Matt Pickering-Copley (or Cat Mickering Popley or Pat Kickering Mopley) smokes loads and has a voice both onstage and in conversation that makes him sound 45 at least, with problems. Wicked.

Anyway - Run, Walk! are just two dudes, one on drums (conventional) and one on bass/vocals/effects (therefore, overall, less conventional). They are LOUD. The obvious (dull dull dull, no effort) reference point would be something like Lightning Bolt meets Fugazi or Death From Above 1979 playing Maccabees songs. In other words indie punk songs played on a fucking brutal bass guitar, without losing definition, structure, or hooks. Totally sounds like a Holy Roar band to me.

We hope you will love them - they record their cd at the ever-amazing Serafina Studios in November, tour a bit in December, and the cd comes out in February and we make a right song and dance.



Monday, 28 September 2009

Guilty Parents on Holy Roar!

Ok, so over the next few weeks i'm hoping to introduce to everyone around 4 (fingers crossed) new bands on Holy Roar - the majority of them being a focus for 2010! As well as this I will be talking about other upcoming releases and plans for existing Holy Roar artists - exciting times! I think 2010 is going to be our busiest year yet....

First up, and seemingly out of nowhere is Guilty Parents from Nottingham.

They have beards, beauty and beautiful beards. Not bad going.

We will be hitting out an EP by the band this autumn, 100 copies physical or digital if you're a freak, mega limited, hand screened packaging - think along the lines of the Ergon Carousel ep and the first Holy State cdep. Got it? Got it. Good.

Musically the band say they are influenced by "Die Kreuzen, Make-Up, COC, Mummies, Bad Form,
Bad Seeds, Flag, Sonics, Penetraiters, Poison Idea, Gories, Murder City Devils, Gun Club..." - i'm a fucking idiot though, so i'll just say this is no pretension, ultra rock'n'roll with a fucking punk as fuck heart. Its the tightest sloppy lo-fi rock band ever. For real - this dichotomy exists within this band.

They have already played with Part Chimp, Souvaris, Lovvers, Male Bonding, Army of Flying Robots, Crocodiles, Ramming Speed, An Albatross and Limp Wrist, which is cool!

Video -

This good already, how good will they get? Only the passing sands of our earthly existence can answer. You can already hear two songs here. The rest will appear, and we will notify you as such, very shortly, on the Holy Roar Store.

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

My monthly, but soon to be almost daily....

......pile of news and nonsense!

So firstly, and probably most importantly right now, the Pulled Apart By Horses / Holy State 7" picture disc went up for preorder today. It comes out Oct 5th. It kills. New material. 500 copies. You know the drill with us now surely. Well its amazing, and most people probably dont realise that the PABH song is named after the bassist from Grammatics. That's a blog exclusive right there. Oh and to bring it all full circle, the man in question, Mr Rory O'Hara came to see my old band, the cringeworthily named Seducedwomandead play our second ever show in a scout hut when he was about 4 years old or soemthing (ok 16/17 ish, but he still looks really young now, so whatever).

So what's going on beyond our current releases I hear you cry (die?)....well the Maths album comes out in stores within the first week or two of November, with preorders and a preorder shirt going up first week of October. Then its 'Happy Holy Roar Vol 3' time, this one should be pretty special. The its 2010.......yep we have arrived at the future. Defo happening - Run, Walk! mini-album, Holy State ep, Throats ep. Then there's about another 3 or 4 bands we want to work with next year, and a tonne of unexpected shit will surely happen too. Who knows. There will probably be more from some existing artists too like Ergon Carousel and Maths amongst others.

Our new website will actually launch this month maybe?

My band Betty Pariso have a 7" out next week or the week after....its a split with Manuscripts. That will be available on the Holy Roar store, but its not released by us (its done by Power Negi records and other mysterious forces).

Throats are on tour through all of September with Blackhole and The Plight, go see them, dates here - www.myspace.com/throatsofgold

Oh yeah - and thanks to everyone at Offset festival on the weekend - I missed the Saturday due to illness but the Sunday was incredible. Best times ever. Reaffirming my faith etc. So many kind words and happy faces. Amazing festival. I even got a pitbull security lady to crack a smile! And I told too many people that I thought Shoreditch/Hoxton would be very quiet that weekend.....

Monday, 10 August 2009

Guaca Balls

Trash Talk have hit Europe. The UK dates will be christened by the only version of the 'East of Eden' 7" released by anyone other than the band themselves (IE RELEASED BY HOLY ROAR). Here are those UK dates -

8/23/09 - UK, London @ Underworld

8/24/09 - UK, Huddersfield @ Bar 1:22

8/25/09 - UK, Newport @ TJ’s

8/26/09 - UK, Bournemouth @ IBAR
8/27/09 - UK, Ipswich @ Rose and Crown

8/28/09 - UK, Kingston @ The Fighting Cocks

If you are currently thinking "nah, im bored of hardcore", watch this video and EAT TOTAL SHIT -

Trash Talk from KO Films on Vimeo.

The band are also back in Nov/Dec with Gallows if thats what it takes.

The Maths album 'Descent' is almost ready to go. This is going to be 6 panel card wallet, with elaborate roots/vines artwork by long-term band collaborator Sam Dunn. Shit must have taken fucking ages.

Tracklisting -

1. Belief in Sorrow
2. Culpa
3. Wilderness
4. Guarded
5. From Her Journals
6. Boundless
7. Sleep Deep
8. To be Frozen
9. ...And Left to Die
10. This is Forever
11. Branches
12. Belief in Hope

....seriously, if you enjoyed the split with Throats, or any of the bands DIY releases, then this will make you shit bricks. Empty record label rhetoric? When you hear the album tell me i'm lying. Its genuinely the usual baloney though "HEAVIER. MORE MELODIC. MORE EPIC" etc etc.

In other news, perhaps whetting appetites too early, Throats and Holy State now have recording sessions booked for the last quarter of this year. Expect new shit in Jan/March 2010 respectively. Minds will be blown obvz.

Download my band, Betty Pariso, 3 songs for free - http://www.megaupload.com/?d=RLCLUND4

Oh yeah, and if you didn't notice - Happy Holy Roar volume 3 will be happening in December. Usual drill - 100 tapes, as many exclusive and rare songs as we can muster from old favs, new favs, future favs.

