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At this stage, I would pretty much say Throats are one of the defining heavy bands on Holy Roar, if not the defining band. All the way back in 2005 (i think?) my old old band, Seducedwomandead played an alldayer in Spalding with a very early incarnation of Throats. I'm pretty sure they did an awful Slayer cover and I thought nothing more of it. Two years later, after the band had sent me, essentially, a pretty poor demo, our pathes crossed at Rapturefest in Reading. The band were a shambles, having to borrow even a distortion pedal from me. The first glimmers of potential were shown however when the band closed their set with an early version of 'Deathnaps' - a song that would appear on their split cd with Maths the following summer. Anyway, off the back of this performance I asked the band to be on the first Happy Holy Roar tape and they nailed their first awesome recording in the form of a version of 'Reign of Low', and from that it was sexy time between Holy Roar and Throats.

So that I don't turn this into a fucking bio, since then the band have released the aforementioned split cd with Maths (June 08), a split cd with the_Network (Nov 08) and a split 7" with Rolo Tomassi (Aug 09) where they covered each others material. During this time, despite spending 2009 with a drummer conscripted to the German army, the band have still managed to tour with Rolo Tomassi, Maths, Crocus, Johnny Truant, enormo-halls with Gallows and Everytime I Die, Blackhole, The Plight and Battletorn as well as shows with Coliseum, Trash Talk, Gold Kids, Rise and Fall, Ghost of a Thousand, Youves, Lewd Acts, and a million other bands. They've had props from some fucking huge bands from all corners of the globe. Still press has largely ignored them - well that's their loss. Frankly Throats are the biggest selling artist currently actually on Holy Roar - proof that fucking hard work, touring loads, having amazing music and a good aesthetic works over hype, dumb pr and idiots in positions of power.

SOOOOOOOOO now we arrive at the first definitive statement from Throats - a self-titled record that is being recorded this week at Serafina studios with the awesome Nick Kinnish. This will be released on February 1st 2010 by Holy Roar in the UK and by Twelve Gauge Records in the USA. There are tonnes of plans in the works for this release, all of which will be revealed gradually as it gets closer. I've had the record played to me, bare bones, in a rehearsal studio, and it slayed even there. See -

Throats practice from Throats Dude on Vimeo.

First up for more info and stuff - we will be conducting a live twitter interview with the band at 3pm uk time tomorrow (Thursday)........

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