Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Baptists - 'Black Dawn' EP available now!

Baptists have truly upped their game this year, with a new drummer and a renewed vigour. This is doomy, lo-fi, dark hardcore for fans of Cursed, Shikari, Throats and early Baroness. Up for order now (no preorder, but will start going out the first week of January, due to the Christmas break) - we have 50 physical copies for sale in fantastic double-layer screenprinted card case packaging courtesy of Vino Sangre. Further photos available in the store.

Stream the whole release and also get an instant download when you buy the CD!

Also new in our store this week is 'Darkest Season Vol 1' - a 4-way split 7" featuring Black Mass, Lavotchkin, HUSH and Prelude To The Hunt. With Black Mass onboard we were obviously going to get a few copies in, which has a download code within the vinyl itself. Secondly we have also stocked some copies of the brilliant, long-running fanzine 'A Short Fanzine About Rocking' - it's not short and has loads of awesome content on a load of great bands. Pick it up - good fanzines understand music in ways that pro mags never do!

Monday, 13 December 2010

Maths - 'Ascent' preorder now up!

A companion piece, or sequel, to the ‘Descent’ album that was released back in November 2009. 4 songs (eerily clocking in at 5mins48secs both sides) of the bands passionate, intense screamo that will be instantly familiar to anyone who fell in love with Descent, whilst proving to be a great starting point to anyone new to the band.

Melodically and vocally stronger than ever, Maths have produced another incredible conceptual piece that also serves (ridiculously!) as the bands first vinyl release.

Dog Knight Productions also chipped in on this release.

Pressing Info -

300 x 7” solid green vinyl


Monday, 6 December 2010

Pariso new 7" and shirt!

The new seven song 7" and shirt from Pariso is now available for preorder in the store. You can stream the entire release in the store with 'House of Squalor' available for free download.

All purchases get a high quality download straight away.

This is a co-release between Dog Knight Productions, Tangled Talk, Dead Dead Dead Music, Throatruiner Records and Brainache Records

Monday, 22 November 2010

Holy Roar Sweater v2!

Available in the store now!

Monday, 15 November 2010

Happy Holy Roar 4!

- Happy Holy Roar 4 is a cassette tape compilation.
- Happy Holy Roar 4 will only ever be available to order from November 15th-December 12th 2010.
- Tracklisting will be revealed on Monday December 13th. Digital download will also become available Monday December 13th for all those who ordered.
- Happy Holy Roar 4 contains a radio session by a Holy Roar band, a full new ep by a Holy Roar band, a full ep by a new exciting band featuring people you know, new songs, old songs, at least 4 exclusive cover versions and much more. Over an hour's worth of music.
- Happy Holy Roar 4 comes packaged in a Christmas themed cassette box, with insert and choice of 15 colour variations of tape.
- Gold tape is limited to 5 individual copies.
- Blue/Yellow mixed colour tape is limited to 10 individual copies.
- All other colours are limited to however many are ordered during the period this tape is for sale.
- Due to the way this project has been put together we can only give a shipping estimate right now of December/January.
- Holy Roar 'Hate Comes Close' shirt is limited to 50 and available on its own or with a tape for a cheap deal.
- HAPPY MEGA BOX contains all 15 tape colours (yes, 15 tapes) in an exclusive presentation box, along with the 'Hate Comes Close' shirt, a 2nd secret Holy Roar shirt that will never be available to buy, a personalised mix cd and other goodies.


Monday, 8 November 2010

Kerouac - 'Cold and Distant, Not Loving' 10" + shirt

Limited to 300 copies re-pressing of Kerouac's incredible debut album "Cold and Distant, Not Loving" on 10" vinyl. This is chaotic, emotional down-tuned (baritone guitar!) hardcore. Visceral, unpredictable and memorable. Pressed on stunning, black vinyl with random patches of clear and packaged in 350gsm card sleeve, 5mm spine, plastic overbag/sticker and printed inner sleeve.

All orders include an instant, high quality download of the full record. Stream and download available now. Shirts made to order! Release date December 13th.

This is a co-release with Tangled Talk Records.

Monday, 1 November 2010

Touché Amoré - '...to the beat of a dead horse' up for preorder!