...and finally, this weekend I smeared guacamole and salsa on the balls of a Hassle Records A&R guy whilst an NME journalist watched.

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

HOLY MONSTERS! (Interview with Kevin 'the fucking' Douche of Big Scary Monsters emo mega-tapping Record Label!)

So the 'Holy Monsters' split 10" (featuring Brontide, Holy State, Shapes and Tupolev Ghost) finally comes out on Monday 3rd August from Holy Roar and Big Scary Monsters. Translucent green vinyl from BSM and translucent purple from Holy Roar. Buy both and be cool. It also comes with a voucher for a download of the 4 songs on the 10" as well as a further 16 songs (8 from each label). The tracklisting is as follows (i dont know about the BSM tracks, but note the exclusives in this digital package from Holy Roar) -

1. Adebisi Shank - Snakehips
2. Betty Pariso - I'm standing here, you make the move (exclusive)
3. Brontide - Bob Munden
4. Dreamboats - Some Wolves (exclusive)
5. Easy Hips - John Woo (exclusive)
6. Ghost of a Thousand - Bored of Math (demo) (out sept 7th on 'This is where...' 12"+cd)
7. Kevin Devine - Carnival
8. Livimorket - Dark Totality Sample 1 (excerpt of 39 minute album out Aug 24th on cd)
9. Maths - To Be Frozen (exclusive from forthcoming Maths album out Oct)
10. Meet Me In St Louis - Ein Zwei Drei Hasslehoff
11. Mimas - Cats on Fire
12. Mutiny on the Bounty - Call Me Cheesus!
13. Holy State - Anechoic Chamber Maid
14. Run, Walk! - Time is Catching Up With Me (exclusive)
15. Shapes - The Talisman
16. Shoes and Socks Off - I'm A World Class Assassin
17. Talons - Comiserations Buff Orpington
18. Tupolev Ghost - Omar Coming
19. Wintermute - Disco Loadout
20. Youves - A pony and a bag of hooves (rare song)

Order it HERE

To celebrate this release I got to interview BSM head honcho Kev Douche. I had to speak to many employees and ring back many times to their huge offices, before eventually securing a brief 15 minutes with the great man in his office. His walls were coated in gold discs, he was smoking a huge cigar and had a sweet crushed green velvet suit on when I interviewed him....Here is what went down -

1. What has been you're biggest selling release and what has been you're most baffling flop? Be honest, don't try and skirt around this question.....i'll even answer for you first on my side. Biggest flop - Phoenix Bodies. Despite being my favourite release (perhaps), its sold only a couple of hundred. Rolo Tomassi are the artist ive sold the most physical copies by in total and I could have sold more Danananaykroyd if i was allowed to.

Biggest selling release to date is pretty much a three-horse race between Get Cape Wear Cape Fly's EP (I bet you loved that one didn't you, you little metal bastard, you), Yndi Halda's EP and This Town Needs Guns album. Meet Me In St Louis' album is very close behind and would've been number one had they not split so unfortunately early. Biggest flop is clearly going to be the Holy Monsters split. Although right now it's probably Svenskt, our Swedish compilation we released 3 years ago. It still sold ok, although I would've hoped for more, but I had a great time promoting it, ending up on Swedish TV and in a few national newspapers, so still glad we did it anyway.

2. How do you see the future of BSM (and Holy Roar)? Can we survive? Can we continue to grow? Which one of us is going to give up first?

We can definitely survive and grow. I'm not convinced we'll ever see another bedroom indie grow into a super-power ala Sub Pop, Domino et al, but the industry has changed a lot since those days. So it's no longer a case of starting a label and growing upwards, it's now a case of starting, anticipating change, adapting and then growing at a slightly sideways angle! I have a few ideas about the best way to survive right now but, without wanting to get too precious, am going to avoid sharing them all here. Buy me a drink and I'll tell you. In the most part, read the Long Tail (the article, not the whole book - shit gets predictable after a while) and search for articles on the '1000 true fans' theory. To me, the future lies somewhere between the two of those. Oh and I'll probably give up first as you'll beat me up and steal all my bands.

3. When are you going to release something like Chariots again? PABH had a bit of fuzz and energy, but lets be honest, is heavy music dead to you (especially as Holy Roar exists now, remembering that Chariots album was released before Holy Roar existed)?

"An exceptional debut full length from a band who should go from strength to strength" is what a magazine called The Communion said about Chariots debut album back in January 2005. 3 points to whoever can corrently guess which current record label boss used to be heavily involved in that magazine. When did Holy Roar start? Do you consider the label a "strength"? Wait, maybe I should make this into a question for you on my blog. But anyway, to answer your initial question... You'll have to wait and see.

4. Do you consciously sign bands that have musical links to one another in order that your labels fanbase will buy everything you release, or is your musical tastes really that limited? When are you going to take a risk again? Or are you really that cynical/jaded/'Mr-play-it-safe' that you are just doing this kinda indie rock/finger-tap/post-rock/acoustic etc thing forever now (with occasional slight diversions of no real risk/threat)?

Erroneous. Kevin Devine sounds as different to Adebisi Shank as The Tupolev Ghost do to Mimas or Copy Haho to Shapes. We sign bands I like, because that's what running a record label's all about, right? Imposing your music taste on others. Whether you think they'll like it or not is just something to consider if you hope to get rich and die young. Our roster has and always will be varied, some people just enjoy sweeping generalisations. But you and your merry little band of metalcore bands should know all about how frustrating that can be, right?

5. I'm not a big football fan, but I know you are, and i know a bunch of bands and other people in music are too. However i know an equal amount that feel a similar way to me. As a music fan that tries to delve a bit deeper than the average person on the street, I find it hard to understand how similarly intelligent people with a great love of music can also like football due to football culture - im talking drinking to become aggressive towards opposition fans, to have a fight, to shout, to be yobby, awful terrace songs, awful music taste of most football fans, and to make the rest of us all feel threatened by both the fans and all the police and police dogs on Saturdays. I sit on trains and the majority of football fans are clearly chavs. I dont get it. Explain to me.

It is possible to be an Englishman who enjoys the sport without being a hooligan, contrary to what the media has told the rest of the world. Unfortunately there is a certain minority who ruin it for the rest of us, but I shouldn't imagine any of them will ever hear of either BSM or Holy Roar, let alone be reading this. It's a different world.

