Wednesday, 18 November 2009

New Holy State T-Shirt! Happy Holy Roar 3 SOLD OUT!

This years Happy Holy Roar tape compilation - the imaginatively titled 'Volume 3' - sold out on preorder in 24 hours. RIDICULOUS. It was purely available from the Holy Roar website and only on tape, an apparently dead format. This is amazing. Thank you so much to everyone that bought a copy! This will go out as soon as we can (early Dec is likely).

Now up in our webstore is brand new, amazing Holy State t-shirts. Metallica silver and purple/eggplant print on a light blue or white Gildan ultra cotton shirt. Only 50 were made (equally split between colours), of which we have 25. Each one comes with a Holy State hand tied tag.

Monday, 16 November 2009

Happy Holy Roar Volume 3 available for preorder

The third volume in our annual Christmas tape compilation series is here!

Once again limited to 100 copies, this years volume comes in 100% PCW recycled chipboard packaging with cover atwork and insert. On top of this the tape comes available in (provisionally) ten different colours, with 10 of each - red, mid blue, dark blue, green, orange, grey, lilac, purple, pink, and black.

We have made available a package so it is possible to buy all ten different colours for a discounted price. As its Christmas - anyone who buys this package will receive a bunch of other free stuff too, and i mean good stuff.

Side A is comprised of cover songs and the tracklisting will only be revealed upon purchase. Believe us this is massively worth it!

Side B is exclusive or rare songs. Of particular note is perhaps Easy Hips and Le Swing collaborating on a christmas themed thrashtastic original composition!

Side A
Run Walk!
Hang The Bastard
Betty Pariso
Guilty Parents

Side B
LeEasySwingHips - This Turkeys Bezurkey
Dreamboats - Night Creatures
Youves - Casino No, No
Bastions - Her Casket Holds No Bones
Crocus - A Spiritual Polemic (live)
Livimorket - Black Alkymi
Brutality Will Prevail - Life
Wreck Of The Minotaur - A Kiss For Luck But You Still Shit Your Knickers
A Boat To Row - Best Wishes
Hammers - The Weight of Days [

I literally have no idea how i'm going to top this one next year!


Wednesday, 4 November 2009

New Motherfucking Band on Fuckingmother Holy Fuck Roar

Blog title indicates my excitement on multiple levels. FINALLY i'm working with a band from South Wales. I was born in Caerphilly and grew up in Cardiff, so why the fuck i've worked with English, Scottish, American and European bands before my own kind i'll never know. I must be a fucking idiot. Thank fuck i've finally rectified this. Secondly, i'm finally working with a band that is close to another aspect of my musical roots. Anyone that ACTUALLY knows me will tell you i love THE MOSH. This band are not generic mosh by any stretch of the imagination, but they make me want to bang my head and cut the shit. No twanging, no noodling, no pussy bullshit. Thank fuck. FINALLY.

Who are they? Please welcome Brutality Will Prevail.

These dudes have been working hard for around 4 years now I believe. But at the beginning of this year the band unleashed an ep called 'Forgotten Soul', and combined with a ridiculously intense live show, my mind was totally blown. 'Forgotten Soul' is cinematic hardcore tuned to drop HELL on downers. Slow, thick and sludgy, BWP are like a suffocating black tar or a steamroller hellbent on a slow march to hades. Beneath it all shards of strewn melodies and refrains drag you even further into this bands HEAVY FUCKING SHIT. Oh and lets not forget perhaps one of the scariest drummers you will ever see performing live.

An album by Brutality Will Prevail will drop within, we believe, the first half of 2010.

Go and get yourself acquainted with the band before the year is out (there's a fuckload of dates on their myspace which will appear on the Holy Roar site too within the next couple of days).