Thursday, 25 June 2009

Popping in for a coffee with all the Holy Roar bands...

.....aka 'what is going on at holy roar generally?'

This summer is the 'Summer of Vinyl' at Holy Roar. 4 vinyl releases - two on August 3rd and two on September 7th. First up on August 3rd is a split 7" between Rolo Tomassi and Throats. Rolo Tomassi have covered 'Headclouds/Reign of Low' (originally by Throats) whilst Throats have reworked 'I Love Turbulence' originally by Rolo Tomassi. This is a co-release between Holy Roar and Hassle records, with different packaging at each label. 500 copies, 250 at each label. Secondly is another co-label release between Holy Roar and BSM - a 4-way split 10" vinyl. Featuring new, exclusive songs from Shapes and Tupolev Ghost at BSM and Holy State and Brontide at Holy Roar, this is again limited to 500 copies, with translucent green vinyl at BSM and translucent purple vinyl at Holy Roar (250 copies each). I'm probably not even supposed to talk about the 10" officially, but Kev at BSM is being slack, so he can kiss it. These should be available to pre-order from Monday 29th June. Here's some pics of how the Rolo/Throats 7" will vaguely look -

September 7th we bring out the first Ghost Of A Thousand album 'This is where the fight begins' on 180gsm white vinyl (heavy), gatefold sleeve, all new artwork courtesy of Mr Lacey and a bonus cd within the packaging of 9 demos and b-sides. 500 copies again. There will be a pre-order only shirt with this. Which will look like this (but printed in silver ink on a navy blue shirt) -

Also on September 7th we launch 'New Roars on the Block' - a 4-way split 7-inch between Easy Hips, Dreamboats, Le Swing and Run Walk! This is four new bands that we think are amazing. There will be approx 300 copies of this (tbc). There will be a celebratory t-shirt to go along with it, in two colours. We will onyl be making about 25 of each colour. It will look like this -

Both of these will go up for pre-order on August 3rd. Also on this day there will be a big deal to be able to order all 4 new vinyl for a very special price, or for the mega flush, all four vinyls plus 1 or 2 of the new shirts.

So what else is going down?

Maths have nearly finished recording their album, which they are recording themselves. The process is slow, but having heard unmixed/no vocals tracks, we can say this will easily be the best Maths material ever. All the usual cliches - ie heavier/faster/more epic/more melodic. Hopefully this will be out in October.

Ergon Carousel have been writing like mad and are nearing their second recording session. Their debut cd from us is sold out, but is being reissued on tape soon. Plans are formulating for the release of their second batch of material, no release date is set yet.

Brontide drummer will has joined La Roux as session percussionist. Crazy times. It's not the end of Brontide though - but live performance may become a bit more sporadic for a bit.......make the most of them!!

Throats are writing towards a new ep which we hope to have out by the end of the year. They go on a mammoth tour in september with blackhole and the plight, as well as playing Offset festival and doing Europe with Tortuga in November.

Holy State have just been confirmed for the BBC introducing stage at Leeds Festival on the Thursday night. They have ALOT of gigs coming up this summer, as well as the split 10" on Holy Roar/BSM and a 4-way split 12" on Dance To The Radio Records which is out mid-july. That release should be awesome too because Das Racist are on it as well. The band are also writing towards a full ep which we hope to release by the end of the year.

Youves are playing a bunch of shows over the summer, before hitting the road again in the autumn for a possible co-headline tour. Their incredible debut mini-album in lavish packaging is still available here. There will be a free digital single/video out soon!

As well as all the bands mentioned we think you should check out Wreck of the Minotaur and Antares - when Antares put up fully recorded tracks soon (which we have heard unmixed) your mind will be blown.