6. Who do you think are our peers? I'll be honest, I think the most exciting independent 'rock' (loose term to stretch towards indie and metal to varying degrees) music in the UK is coming mostly from BSM, Holy Roar and Thirty Days of Night. I think I sit in the middle musically, which might be my downfall, who knows! Is there anyone else out there right now in your eyes label-wise in the uk? I think the three labels mentioned are essentially the trendsetter labels, within reason, who dont have big offices, oodles of cash etc.

I don't know a whole lot about Thirty Days Of Night, I must admit. They seem like a good label but we clearly have different tastes in music and so our paths don't cross all that often. I see a lot of DIY promoters as peers, in terms of our similar interests and groups of friends in common, but less so with labels these days. That's certainly not to say that others aren't in our league, I'd never be so arrogant as to even consider that notion, I think it's simply a case of me being ignorant and not too aware of what others are doing, unless they're right under my nose or in frequent working contact, such as the promoters as mentioned earlier. If anything, it's a little sad that there aren't more UK labels still pushing hard enough to make it impossibly to ignore them, but hopefully that'll change when people stop banding all of this "the music industry is dying" nonsense around and everything settles back into a more comfortable environment, with a more obvious placing for labels going forward.

7. Why did you use the Meet Me In St Louis album cover for the Tupolev Ghost record too? Wasn't it rubbish enough looking the first time around?

Well we were going to use a drawing of a baby held up by string but that just seemed bollocks.

8. Who is going to be your new 'kings of BSM' now This Town Needs Guns are fucking off?

We don't have kings, Royal Families are so last century. But if you're looking for a 'leader', as such, I think there are a few candidates right now. Ask me again at the end of the year and maybe I'll have a better answer.

9. I think you dont actually do as much work as you constantly claim. At SXSW you claimed to have done a 100 hour working week. Yet most of that time seems to be spent doing blogs/tweets/newsletters/facebook. That's not real work. Then there's all your blogs about walking around parks, drunk off your tits on a Monday lucnhtime or something. Try actually working more rather than TALKING ABOUT WORKING. You're full of shit. How do you plead?

Guilty. At the end of last year, you remember, when our shared distributor's partner went under and it looked like we could both lose a lot of money, I started doing a lot of thinking and decided that if BSM was to continue into 2009, things would have to change. Less time working my fingers to the bone stressing about things out of my control, less un-necessary risks, more thinking, and more calculated moves. This year has been by far our most planned out one to date (that's not to say there weren't changes along the way - losing Secondsmile to injury, TTNG on a free transfer and PABH and Tubelord to big money moves - enjoy the football analogies, you big pansy!) and 2010 will be even more organised still. I feel like one of the writers of Lost. After 3 series of drifting a little, I finally decided to think about the ending and start working towards a goal. Granted, that means occasional Monday morning wanders through a park, or a Wednesday afternoon drinking in a pub surrounded by gutted old men, but some of the most exciting - and arguably, most important - ideas I've ever had have come at those times, and almost certainly wouldn't have happened had I spent yet another day in front of the computer screen. Changing your scenery keeps the creativity going and blogs/Twitter/Facebook/etc? Well they're just keep me sane whilst working on my own for 12 hours a day.

10. Fancy getting an office together or something and becoming the best combined label space ever? We would/could take over the world surely......probably not after these questions eh?

Yes, but there are conditions:

1) We split stereo time equally
2) No beatdowns
3) We hire a leggy receptionist

Thanks Kev.

Finally - now that this release is actually upon us, Kev is awesome. It looks like we hate each other etc but, frankly, all the banter is a massive pisstaking laugh to us. I have great respect and admiration for Kev and BSM, hence this release coming about and sometimes wish I had some of his ideas etc.......just dont forget i hate all his bands and my label is better, obvz.

PS Kev interviewed me in a similar fashion here

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Popping in for a coffee with all the Holy Roar bands...

.....aka 'what is going on at holy roar generally?'

This summer is the 'Summer of Vinyl' at Holy Roar. 4 vinyl releases - two on August 3rd and two on September 7th. First up on August 3rd is a split 7" between Rolo Tomassi and Throats. Rolo Tomassi have covered 'Headclouds/Reign of Low' (originally by Throats) whilst Throats have reworked 'I Love Turbulence' originally by Rolo Tomassi. This is a co-release between Holy Roar and Hassle records, with different packaging at each label. 500 copies, 250 at each label. Secondly is another co-label release between Holy Roar and BSM - a 4-way split 10" vinyl. Featuring new, exclusive songs from Shapes and Tupolev Ghost at BSM and Holy State and Brontide at Holy Roar, this is again limited to 500 copies, with translucent green vinyl at BSM and translucent purple vinyl at Holy Roar (250 copies each). I'm probably not even supposed to talk about the 10" officially, but Kev at BSM is being slack, so he can kiss it. These should be available to pre-order from Monday 29th June. Here's some pics of how the Rolo/Throats 7" will vaguely look -

September 7th we bring out the first Ghost Of A Thousand album 'This is where the fight begins' on 180gsm white vinyl (heavy), gatefold sleeve, all new artwork courtesy of Mr Lacey and a bonus cd within the packaging of 9 demos and b-sides. 500 copies again. There will be a pre-order only shirt with this. Which will look like this (but printed in silver ink on a navy blue shirt) -

Also on September 7th we launch 'New Roars on the Block' - a 4-way split 7-inch between Easy Hips, Dreamboats, Le Swing and Run Walk! This is four new bands that we think are amazing. There will be approx 300 copies of this (tbc). There will be a celebratory t-shirt to go along with it, in two colours. We will onyl be making about 25 of each colour. It will look like this -

Both of these will go up for pre-order on August 3rd. Also on this day there will be a big deal to be able to order all 4 new vinyl for a very special price, or for the mega flush, all four vinyls plus 1 or 2 of the new shirts.

So what else is going down?

Maths have nearly finished recording their album, which they are recording themselves. The process is slow, but having heard unmixed/no vocals tracks, we can say this will easily be the best Maths material ever. All the usual cliches - ie heavier/faster/more epic/more melodic. Hopefully this will be out in October.

Ergon Carousel have been writing like mad and are nearing their second recording session. Their debut cd from us is sold out, but is being reissued on tape soon. Plans are formulating for the release of their second batch of material, no release date is set yet.

