Monday, 28 September 2009

Guilty Parents on Holy Roar!

Ok, so over the next few weeks i'm hoping to introduce to everyone around 4 (fingers crossed) new bands on Holy Roar - the majority of them being a focus for 2010! As well as this I will be talking about other upcoming releases and plans for existing Holy Roar artists - exciting times! I think 2010 is going to be our busiest year yet....

First up, and seemingly out of nowhere is Guilty Parents from Nottingham.

They have beards, beauty and beautiful beards. Not bad going.

We will be hitting out an EP by the band this autumn, 100 copies physical or digital if you're a freak, mega limited, hand screened packaging - think along the lines of the Ergon Carousel ep and the first Holy State cdep. Got it? Got it. Good.

Musically the band say they are influenced by "Die Kreuzen, Make-Up, COC, Mummies, Bad Form,
Bad Seeds, Flag, Sonics, Penetraiters, Poison Idea, Gories, Murder City Devils, Gun Club..." - i'm a fucking idiot though, so i'll just say this is no pretension, ultra rock'n'roll with a fucking punk as fuck heart. Its the tightest sloppy lo-fi rock band ever. For real - this dichotomy exists within this band.

They have already played with Part Chimp, Souvaris, Lovvers, Male Bonding, Army of Flying Robots, Crocodiles, Ramming Speed, An Albatross and Limp Wrist, which is cool!

Video -

This good already, how good will they get? Only the passing sands of our earthly existence can answer. You can already hear two songs here. The rest will appear, and we will notify you as such, very shortly, on the Holy Roar Store.

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

My monthly, but soon to be almost daily....

......pile of news and nonsense!

So firstly, and probably most importantly right now, the Pulled Apart By Horses / Holy State 7" picture disc went up for preorder today. It comes out Oct 5th. It kills. New material. 500 copies. You know the drill with us now surely. Well its amazing, and most people probably dont realise that the PABH song is named after the bassist from Grammatics. That's a blog exclusive right there. Oh and to bring it all full circle, the man in question, Mr Rory O'Hara came to see my old band, the cringeworthily named Seducedwomandead play our second ever show in a scout hut when he was about 4 years old or soemthing (ok 16/17 ish, but he still looks really young now, so whatever).

So what's going on beyond our current releases I hear you cry (die?)....well the Maths album comes out in stores within the first week or two of November, with preorders and a preorder shirt going up first week of October. Then its 'Happy Holy Roar Vol 3' time, this one should be pretty special. The its 2010.......yep we have arrived at the future. Defo happening - Run, Walk! mini-album, Holy State ep, Throats ep. Then there's about another 3 or 4 bands we want to work with next year, and a tonne of unexpected shit will surely happen too. Who knows. There will probably be more from some existing artists too like Ergon Carousel and Maths amongst others.

Our new website will actually launch this month maybe?

My band Betty Pariso have a 7" out next week or the week after....its a split with Manuscripts. That will be available on the Holy Roar store, but its not released by us (its done by Power Negi records and other mysterious forces).

Throats are on tour through all of September with Blackhole and The Plight, go see them, dates here -

Oh yeah - and thanks to everyone at Offset festival on the weekend - I missed the Saturday due to illness but the Sunday was incredible. Best times ever. Reaffirming my faith etc. So many kind words and happy faces. Amazing festival. I even got a pitbull security lady to crack a smile! And I told too many people that I thought Shoreditch/Hoxton would be very quiet that weekend.....