Up for preorder now in the store!

Touche Amore ‘….to the beat of a dead horse’ 10” euro tour pressing w/ 4 bonus live tracks.

Shirt has the Holy Roar baby logo big on the back.

We only, genuinely (no hype!) have a very limited number of copies of this. The majority are with the band on their euro/uk tour.

Monday, 25 October 2010

Touché Amoré '...to the beat of a dead horse' 10" on Holy Roar!

The cat is out of the bag. We are HUGELY HUGELY happy to announce that we will be working with Touché Amoré to re-release their debut album '....To The Beat Of A Dead Horse' on 10" vinyl with 4 bonus live tracks, recorded at Chain Reaction. The live songs are not simply a thrown away add-on.....they truly display the vocal passion that this band inspire in their fans! You need to hear it!

Tracklisting -
1. And Now Its Happening in Mine
2. Honest Sleep
3. Cadence
4. Throwing Copper
5. Swimming With Sharks
6. History Reshits Itself
7. Suckerfish
8. Broken Records
9. Nine
10. Always Running, Never Looking Back
11. Adieux
12. Cadence (live from Chain Reaction)
13. History Reshits Itself (live from Chain Reaction)
14. Nine (live from Chain Reaction)
15. Honest Sleep (live from Chain Reaction)

500 copies pressed. 100 on black/white vinyl, 400 on black vinyl. A small limited number is available on preorder from Holy Roar starting next Monday, with a shirt. The bulk of the pressing will be available via the band on their UK/European tour. Dates are -

05.11.2010 Karlsruhe, Germany @ Die Stadtmitte
06.11.2010 Brugg, Swiss @ Piccadilly
07.11.2010 Ljubljana, Slovenia @Tovarna Rog
08.11.2010 Budapest, Hungry @ Caffe Zappa
09.11.2010 Cluj-Napoca, Romania @ Irish & Music Pub
10.11.2010 Kosice, Slovakia @ Collosseum
11.11.2010 Wroclaw, Poland @ CRK
12.11.2010 Berlin, Germany @ Cassiopeia
13.11.2010 Leisnig, Germany @ Ajz
14.11.2010 Hannover, Germany @ Stumpf
15.11.2010 Göteborg, Sweden @ Nordengärden
16.11.2010 Stockholm, Sweden @ Cafe 44
17.11.2010 Hamburg, Germany @ Rote Flora
18.11.2010 Tilburg, Netherlands @ Little Devil
19.11.2010 Mechelen, Belgium @ Metteko
20.11.2010 Merksplas, Belgium @ Jh Zig Zag
21.11.2010 London, UK @ The Old Blue Last
22.11.2010 Norwich, UK @ The Marquee
23.11.2010 Manchaster, UK @ Retro Bar
24.11.2010 Basingstoke, UK @ Bang Bar
25.11.2010 Brighton, UK @ Hydrant
26.11.2010 Essen, Germany @ Cafe Nova
27.11.2010 Bielefeld, Germany @ Ajz
28.11.2010 Trier, Germany @ Ex Hause

Monday, 18 October 2010

Hang The Bastard - 'Hellfire Reign' preorder now on!

Finally the debut album from Hang The Bastard is here! '1888' from the record is up for listening here now!

With guest appearances by Nick of Dead Swans (vocals on 'Levitation Lessons') and James of Rolo Tomassi (all keyboards), ‘Hellfire Reign’ is 10 tracks that shows the band writing a collection of songs that work and flow together, pushing their hardcore/metal sound out into doom, black metal and horror film soundtrack territory – an achievement clearly more than the sum of its parts. All hail the ‘…Reign’!

Cd, Vinyl LP on two colour variations, shirts and hoodies all available as part of the preorder in the Holy Roar shop NOW!

Monday, 11 October 2010

Rolo Tomassi 'Hysterics' vinyl repress on Destination Moon Records!

In the words of James from Rolo Tomassi -

"Following the recent two year anniversary of our debut album Hysterics, we have decided to repress it on vinyl.

With the original vinyl pressing selling out in only a month and interest in this record still ongoing we thought it made sense to make this album readily available again on vinyl in two colour varations.