Brontide drummer will has joined La Roux as session percussionist. Crazy times. It's not the end of Brontide though - but live performance may become a bit more sporadic for a bit.......make the most of them!!

Throats are writing towards a new ep which we hope to have out by the end of the year. They go on a mammoth tour in september with blackhole and the plight, as well as playing Offset festival and doing Europe with Tortuga in November.

Holy State have just been confirmed for the BBC introducing stage at Leeds Festival on the Thursday night. They have ALOT of gigs coming up this summer, as well as the split 10" on Holy Roar/BSM and a 4-way split 12" on Dance To The Radio Records which is out mid-july. That release should be awesome too because Das Racist are on it as well. The band are also writing towards a full ep which we hope to release by the end of the year.

Youves are playing a bunch of shows over the summer, before hitting the road again in the autumn for a possible co-headline tour. Their incredible debut mini-album in lavish packaging is still available here. There will be a free digital single/video out soon!

As well as all the bands mentioned we think you should check out Wreck of the Minotaur and Antares - when Antares put up fully recorded tracks soon (which we have heard unmixed) your mind will be blown.


Wednesday, 6 May 2009

i made a stupid compilation for someone....

note included -

"Sorry for the silly compilation. It starts out all grind and power violence, before eventually getting sludgy/gazey, then has a momentary diversion into instrumental hip hop. Then things pick back up with jesus lizard inspired rock, more gaze-ing, some kooky acoustica before getting all classical in composition and intent. Enjoy?!?"

1. Insect Warfare – Mindripper (carcass grinder split version)
2. Agents of Abhorrence – Once a Bind
3. Shitstorm – Mince meat human
4. Hatred Surge – Domestic
5. Iron lung – white flag
6. Look Back and laugh – run silent run deep
7. Weekend Nachos – shot in the head
8. Enemy Soil – closet nazis
9. Maruta – the great delusion
10. Phoenix Bodies – Surfs up, surf city
11. Trash Talk – Dig
12. The Now – is that me or the other guy with 20 arms
13. Kylesa – Almost Lost
14. Tombs – Merrimack
15. Dr Who Dat? – Viberian Twilight
16. Young Widows – Old Skin
17. Fair Ohs/Pharoahs/Faroes – track 4
18. Gods and Queens – untitled 2
19. Pinebender – well calibrated moral compass
20. Woods – twisted tongue
21. Pygmy Lush – God condition
22. Mew – Half the world is watching me
23. Ghastly city sleep – hushing weight
24. Ocrilim – part 7
25. Johann Johannsson - Forlandia

ps i might write about some holy roar type stuff etc tomorrow!

Monday, 20 April 2009

wow sorry

really have ignored this blog too much. Well, bunch of Holy Roar type news so here goes and will really try to get back on the blogging shizzle, Twitter damn you!

We are working on a website overhaul. There should be a bunch of new and interesting features as well as the obvious aesthetic facelift. At this stage i'd rather not give away all the secrets, but at the bare minimum you will be able to buy mp3s direct from the site. There should be a bunch of features built into and around this concept that we find pretty exciting. No exact timeframe on this yet, but a summer roll out is the most likely, hopefully early summer.

In terms of our bands and releases, lets try and do a bit of a comprehensive run down....

- Youves start their mammoth uk tour on April 30th. They are filming a video next week and the 'Cardio-Vascular' mini album should be available from all good retailers, as well as us of course, on May 4th. Pre-orders will go out shortly before this date.

- Throats are in the midst of recording a new single, a drone-tastic depature/one-off. The only physical copies will be available with the band on tour in May. There is new t-shirts on the way, as well as the 'throatsofgold' club, where for a one-off payment, you will get all merch, cds/music that the band produce in a year as well as guestlist to gigs and exclusive rare mp3s and a club badge! This will launch today/tomorrow/weds. The band are currently working towards a new cd release for the Autumn around which a tonne of touring will happen. Go catch the band in May with the incredible Battletorn or with Gallows and Everytime I die!

- Brontide will have an exclusive limited-to-25 handscreened american apparel t-shirt available via us very shortly. These look awesome. This comes bundles with a 3 track ep that will also be available via itunes etc in the not too distant future. Buy the tshirt direct from us and get mailed the mp3s though! The band are playing loads of shows in may in support of this, before hitting the studio to record a song (their first fully proper recording) for a special 4-way split label 10" that will be out in august. Expect further touring to co-incide with that.

- Holy State are playing some cool shows at the moment and, like Brontide, have a nifty 'ltd to 25' american apparel t-shirt coming via us very very soon. This comes bundled with an exclusive physical musical surprise, you'll just have to order it to find out! The band are recording 3 songs on Wednesday for 3 releases - a special split label 4-way 10", a 7" with some big bands on a sweet label that has released Health amongst others in the past and a split 12" on a big label. I wish I could say more about these at this point, but i might actually get in trouble.

- Maths have started playing shows again and have written their full length. Recording is tentatively beginning now-ish, with a late summer release on Holy Roar looking the most likely.

- The night we are curating at Great Escape (TGOAT, Battletorn, Throats, Youves) marks the 'pre-release' launch of The Ghost of a Thousand 'This is where the fight begins' vinyl we are doing. Only 500 copies ever will be produced, gatefold sleeve, heavyweight white vinyl AAAAANNND a bonus cd within the packaging of 9 demos and rare tracks. Pretty good value. This will hit shops in in early september with a preorder deal or two going up in August.

- As well as great escape, It looks like Holy Roar bands will have a presence at some or all of these festivals - Supersonic, Offset, ZXZW, Live at Leeds, and a few others. Watch out for that, we will of course make a right noise about it.

- Finally it seems there's a bunch of new UK bands to get excited about - go check out - http://www.myspace.com/leswingleswingleswing , http://www.myspace.com/dreamboats666 , http://www.myspace.com/blackhearsebm , http://www.myspace.com/runwalk - we may be working with some of these, we may not.

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

My SXSW blog post!

So last week I disappeared to Austin, Texas for SXSW. I've never been before and really didn't quite know what to expect. Loads of people had told me about it and said they had loved it, but I got so much more than I could have hoped for. It was literally INCREDIBLE. It was possibly one of the best weeks of my life.

