Friday, 27 February 2009

Listening, ending, new.....

Rolo Tomassi t-shiort bundle ends today. You should order it.

Mirror! Mirror! t-shirts plus download went up yesterday. Its £8 for a sweet american apparel shirt, you can say you liked the band before they changed their name, and you get a free download of a bunch of tracks. DEAL.

Listening -

new Jealous demos
A Place To Bury Strangers
Trail of Dead
Joy Division
Passion Pit

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Look at my fookin eyes.

Rolo Tomassi reissue cds have arrived. CDs will be going out soon. CDs+tshirt deals will go out within a week or two of March starting. I have to get the tshirts printed. Kids who email me going 'Where my Rolo order I placed it 3 weeks ago etc' are stupid as fuck as they clearly did not read THE BIG TEXT accompanying the PREORDER stating ROUGHLY WHEN IT WILL BE DELIVERED. You have until Saturday to get your hands on the exclusive t-shirt here

Here's rough Photobooth pics form my Mac. Ellen is doing 'proper' pics with a 'proper' camera when she stops babysitting her nephew.

Remember we had a compilation CD released in Japan by the folk at Fantome records? Well Alex, the vocalist in Throats recently went on holiday to Japan with his girlfriend and found the compilation in HMV Tokyo! Killer! Here is proof -

Not sure what is up with the employee wearing a facemask!??! We have about 5-6 copies left here

We also just got in some copies of the infamous Rolo Tomassi/Mirror! Mirror! (now known, of course, as Youves) 7". They will go up online for sale just as soon as we figure out pricing and stuff. Nowhere else is selling these. Apparently only 200 were pressed.

Listening -

loads of good old mathy hardcore (old dep, drowningman, botch, breather resist, deadguy, cuad etc etc)

Thursday, 19 February 2009

It's hard to keep up...

....sometimes with all this tweeting shit, blogging, messageboards. Seriously - computers are just an evil invention, that will suck in humanity and kill us all eventually. I'm happy that i'm probably the last generation that might see people face-to-face or something.

Anyway. Holy State have taken over Kerrang this week. After a highly favourable live review last week, they win this week. First Holy Roar given an introducing. Its a disgrace its taken this long, but it's a milestone.

We are doing a stage at the great escape, saturday 16th may. At revenge. Im gonna go down for the whole weekend though.

we have -

Ghost of a Thousand
Battletorn (usa, grrman, troubleman unlimited)


What else is my life entailing?

- Im starting a new band on friday. My personal life (not management/label) has gone down hill since the demise of cpwk. Its time to get back on it.

- the Zombi record 'spirit animal' is FUCKING INCREDIBLE.

- im 'interviewing' 3 people next week to start helping out holy roar. wish me luck.

- Brontide and Holy State are killing everyone right now.

Wednesday, 11 February 2009


gallows '2005 demo' test press (limited to 5 copies) here, kayo dot/bloody panda test press (limted to 5 copies) here and a bunch of rare tshirts (inc rolo tomassi) here

Monday, 9 February 2009

Holy Roar is looking for some help!


Holy Roar Records is looking for someone to help us out one day a week! We would like it to be Fridays, but it could be any (working) day of the week....

You should be -

- London-based. HQ Holy Roar is currently based in East Dulwich (zone 2, south east London - easy!)
- Available one day a week consistently and reliably. Non-serious excuses not accepted. i guess about 10am-6pm would be about right.
- 16 to 21 at a guess roughly. Certainly not younger and possibly not much older.
- Willing to pack CDs into envelopes and maybe put the kettle on. We are not going to lie - this will not be glamorous. You will process orders, go to the post office, online pr etc and we are based in a flat. This is not some cool office.
- Reasonably intelligent and full of enthusiasm and ideas. We really want someone who will bring ideas and suggestions to the table and will want to see good things done and implemented.
- It helps if you like at least a good bunch of Holy Roar bands!

You will get -

- Travel costs and lunch paid for, as well as much Holy Roar stuff as you can carry (once you have proven to be reliable and down for the cause!). And entry to any holy roar band gigs anywhere. This is why you must be london based - we cant do train tickets from Cardiff once a week for example!
- A bunch of fun and experience of how a small independent record label works.
- A solid reference for your CV if you are good!

Interested? Email us - with why you want to do this, why it should be you, what you like, what you have done etc. We dont want CVs with a one sentence covering email really, you can write us a little paragraph/few sentences at least I reckon!

Friday, 6 February 2009

I don't often feel the need for political commentary....

....but this is really shocking.

So Obama is here to save the world and rid America of all evils is he? Clearly - is he fuck! The american bullyboy tactics to protect its own image (but therefore, in actual fact, doing itself more harm in the process) continue......

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

New music, new release (ish?), etc etc

So the Rolo Tomassi reissue is now available with new artwork and an exclusive t-shirt here and here

Buy it please if you dont own the cd. Or buy it with the t-shirt anyway. The packaging is better than anything you usually get, especially from labels my size.

Anyway, here's some musical recommendations, guilty pleasures and so forth from me....

1. Stray From The Path - the only new heavy band that has got me excited in some time. Its kinda like early Everytime I Die if they were totally punk, totally had their own thing going on, and had a vocalist who realllly had his own thing going on.

2. Madonna - Whos That Girl - the chorus rules. Kill me.

3. Ida Maria - Oh My God - all their other songs are rubbish though.

4. The is a new Coliseum 7" coming out. Listen to bits here (click on the icon top left, y'know...the cover art for Coliseum....

Finally.............get a life!

Monday, 2 February 2009

That Throats/Brontide/Holy State show on saturday.....

Well, I don't think Saturday night could have gone any better! Lets go back to the beginning......

.......Friday morning I woke up about 8am to walk 30 minutes to pick up a van I was hiring to move flat. I have moved from Catford to East Dulwich. After loading the van, cleaning my old flat, driving over to East Dulwich, unloading the van, driving my accomplice (Stop Scratching Ben) to New Cross then driving the van back to the hire place, then walking back to my old flat to pick up my car and then driving to new pad, it was 7pm. A pretty tiring day. This would have been all cool, but then Holy State were due to stay with me, and didn't arrive until 3.20am due to various factors.

Got up the next day at about 10am. Not enough sleep, especially after the day I had had prior. We get in the van and drive to a photoshoot in Teddington/Richmond for Holy State. This takes a huge amount of time due to bad traffic and we are late. We bang out the photoshoot and get straight back in the van to drive to the Old Blue Last in Shoreditch via Mark Throats house in Brockley. We get to the venue at 7.30pm. Soundchecks don't happen.

As soon as I get there I am inundated with requests to do stuff and sort stuff out. Two interviews happen, a film crew are there and a bunch of other stuff. People from Rolo Tomassi, Ghost Frequency, Kerrang, NME and various other publications, media and industry related stuff are here.

Holy State are awesome. I've said enough about them lately, but they nail it. Brontide similarly nail it, oddly surprising alot of people as to how good they are. People are now queueing up the staris to get in! Throats crown the night with a visceral performance. Everyone goes nuts (including me of course). There is blood, sweat and alot of fun. My jeans are ripped with the knee area soaked in blood. I cant kneel down. My big toes are black and fucked. Everything aches.

Sunday was a write-off apart from a fry up with Holy State and visiting the dream machine record store. Today order has been resumed and my flat is starting to look liveable.

Mosh wounds FTW.