This will also act as the first release on our own label, Destination Moon, which we're all very excited about. Pre-orders will be taken only via the Holy Roar site [starting now].

The official release date for this is November 15th.

Rolo Tomassi/Destination Moon"


- 400 on blue vinyl with yellow/grey splatter
- 100 on solid red with flecks of translucent vinyl
- Artwork is different to the original vinyl pressing.
- Comes on heavyweight 350gsm card, 5mm spine, printed inner bag, shrinkwrapped.

Friday, 24 September 2010

Throats/Ergon Carousel 'Kyuss covers' split 7" preorder!

Now up for preorder in the store - a new 7" featuring Throats and The Ergon Carousel covering 'Odyssey' and 'Allen's Wrench' by Kyuss! Both covers are brutal as shit. Art by Holly Lucas, design and layout by Theo Kindynis.

Pressing info - one-off pressing of 300 copies on one-sided black vinyl, first 50 copies bought have a secret stenciled B-side. There is also an exclusive shirt to go along with this preorder - see it big in the store.

Friday, 10 September 2010

Run Walk highly limited Instrumental Ep available now

The new Instrumental EP from Run Walk is now available in the store. Limited to just 50 copies (of which we have just over 40 for sale), this is 4 tracks clocking in at just over 21 minutes. We have tried to keep this as cheap as possible considering every one of the 12 different inserts, the cover art, the printing, the packaging and the cds themselves were all made or designed by different people! Not to forget it is such a limited run. Further photos can be found of all aspects of the packaging here

Musically the band seem to be exploring both the avenues hinted at by the title track of their 'IHTAWSICSSOEAOMITS' mini-album, as well as darker, more droning territory.

No preorders, no bundles - just 4 great new tracks available straight away! The whole ep can be streamed on our website right now.

Friday, 3 September 2010

Bastions 'Island Living' 7" + shirt preorder!

We are very happy to be releasing Bastions new 7" 'Island Living' on September 27th! 3 brand new tracks recorded with Ben Phillips at Lightship 95 - this is hardcore rock'n'roll for fans of Holy State, Throats, Converge, November Coming Fire and Gold Kids.

Coloured vinyl and a lush made-to-order preorder t-shirt, which we have bundled at a ridiculously cheap price! Get on it - we dont have loads of this vinyl as it is a co-release with Tangled Talk Records (different shirts at each label).

You can listen to the whole release on our website now, and you get an instant download when you preorder!

Friday, 27 August 2010

Never Again - 'Year One' LP preorders up!

We've kept this one relatively secret I guess. Never Again are really fast and stompy no frills hardcore, built on RIFFS. Immensely hardworking, and an absolute force to be reckoned with live (already), we have collected together everything the band have recorded to date + 3 exclusive new tracks onto one LP+download. This is the first time much of this material is available digitally as well. The vinyl is available on 3 colour schemes - white, white/translucent blue or translucent blue. The white vinyl is the most limited at 100 copies and is only available from Holy Roar.

As is par for the course with us now - there is also a preorder shirt, available in either blue or white, which is made to order and only available as part of this preorder. But we've stepped it up one further - the first 50 orders of the lp come with a free live tape that is only available with this LP and limited to 50 copies made.

Go see Never Again on their Euro/UK tour with AYS and Wayfarer starting today -

28 Aug – Raesfeld, Germany w/Wayfarer
29 Aug – Hamburg, Germany w/Wayfarer
30 Aug – Goteborg, Sweden, w/Wayfarer
31 Aug – Nykoping, Sweden, w/Wayfarer
1 Sept – Stockholm, Sweden w/Wayfarer
2 Sept – Oslo, Norway w/Wafarer
3 Sept – Bremen, Germany w/AYS, Wayfarer
4 Sept – Gdynia, Poland w/AYS, Wayfarer
5 Sept – Weisswasser, Germany w/AYS, Wayfarer
6 Sept – Pozan, Poland w/AYS, Wayfarer
7 Sept – Vienna, Austria w/AYS, Wayfarer
8 Sept – Vincenza, Italy w/AYS, Wayfarer
10 Sept – Luzern, Switzerland w/AYS, Wayfarer
11 Sept – Ulm, Germany w/AYS, Wayfarer
12 Sept – Monchengladbach, Germany w/AYS, Wayfarer
14 Sept – Nantes, France w/AYS, Wayfarer
15 Sept – Willebroek, Belgium w/AYS, Wayfarer
16 Sept – Newport, Wales w/AYS, Wayfarer
17 Sept – Leeds, England w/AYS, Wayfarer
18 Sept – London, England w/AYS, Wayfarer