After catching a taxi to Heathrow with kev and ivano from bsm our journey began with a pint of guinness at Heathrow at 6am to celebrate St Patricks day. The flight left at 8.50am and we arrived in Houston texas early afternoon after a 10 hour flight. Time was passed by using the onbaord entertainment system to have battleships and othello wars, as well as mini-golf, films and tv. The crew from FTH/Hassle were onboard too as well as Micachu and some bands that looked indie.

We picked up our hire people carrier and drove to Austin, stopping on the way to be amused by their sweets, drinks, taco bell and dudes in cowboy hats. Ariived at the hotel which was wicked - pool, gym, starbucks int he looby and a really good room. I was sharing with peter white (co-rolo manager) and bean (joe tomassi bass). Went out for a drink with Peter, Mark Primary Talent, Mark Walker (kilimanjaro) and Al Smith (island records/data select party etc). We had the hugest ribs ever at a meat shack. Witness -

I ate 3 of the biggest ribs ever, after taco bell and stuff. I felt so full. We then walked to see White Denim play on a patio behind a little bar. Not bad for a first evening.

Awoke stupid early on Wednesday due to jetlag and had breakfast at a place called The Hideout - began a daily ritual (ie came here and had this every morning) of breakfast tacos (sound awful, taste incredible), cinnamon buns and big black coffees. Awesome.

We then collected our passes from the convention centre, which took ages and meant we had to go through 3 different queues. Bumped into Gallows, Finian 'rolo tour manager/sound man/organisational king', and Kev and Ivano bsm again. Most of us then went to see Anathallo who i noted seemed like a twee-slipknot. Ie lots of drums/instruments/members - but more on the side of interesting progressive indie. Good stuff.

After a quick lunch with Kev and Ivano I went to see Young Widows on my own. It was everyone elses loss - they fucking rocked. Missed the last song to go get Rolo Tomassi to their first gig. Shouldnt have bothered missing that song - obviously no-one else was going to be as prompt as me with the hotel lobby call! The first Rolo show was in a supposed lesbian bar away from the main strip. It went well despite the minimal PA and the location. There was a good smalll crowd of people who seemed like fans rather than industry and seemed excited to have Rolo there.

After driving back to the hotel me and Bean began our mammoth night at Red 7 for Hatred Surge, Mammoth Grinder, Iron Age, Bitter End, The Jonbenet and other lesser bands. Met a load of people, other from our crew turned up - awesome evening.

Thursday began with The Hideout again, before getting Rolo to the Kerrang/Guitar Hero show. My good friend Alice Thomas turned up and afterwards we went and saw Edie Sedgwick and DD/MM/YYYY - the latter of whom was really good. Simon Morley was also in tow for these. Me and Alice then went and saw Gallows play, which was really cool as they played amongst the audience, then a bit of Irepress who were really good too. I then remembered I was supposed to be at a meeting with Rolo Tomassis US lawyer and ran to the four seasons hotel for that. Free drinks again didnt hurt. Gin and tonic by the river. Then met Alice again for She Rides, who were kinda average. Saw some awful band called Fuckshovel too with Ed Tomassi, then bumped into Wez from FTH/Hassle and had a chat. Rounded out the evening with a bit of Tera Melos playing on the street.

Friday was breakfast as usual and then met Kev BSM to go to a seminar entitled 'Innovations in Digital Music' which was really informative and useful. Then met up with most of Tomassi and saw HEALTH who were totally amazing. Me and Joe Guitar Tomassi then went to the SPV records 'metal bbq and booze' party - which did exactly what it says - it gave us shit loads of free bbq and beer. Sweet. I then walked off the main strip to go and see Pygmy Lush do a 'quiet' set on the back garden of a small independent bookstore. There was sweet free beer too. I was kinda drunk after this. We loaded in gear for Tomassi for their late friday show, then i went and saw Tombs who were good and really fucking loud. I then went and saw Dixie Witch, Rwake and Black Tusk at Red 7. Red 7 was becoming the rockin' hang out of choice clearly. Tomassi then played a late show (1am) and went down a treat.

Saturday was the final day of SXSW. Obvious The Hideout was killer for breakfast, then I called into the American Apparel 'flea-market' and bought a t-shirt that was too small and a stupid pair of glasses, which I proceeded to wear all day. Im sure photographic evidence of those will crop up on facebook or something if you actually know me. Rolo then played the 'yorkshire' party (free gin and tonic!) then me and Simon Morley went and saw Pygmy Lush and Pinebender who were great due to playing all my favourite songs and then ending, upon the soundman telling them they had 2 minutes left, with a 13 minute dirge. Sweet. Rolo then played a 'british music aborad/mojo' party. More free beer.Hot Leg played and justin Hawkins watched Tomassi. Apparently the Proclaimers played too. I then had mexican - some kinda flour tortillas colour blue (!!!!) with pork, rice, beans, veg and an egg on top. Insane. We then tried to meet up with Diplo and his manager as Diplo is into Tomassi. It didnt happen, oh well. Some of us then went to watch HEALTH again, followed by Past Lives (ex blood brothers, rubbish) and AIDS Wolf (not very good). Then caught some rip-off of The Hives whilst waiting for Trash Talk who were the best hardcore band ive seen in ages. The vocalist kept doing backflips into the front row, there really wasnt enough people at the front for him to safely do backflips! Some American girl made me cover her whilst she pissed between two toilets. It was odd. I was drunk.

Afterwards I went with James Tomassi to get a hot dog, but accidentally brushed my hand against a bottle of 'Insane' sauce when i went to pay. Looking at my hand and not the bottle, I thought it was tomato sauce and licked it off my hand. Big mistake. It was the hottest thing ever. It felt like my throat was being raped by a hot poker. My eyes went bloodshot and i could still feel it an hour after the hot dog and can of pop. Too brutal. We then tried to get into MSTRKRFT and failed. So i went to bed.

Sunday we got up and drove back to Houston, ate loads on the way/at the airport (including a great cream cheese danish!) then caught our plane and arrive at Heathrow just after 7am. Goodbyes were said, and the most awesome trip ever was completed.

Thursday, 12 March 2009

stocks, djs, levels, other random words for titles.

I'll be honest - Twitter is making me feel less inclined to blog. Anyone else feel like that? The thought process being - "why write shit tonnes on blog when i can get ideas and snippets of info out via Twitter?" More people probably read my twitter anyway. However I do also realise that this is systematic of technological progress and the continuing "lets get more lazy" vibes of humans in general. So here i am!

