Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Money's too tight to mention!

This will probably sound so boring but, fuck me, moving flat+MOT+Insurance is so expensive! Lets not forget the fact that i stupidly entered into an 18 month contract with bt for broadband, so have to pay the remaining 6 months, whether i use it or not! £200 - bye bye! Then lets throw in all the address changing bullshit as well as all the packing and unpacking and you've got a right ball of laughs......

Musically Whodini are ruling my world over the last couple of days. Unsung 80's eletro-hip-hop kings.

Saturday, 24 January 2009

Holy State FTW!

So the Holy State cd is now available here. There's a whole description about how it comes in recycled card packaging (Holy Roar to save the world and reduce carbon footprint!), with sweet art by Emma Sailor (who tells me off if I call her by her real name), vinyl-style cd, tracing paper insert and loads of other stuff that is absolutely true. And there is only 100 copies. Of which 10 will be with the band, one will be with Emma, one will be with me and one will be with Ellen. And im guessing a couple may end up with nice magazine people. So I reckon there will only be about 85 to buy really. We must be stupid. Yes we are.

Reason you must like Holy State -

1. Can you name another UK band doing the whole Hot Snakes/Jesus Lizard/Drive Like Jehu/Black Cross sound to any reasonably accomplished degree? Nope, me neither.

2. Word on the street is that Kerrang! honchos and XFM love them already. As well as people at sweet labels and management companies. UNLUCKY - Holy State is Holy Roar.

3. They own a cool old van and cooler old amps.

4. They rock fuckin' hard??!?!?

That's enough bleating. Come see them live at the Old Blue Last on Sat 31st Jan. It's free and they are the first band on at 9pm.

In other news, it's now no secret that Throats (Holy Roar, i manage them) and Rolo Tomassi (ex-Holy Roar, I manage them) are supporting Gallows for a bunch of shows in May. Also playing are Everytime I Die. how sweet is that? It'll be even sweeter if i can convince ETID to play 'the logic of crocodiles' - 'Last night in town' is still your best album!

In other OTHER news, here is the basis for the packaging for the reissue of the Rolo Tomassi cdep -

The cd sits in the middle on a foam 'button' and the packaging folds in, on top of the cd. This will look incredible. Promise. Hopefully it will be ready for the Bronx tour (at shows/online) and in shops a month or so after or something. Hopefully this is not wishful thinking.

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

i went skiing.

Again - sorry for lack of updates. i went on holiday for a week skiing in italy for free. Amazing. I ate and drank too much, was sick one due to something dodgy (not alcohol) and skiiiiiied fast. It was cool.

We have loads going on here at Holy Roar HQ. Firstly im moving flat next week which should be stressful (i mean 'fun') - moving temporarily to East Dulwich in London for 3 months, although my initial impression suggests i'd like to live there longer. Nice area, good amenities. Lets see what happens.

We are an official media partner of The Great Escape 2009 - we may or may not have a stage for a night. Watch this space. It should be special whatever happens.

The Holy State cd should be ready within a day or two. It will look amazing, I wont spoil the surprise, but pictures are forthcoming v v soon!

On a geeky level, we have decided to really try and step up with packaging in 2009. We are, of course, hugely proud of everything we have made so far, with many people commenting that some of our releases are like 'mini-vinyl LPs' - but now we want to take it to the next stage. Not only do we consider it vital in the current musical climate - it also gives us a challenge and, well, makes it all that little bit more fun! So watch this space for incredible stuff with the Rolo Tomassi EP reissue, the Youves cd and a secret, yet-to-be-announced project that should see the light of day sooner rather than latter. Believe me -as soon as I have the green light I will be singing and dancing about it!

Whisper it - Throats might have a couple of shows on a VERY BIG tour in May! They are also currently writing towards an ep.....

....there is also whispers that Rolo Tomassi have recorded a medley of Throats songs.....

Dont forget -

sat jan 31st
old blue last, london


if you dont come you are stupid.

Finally, the following releases are VERY VERY close to selling out. Its a weird coincidence, but there's a handful of each of the following -

- Ergon Carousel cdep
- Dananananaykroyd - Sissy Hits cdep
- Rolo Tomassi 'digital history/beatrotter' 7"
-Happy Holy Roar vol 2 tape

If you want any of these I wouldnt wait a couple of months or anything.

Listening -

British expeditionary force
Animal collective

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Today I got asked....

...tips of what to do and what not to do for up-and-coming bands....

I replied as follows -

"I think more important than anything right now is the need for bands to be organised, communicative, pro-active. Bands should only get other people involved with their band when they simply do not have the time to sort everything out anymore.....it can be done. Look at Ben Weiman self-managing Dillinger Escape Plan, it certainly hasn't hindered them. It is these bands that will prevail right now - especially with blogging/twitting/online promotion. Rolo Tomassi booked their own shows and self-managed for years. Pulled Apart By Horses make a song and dance about everything they do and everyone noticed, Dananananaykroyd likewise have a solid online presence. Bands, if they want to be serious or get anywhere, should try and divide up roles within the band as early as possible - writing, online, merch, tours etc. It really helps and really makes certain members feel less pressurised.

Bands should also talk to and befriend other bands, network between themselves for tours, and to discuss potential labels etc. Horror stories about labels need to be stamped out now, in this climate more than ever. Any label with shifty practices and principles should not last, and it should be bands that dictate this.

Finally, I still hugely advocate bands taking their time, rather than rushing through a hyper-condensed career, dictated by a label or management. Organic growth. Dont release an album too soon. Do lots of little releases. It makes your band more interesting. Again - it seems bands that last are those with a bit of history and background and working knowledge of this schbang, before getting into the public eye on any serious level - blood red shoes, rolo tomassi, dananananaykroyd.......and it's what i'm trying to do with Throats - gradual."

On another topic - On Monday I said I couldn't decide if I loved or hated Passion Pit. I've decided it's defo love.

Monday, 5 January 2009

Moving. Tips. Tricks. Tight Lips.

It would appear over the last few days that many avenues of the media have all become obsessed with who will be big in 2009. It's interesting reading, but it would seem everywhere is recommending the same artists. Empire of the Sun being a big one along with La Roux, Little Boots and some others. What is crushingly disappointing though is the fact that the reason 'industry insiders' are all recommending the same people is because these are the artists that will have lots of record company money thrown at them. Some will succeed by virtue of being in the public consciousness all the time via advertising and PR.

Out of the hyped crew I think only Frankmusik truly deserves to go massive (as much as it pains me that idiots will get into him, and little girls) as he has been bubbling away for a couple of years. And his songs are killer and energetic.

Passion Pit will also hopefully do quite well. I cant decide if they are the most annoying band ever or the best, but at least they sound original in the way they put together so many disparate sounds.

I personally am excited about what Three Trapped Tigers will do this year. Incredible stuff that should on Warp Records and outselling Battles.

At Holy Roar I want to see Holy State play loads and wow everyone and maybe release something awesome by the end of 2009 (as well as their demo early in 2009 of course) and do really well, I want Throats to record an ep for the summer and slay everyone, Brontide to tour their arses off and release an album to loads of acclaim in the summer/autumn and finally Youves to release their mini-album, tour loads and do really well.............who knows what else the year holds for us??!?!