Monday, 10 August 2009

Guaca Balls

Trash Talk have hit Europe. The UK dates will be christened by the only version of the 'East of Eden' 7" released by anyone other than the band themselves (IE RELEASED BY HOLY ROAR). Here are those UK dates -

8/23/09 - UK, London @ Underworld

8/24/09 - UK, Huddersfield @ Bar 1:22

8/25/09 - UK, Newport @ TJ’s

8/26/09 - UK, Bournemouth @ IBAR
8/27/09 - UK, Ipswich @ Rose and Crown

8/28/09 - UK, Kingston @ The Fighting Cocks

If you are currently thinking "nah, im bored of hardcore", watch this video and EAT TOTAL SHIT -

Trash Talk from KO Films on Vimeo.

The band are also back in Nov/Dec with Gallows if thats what it takes.

The Maths album 'Descent' is almost ready to go. This is going to be 6 panel card wallet, with elaborate roots/vines artwork by long-term band collaborator Sam Dunn. Shit must have taken fucking ages.

Tracklisting -

1. Belief in Sorrow
2. Culpa
3. Wilderness
4. Guarded
5. From Her Journals
6. Boundless
7. Sleep Deep
8. To be Frozen
9. ...And Left to Die
10. This is Forever
11. Branches
12. Belief in Hope

....seriously, if you enjoyed the split with Throats, or any of the bands DIY releases, then this will make you shit bricks. Empty record label rhetoric? When you hear the album tell me i'm lying. Its genuinely the usual baloney though "HEAVIER. MORE MELODIC. MORE EPIC" etc etc.

In other news, perhaps whetting appetites too early, Throats and Holy State now have recording sessions booked for the last quarter of this year. Expect new shit in Jan/March 2010 respectively. Minds will be blown obvz.

Download my band, Betty Pariso, 3 songs for free -

Oh yeah, and if you didn't notice - Happy Holy Roar volume 3 will be happening in December. Usual drill - 100 tapes, as many exclusive and rare songs as we can muster from old favs, new favs, future favs.

...and finally, this weekend I smeared guacamole and salsa on the balls of a Hassle Records A&R guy whilst an NME journalist watched.