This week so far has been dominated by Rolo Tomassi - getting the new reissue preorders out (w/ help from new 'first ever' intern Max - check his blog ) - and all preparations for their impending descent upon SXSW. Work visas, money issues, travel, equipment etc etc etc. Mega props to Peter White (aka Rolo co-manager) on all this shit.

However, I did manage to do a ridiculous DJ set at the old blue last, shoreditch, London on Saturday. This is what I can remember of my setlist -

'Healer' - Torche
'Solid State Messiah (vs The Valve Viking)' - Holy State
'Oh My God' - Ida Maria
'Dont Save Us from The Flames' - M83
'Letting You' - Nine Inch Nails
'Haunted House of Rock' - Whodini
'Viberian Twilight' - Dr Who Dat?
'Sleepyhead' - Passion Pit


'Prioritize' - Weekend Nachos
'Look at my eyes' - Orien
'The Fallen' - Suicide SIlence
'Hyperspeed (g force part 2)' - The Prodigy
'Jah War (Loefah remix)' - The Bug
'Bow E3' - Wiley
'One Manometer Away....' - The Locust
'What it look like' - Spank Rock

As you might have guessed, I was probably kinda drunk during the second half of the set. Erratic.


Rolo Tomassi 'digital history/beatrotter' 7" - 4 copies left!
Dananananaykroyd - 'Sissy Hit's - 13 copies left!
Ergon Carousel - 7 copies left!

None of these will be repressed - this is it, get on it or be forever upset at missing these sweet releases.

Right back to real work and the Skins soundtrack.....

Sunday, 1 March 2009

FREE Holy Roar Records Spring 09 Sampler!

Download - http://www.holyroarrecords.com/uploads/holyroarspring09.zip

Tracklisting -
1. Brontide - Crunk Anansie
2. Youves - Big Arexic
3. Holy State - Repeat and Fade
4. The Ergon Carousel - Ironclad
5. the_Network - 500 pounds of idiot
6. Throats - Reign of Low (tape version)
7. Maths - Untitled Album Demo
8. Cutting Pink With Knives - Aylburton
9. Rolo Tomassi - Cirque Du Funk (4Music Session version)
10. November Coming Fire - Return of the Black Dog
11. Jealous - Ruins

Thank fuck that's January and February over. To celebrate we are giving you a free 11 songs spring digital sampler! No sign-up, no anything, JUST DOWNLOAD IT FOR FREE RIGHT NOW. The sweet artwork was done by me (Alex). It's super cool. Expect to see more of our feline friend soon. So what's on it? Well Brontide and Throats rare tracks reprised from out-of-print tapes, brand new Youves and Maths songs, a CPWK b-side from the 'Populuxxe' sessions, a previously unreleased Rolo Tomassi radio session track, a rare November Coming Fire song and a new track from new faves Jealous. Amongst other stuff. Free. Great, huh?

The Rolo Tomassi preorder deal is now over. DONT email us asking where your order is. It stated when you ordered that this would be shipped early-to-mid March. The t-shirts are being made right now. We are doing it as fast as we can, it's the same with every preorder we have done so far. It's called a PREorder for a reason. Have you gathered im sick of people not figuring this out and bombarding us with emails?

A week recounted....

......this week has been insane. Im exhausted, am writing this in bed feeling like I could totally go back to sleep.

Monday - Data Select Party+Colour+faroes/phaores/fair ohs (fuck me Edward ex-cpwk - how do you spell it? Or is there no definitive?) @ old blue last

Tuesday - Ergon Carousel @ dublin castle

Wednesday - Blakfish+Adebisi Shank @ old blue last

Thursday - E4 night - My name is earl+big bang theory+skins+the inbetweeners, thank fuck i didnt do anything else.

Friday - Youves @ cargo

Saturday - crobar+emmy the great end of tour party in a fucked up location. It was like glastonbury+(im told) sxsw. Under a flyover. In west london. By a gypsie colony. Or something.

Today rolo tomassi play an instore @ puregroove records.

And interviewed (and 'employed') an intern. And rolo reissue preorders end. And lots of other stuff was made, discussed, packaged, sent etc etc

I have a feeling there will be no slowdown, howveer my wallet might have to dictate otherwise.

Friday, 27 February 2009

Listening, ending, new.....

Rolo Tomassi t-shiort bundle ends today. You should order it.

Mirror! Mirror! t-shirts plus download went up yesterday. Its £8 for a sweet american apparel shirt, you can say you liked the band before they changed their name, and you get a free download of a bunch of tracks. DEAL.

Listening -

new Jealous demos
A Place To Bury Strangers
Trail of Dead
Joy Division
Passion Pit

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Look at my fookin eyes.

Rolo Tomassi reissue cds have arrived. CDs will be going out soon. CDs+tshirt deals will go out within a week or two of March starting. I have to get the tshirts printed. Kids who email me going 'Where my Rolo order I placed it 3 weeks ago etc' are stupid as fuck as they clearly did not read THE BIG TEXT accompanying the PREORDER stating ROUGHLY WHEN IT WILL BE DELIVERED. You have until Saturday to get your hands on the exclusive t-shirt here

Here's rough Photobooth pics form my Mac. Ellen is doing 'proper' pics with a 'proper' camera when she stops babysitting her nephew.

Remember we had a compilation CD released in Japan by the folk at Fantome records? Well Alex, the vocalist in Throats recently went on holiday to Japan with his girlfriend and found the compilation in HMV Tokyo! Killer! Here is proof -

Not sure what is up with the employee wearing a facemask!??! We have about 5-6 copies left here

We also just got in some copies of the infamous Rolo Tomassi/Mirror! Mirror! (now known, of course, as Youves) 7". They will go up online for sale just as soon as we figure out pricing and stuff. Nowhere else is selling these. Apparently only 200 were pressed.

Listening -

loads of good old mathy hardcore (old dep, drowningman, botch, breather resist, deadguy, cuad etc etc)

Thursday, 19 February 2009

It's hard to keep up...

....sometimes with all this tweeting shit, blogging, messageboards. Seriously - computers are just an evil invention, that will suck in humanity and kill us all eventually. I'm happy that i'm probably the last generation that might see people face-to-face or something.