Monday, 16 August 2010


It's finally here! A new song ('Early Grave') is up for playing and download at ROOT OF ALL EVIL

Avaiable on vinyl or cd, with exclusive shirt and tote bag, this record shows a true evolution for Brutality Will Prevail.

Info -

- Bronze vinyl limited to 100
- Pizza (clear with drops of green, blue and red) vinyl limited to 300.
- Bronze/pizza mix vinyl limited to 100 - each of these will be slightly different, some may end up almost completely bronze, others almost completely 'pizza'.
- Cd version

- T-shirt is a preorder exclusive and only made as part of this preorder
- Totebag individually numbered, limited to 20.



Wednesday, 4 August 2010


The debut EP by Leeds terrors Black Mass is here and up for preorder. Available on its own on CD in a ridiculous metal tin, as a cheap digital download, or with a t-shirt as a package. You can listen to the entire EP on this here Holy Roar wesbite right now and download 'Left Hand Pass' for free! There is only 100 physical copies of this release, and the t-shirts will be made to order. Official street release date is 20th September.

For fans of Trap Them, Entombed, Napalm Death, The Power and the Glory and all things crysty, grindy and bleak.

Monday, 5 July 2010

Gallops CDEP and shirt now up for preorder!

The debut EP by Gallops is now up for preorder with a pretty astrological t-shirt if you so fancy. This is a co-release with Blood and Biscuits who have their own variety of shirt, here .

A bit of a curveball for Holy Roar - this is a band that join together electronica, math-rock and pop to form something entirely their own within our fair isles. 'Miami Spider' is up for free download straight away here

Everyone who preorders will also get sent free remixes by Three Trapped Tigers and Rolo Tomassi at some point prior to release date. Watch out for a bunch of shows and festivals from the band too!

Monday, 28 June 2010

New band on Holy Roar - BLACK MASS

We're gonna be about as blunt on this as we've ever been. We know very little about Black Mass. Via some messageboard or other we heard a demo of Black Mass recorded in a basement. It sounded like shit but showed incredible promise. We pretty much told them this. They came back to us a few months later with a bunch of recordings done by Jason Sanderson (Rolo Tomassi, Antares, We'll Die Smiling etc). These recordings are amazing.

It appears the band are doing a split 7" on about 32964 labels with Guillotines and Kasa. They will also, most importantly of course, be doing an EP on Holy Roar. 4 tracks of Entombed-meets-The Power and the Glory. Think Trap Them, Cursed, Napalm Death - all things crusty, filthy, grindy. This EP should be out within a couple of months! More news, a new song etc coming very soon!

Monday, 21 June 2010

New Throats shirt and Guilty Parents ep in on distro!

First up - we made a new Throats shirt to celebrate their tour (with Lavotchkin in tow) which starts tomorrow! Check the gigs section for all dates. Printed on Gildan Ringspun Soft Style (a high quality soft shirt) - this looks awesome - with black photoprint and silver border and font! Only 50 made, and Throatsofgold members get this as part of their package.

Secondly - we have got our hands on some copies of the Guilty Parents ep. Released by Danger Lazer Phaser Razor Records. Looks amazing. Sloppy rock'n'punk. Available now in the shop!

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Young Legionnaire - Colossus/Iron Dream 7" Preorder

The debut release from Young Legionnaire. This band is made up of Gordon Moakes (Bloc Party), Paul Mullen (The Automatic/ex-Yourcodenameis:milo) and William Bowerman (Brontide, La Roux, ex-Iwasacubscout). You could almost say this is our first ever 'supergroup' release of sorts. Except that this sounds nothing like any of the members previous work - this is detuned, subtly technical stoner indie. It's fucking heavy and loud but catchy and tuneful.

