Monday, 20 April 2009

wow sorry

really have ignored this blog too much. Well, bunch of Holy Roar type news so here goes and will really try to get back on the blogging shizzle, Twitter damn you!

We are working on a website overhaul. There should be a bunch of new and interesting features as well as the obvious aesthetic facelift. At this stage i'd rather not give away all the secrets, but at the bare minimum you will be able to buy mp3s direct from the site. There should be a bunch of features built into and around this concept that we find pretty exciting. No exact timeframe on this yet, but a summer roll out is the most likely, hopefully early summer.

In terms of our bands and releases, lets try and do a bit of a comprehensive run down....

- Youves start their mammoth uk tour on April 30th. They are filming a video next week and the 'Cardio-Vascular' mini album should be available from all good retailers, as well as us of course, on May 4th. Pre-orders will go out shortly before this date.

- Throats are in the midst of recording a new single, a drone-tastic depature/one-off. The only physical copies will be available with the band on tour in May. There is new t-shirts on the way, as well as the 'throatsofgold' club, where for a one-off payment, you will get all merch, cds/music that the band produce in a year as well as guestlist to gigs and exclusive rare mp3s and a club badge! This will launch today/tomorrow/weds. The band are currently working towards a new cd release for the Autumn around which a tonne of touring will happen. Go catch the band in May with the incredible Battletorn or with Gallows and Everytime I die!

- Brontide will have an exclusive limited-to-25 handscreened american apparel t-shirt available via us very shortly. These look awesome. This comes bundles with a 3 track ep that will also be available via itunes etc in the not too distant future. Buy the tshirt direct from us and get mailed the mp3s though! The band are playing loads of shows in may in support of this, before hitting the studio to record a song (their first fully proper recording) for a special 4-way split label 10" that will be out in august. Expect further touring to co-incide with that.

- Holy State are playing some cool shows at the moment and, like Brontide, have a nifty 'ltd to 25' american apparel t-shirt coming via us very very soon. This comes bundled with an exclusive physical musical surprise, you'll just have to order it to find out! The band are recording 3 songs on Wednesday for 3 releases - a special split label 4-way 10", a 7" with some big bands on a sweet label that has released Health amongst others in the past and a split 12" on a big label. I wish I could say more about these at this point, but i might actually get in trouble.

- Maths have started playing shows again and have written their full length. Recording is tentatively beginning now-ish, with a late summer release on Holy Roar looking the most likely.

- The night we are curating at Great Escape (TGOAT, Battletorn, Throats, Youves) marks the 'pre-release' launch of The Ghost of a Thousand 'This is where the fight begins' vinyl we are doing. Only 500 copies ever will be produced, gatefold sleeve, heavyweight white vinyl AAAAANNND a bonus cd within the packaging of 9 demos and rare tracks. Pretty good value. This will hit shops in in early september with a preorder deal or two going up in August.

- As well as great escape, It looks like Holy Roar bands will have a presence at some or all of these festivals - Supersonic, Offset, ZXZW, Live at Leeds, and a few others. Watch out for that, we will of course make a right noise about it.

- Finally it seems there's a bunch of new UK bands to get excited about - go check out - , , , - we may be working with some of these, we may not.