Anyway. Holy State have taken over Kerrang this week. After a highly favourable live review last week, they win this week. First Holy Roar given an introducing. Its a disgrace its taken this long, but it's a milestone.

We are doing a stage at the great escape, saturday 16th may. At revenge. Im gonna go down for the whole weekend though.

we have -

Ghost of a Thousand
Battletorn (usa, grrman, troubleman unlimited)


What else is my life entailing?

- Im starting a new band on friday. My personal life (not management/label) has gone down hill since the demise of cpwk. Its time to get back on it.

- the Zombi record 'spirit animal' is FUCKING INCREDIBLE.

- im 'interviewing' 3 people next week to start helping out holy roar. wish me luck.

- Brontide and Holy State are killing everyone right now.

Wednesday, 11 February 2009


gallows '2005 demo' test press (limited to 5 copies) here, kayo dot/bloody panda test press (limted to 5 copies) here and a bunch of rare tshirts (inc rolo tomassi) here

Monday, 9 February 2009

Holy Roar is looking for some help!


Holy Roar Records is looking for someone to help us out one day a week! We would like it to be Fridays, but it could be any (working) day of the week....

You should be -

- London-based. HQ Holy Roar is currently based in East Dulwich (zone 2, south east London - easy!)
- Available one day a week consistently and reliably. Non-serious excuses not accepted. i guess about 10am-6pm would be about right.
- 16 to 21 at a guess roughly. Certainly not younger and possibly not much older.
- Willing to pack CDs into envelopes and maybe put the kettle on. We are not going to lie - this will not be glamorous. You will process orders, go to the post office, online pr etc and we are based in a flat. This is not some cool office.
- Reasonably intelligent and full of enthusiasm and ideas. We really want someone who will bring ideas and suggestions to the table and will want to see good things done and implemented.
- It helps if you like at least a good bunch of Holy Roar bands!

You will get -

- Travel costs and lunch paid for, as well as much Holy Roar stuff as you can carry (once you have proven to be reliable and down for the cause!). And entry to any holy roar band gigs anywhere. This is why you must be london based - we cant do train tickets from Cardiff once a week for example!
- A bunch of fun and experience of how a small independent record label works.
- A solid reference for your CV if you are good!

Interested? Email us - info@holyroarrecords.com with why you want to do this, why it should be you, what you like, what you have done etc. We dont want CVs with a one sentence covering email really, you can write us a little paragraph/few sentences at least I reckon!

Friday, 6 February 2009

I don't often feel the need for political commentary....

....but this is really shocking.

So Obama is here to save the world and rid America of all evils is he? Clearly - is he fuck! The american bullyboy tactics to protect its own image (but therefore, in actual fact, doing itself more harm in the process) continue......

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

New music, new release (ish?), etc etc

So the Rolo Tomassi reissue is now available with new artwork and an exclusive t-shirt here and here

Buy it please if you dont own the cd. Or buy it with the t-shirt anyway. The packaging is better than anything you usually get, especially from labels my size.

Anyway, here's some musical recommendations, guilty pleasures and so forth from me....

1. Stray From The Path - the only new heavy band that has got me excited in some time. Its kinda like early Everytime I Die if they were totally punk, totally had their own thing going on, and had a vocalist who realllly had his own thing going on.

2. Madonna - Whos That Girl - the chorus rules. Kill me.

3. Ida Maria - Oh My God - all their other songs are rubbish though.

4. The is a new Coliseum 7" coming out. Listen to bits here (click on the icon top left, y'know...the cover art for Coliseum....

Finally.............get a life!

Monday, 2 February 2009

That Throats/Brontide/Holy State show on saturday.....

Well, I don't think Saturday night could have gone any better! Lets go back to the beginning......

.......Friday morning I woke up about 8am to walk 30 minutes to pick up a van I was hiring to move flat. I have moved from Catford to East Dulwich. After loading the van, cleaning my old flat, driving over to East Dulwich, unloading the van, driving my accomplice (Stop Scratching Ben) to New Cross then driving the van back to the hire place, then walking back to my old flat to pick up my car and then driving to new pad, it was 7pm. A pretty tiring day. This would have been all cool, but then Holy State were due to stay with me, and didn't arrive until 3.20am due to various factors.

Got up the next day at about 10am. Not enough sleep, especially after the day I had had prior. We get in the van and drive to a photoshoot in Teddington/Richmond for Holy State. This takes a huge amount of time due to bad traffic and we are late. We bang out the photoshoot and get straight back in the van to drive to the Old Blue Last in Shoreditch via Mark Throats house in Brockley. We get to the venue at 7.30pm. Soundchecks don't happen.

As soon as I get there I am inundated with requests to do stuff and sort stuff out. Two interviews happen, a film crew are there and a bunch of other stuff. People from Rolo Tomassi, Ghost Frequency, Kerrang, NME and various other publications, media and industry related stuff are here.

Holy State are awesome. I've said enough about them lately, but they nail it. Brontide similarly nail it, oddly surprising alot of people as to how good they are. People are now queueing up the staris to get in! Throats crown the night with a visceral performance. Everyone goes nuts (including me of course). There is blood, sweat and alot of fun. My jeans are ripped with the knee area soaked in blood. I cant kneel down. My big toes are black and fucked. Everything aches.

Sunday was a write-off apart from a fry up with Holy State and visiting the dream machine record store. Today order has been resumed and my flat is starting to look liveable.

Mosh wounds FTW.

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Money's too tight to mention!

This will probably sound so boring but, fuck me, moving flat+MOT+Insurance is so expensive! Lets not forget the fact that i stupidly entered into an 18 month contract with bt for broadband, so have to pay the remaining 6 months, whether i use it or not! £200 - bye bye! Then lets throw in all the address changing bullshit as well as all the packing and unpacking and you've got a right ball of laughs......

Musically Whodini are ruling my world over the last couple of days. Unsung 80's eletro-hip-hop kings.

Saturday, 24 January 2009

Holy State FTW!

So the Holy State cd is now available here. There's a whole description about how it comes in recycled card packaging (Holy Roar to save the world and reduce carbon footprint!), with sweet art by Emma Sailor (who tells me off if I call her by her real name), vinyl-style cd, tracing paper insert and loads of other stuff that is absolutely true. And there is only 100 copies. Of which 10 will be with the band, one will be with Emma, one will be with me and one will be with Ellen. And im guessing a couple may end up with nice magazine people. So I reckon there will only be about 85 to buy really. We must be stupid. Yes we are.

Reason you must like Holy State -

1. Can you name another UK band doing the whole Hot Snakes/Jesus Lizard/Drive Like Jehu/Black Cross sound to any reasonably accomplished degree? Nope, me neither.

2. Word on the street is that Kerrang! honchos and XFM love them already. As well as people at sweet labels and management companies. UNLUCKY - Holy State is Holy Roar.

3. They own a cool old van and cooler old amps.

4. They rock fuckin' hard??!?!?

That's enough bleating. Come see them live at the Old Blue Last on Sat 31st Jan. It's free and they are the first band on at 9pm.

In other news, it's now no secret that Throats (Holy Roar, i manage them) and Rolo Tomassi (ex-Holy Roar, I manage them) are supporting Gallows for a bunch of shows in May. Also playing are Everytime I Die. how sweet is that? It'll be even sweeter if i can convince ETID to play 'the logic of crocodiles' - 'Last night in town' is still your best album!

In other OTHER news, here is the basis for the packaging for the reissue of the Rolo Tomassi cdep -

The cd sits in the middle on a foam 'button' and the packaging folds in, on top of the cd. This will look incredible. Promise. Hopefully it will be ready for the Bronx tour (at shows/online) and in shops a month or so after or something. Hopefully this is not wishful thinking.

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

i went skiing.

Again - sorry for lack of updates. i went on holiday for a week skiing in italy for free. Amazing. I ate and drank too much, was sick one due to something dodgy (not alcohol) and skiiiiiied fast. It was cool.

We have loads going on here at Holy Roar HQ. Firstly im moving flat next week which should be stressful (i mean 'fun') - moving temporarily to East Dulwich in London for 3 months, although my initial impression suggests i'd like to live there longer. Nice area, good amenities. Lets see what happens.

We are an official media partner of The Great Escape 2009 - we may or may not have a stage for a night. Watch this space. It should be special whatever happens.

The Holy State cd should be ready within a day or two. It will look amazing, I wont spoil the surprise, but pictures are forthcoming v v soon!

On a geeky level, we have decided to really try and step up with packaging in 2009. We are, of course, hugely proud of everything we have made so far, with many people commenting that some of our releases are like 'mini-vinyl LPs' - but now we want to take it to the next stage. Not only do we consider it vital in the current musical climate - it also gives us a challenge and, well, makes it all that little bit more fun! So watch this space for incredible stuff with the Rolo Tomassi EP reissue, the Youves cd and a secret, yet-to-be-announced project that should see the light of day sooner rather than latter. Believe me -as soon as I have the green light I will be singing and dancing about it!

Whisper it - Throats might have a couple of shows on a VERY BIG tour in May! They are also currently writing towards an ep.....

....there is also whispers that Rolo Tomassi have recorded a medley of Throats songs.....

Dont forget -

sat jan 31st
old blue last, london


if you dont come you are stupid.

Finally, the following releases are VERY VERY close to selling out. Its a weird coincidence, but there's a handful of each of the following -

- Ergon Carousel cdep
- Dananananaykroyd - Sissy Hits cdep
- Rolo Tomassi 'digital history/beatrotter' 7"
-Happy Holy Roar vol 2 tape

If you want any of these I wouldnt wait a couple of months or anything.

Listening -

British expeditionary force
Animal collective

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Today I got asked....

...tips of what to do and what not to do for up-and-coming bands....

I replied as follows -

"I think more important than anything right now is the need for bands to be organised, communicative, pro-active. Bands should only get other people involved with their band when they simply do not have the time to sort everything out anymore.....it can be done. Look at Ben Weiman self-managing Dillinger Escape Plan, it certainly hasn't hindered them. It is these bands that will prevail right now - especially with blogging/twitting/online promotion. Rolo Tomassi booked their own shows and self-managed for years. Pulled Apart By Horses make a song and dance about everything they do and everyone noticed, Dananananaykroyd likewise have a solid online presence. Bands, if they want to be serious or get anywhere, should try and divide up roles within the band as early as possible - writing, online, merch, tours etc. It really helps and really makes certain members feel less pressurised.

Bands should also talk to and befriend other bands, network between themselves for tours, and to discuss potential labels etc. Horror stories about labels need to be stamped out now, in this climate more than ever. Any label with shifty practices and principles should not last, and it should be bands that dictate this.

Finally, I still hugely advocate bands taking their time, rather than rushing through a hyper-condensed career, dictated by a label or management. Organic growth. Dont release an album too soon. Do lots of little releases. It makes your band more interesting. Again - it seems bands that last are those with a bit of history and background and working knowledge of this schbang, before getting into the public eye on any serious level - blood red shoes, rolo tomassi, dananananaykroyd.......and it's what i'm trying to do with Throats - gradual."

On another topic - On Monday I said I couldn't decide if I loved or hated Passion Pit. I've decided it's defo love.

Monday, 5 January 2009

Moving. Tips. Tricks. Tight Lips.

It would appear over the last few days that many avenues of the media have all become obsessed with who will be big in 2009. It's interesting reading, but it would seem everywhere is recommending the same artists. Empire of the Sun being a big one along with La Roux, Little Boots and some others. What is crushingly disappointing though is the fact that the reason 'industry insiders' are all recommending the same people is because these are the artists that will have lots of record company money thrown at them. Some will succeed by virtue of being in the public consciousness all the time via advertising and PR.

Out of the hyped crew I think only Frankmusik truly deserves to go massive (as much as it pains me that idiots will get into him, and little girls) as he has been bubbling away for a couple of years. And his songs are killer and energetic.

Passion Pit will also hopefully do quite well. I cant decide if they are the most annoying band ever or the best, but at least they sound original in the way they put together so many disparate sounds.

I personally am excited about what Three Trapped Tigers will do this year. Incredible stuff that should on Warp Records and outselling Battles.

At Holy Roar I want to see Holy State play loads and wow everyone and maybe release something awesome by the end of 2009 (as well as their demo early in 2009 of course) and do really well, I want Throats to record an ep for the summer and slay everyone, Brontide to tour their arses off and release an album to loads of acclaim in the summer/autumn and finally Youves to release their mini-album, tour loads and do really well.............who knows what else the year holds for us??!?!