Available for preorder now. Instant mp3 download when ordering (follow onscreen instructions). 100 copies on black vinyl, 200 on creamy yellow and 200 on semi-transparent brown. Get on it. We don't expect this one to be around forever!

Friday, 11 June 2010

Jackals T-shirts now in stock

We got a very limited number of Jackals shirts in. 7" artwork on a shirt - white print on a Gildan Heavy shirt. Punx. You can pick them up on their own or in a cheapo bundle with the 7"! Hit up the Holy Roar store for these!

Monday, 7 June 2010

Holy State CDEP + Trash Talk 'Shame' LP!

New distro items available from Holy Roar. It’s not just random shit - we’ve released these bands in the past and these releases are fucking genuinely awesome!

1. Holy State - new cdep and cdep+tote bag deals! Cheers to Dance To The Radio for hooking us up! We only have 10 of the totes so get on that! Ships for July 12th.

2. Trash Talk - Shame LP - heavyweight vinyl, poster insert. Collecting together all releases up until the new album. We have one box of these!

Available in our store NOW.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Lonwolves - 'A True Discourse' Preorder up!

Now up for preorder! 4 song cdep.

Lonewolves display a fluidity that nods to the tones of Earth, Pelican, Old Man Gloom and Year of No Light whilst grasping the full throttle rock of Coliseum and The Hope Conspiracy. An epic, energetic beast.

1. Hollow (exclusive to cd version) // 2. Shadows and Dust // 3. Death March // 4. Deity

Displaying a new-found confidence and (whisper it) maturity from the band, this record loses none of the bands energy or intensity, whilst exploring far more subtle tones, restraint and vivid colours.

CD comes in white card DVD packaging (photos soon!). 5 different colour vinyl-effect cds. Multiple orders will receive multiple colours, up to all 5 colours. 20 copies on each colour. Limited to 100 copies.

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Throats - USA presing of the self-titled ep

We got in one small box of the USA pressing of the Throats EP we released back in February. This was released in the USA by Twelve Gauge Records. Completely new art courtesy of Holly Lucas and maybe a bonus track too!

Watch out for other new Throats stuff soon!

We are also mega happy to announce that the band are playing SONISPHERE on Friday July 30th! COUP!

Wednesday, 12 May 2010


Yeah ok, so it's still freezing. But if Azgathoth Varg is embracing the sand, sun and his bucket and spade, then so should we all. Especially if we are making loads of shit dirt cheap! A bunch of items in the store have now been reduced. We need your pennies to keep producing new, sweet music so dig deep and buy HARD. This is what is on offer in the store, as well as existing bargains -

Youves - 'Cardio-Vascular' cd - £1
Dance To The radio '4x12' 12" (feat. Holy State etc) - £1
Holy Monsters! 10" - £2
New Roars on the Block 7" - £1
New roars on the Block t-shirt - £4
Chronicles of Adam West shirt - £1
Betty Pariso/Manuscripts 7" - £1
Devil Sold His Soul/Tortuga 7" - £1
Holy Roar tote bag - £2

Wednesday, 5 May 2010


We are pleased to announce that we are co-releasing the forthcoming 7” from Last Witness, entitled GIVE UP, it will be released next month on HOLY ROAR, PURGATORY and THIRTY DAYS OF NIGHT RECORDS.

The record features 3 new tracks, the first material the band has written in over two years. The B side track ‘Dreamland Welcomes You’ is now available to stream and download on MySpace, Facebook and on the releases page!

The record is now available to pre-order in three colours (clear [Holy Roar], blue/white split vinyl [Purgatory] and transparent red [TDON]) from all three labels. We also have an exclusive preorder shirt of a spread colour print on a natural shirt. You can finally buy all 3 colours of vinyl from us in a special, VERY limited package.

Friday, 30 April 2010


We are stupidly happy to announce that we are co-releasing the vinyl of the new album by Rolo Tomassi - 'Cosmology'. Limited to 100 copies from us in a gatefold sleeve, this features different artwork to the cd version, and comes on translucent blue vinyl with solid grey and white speckles.

Produced by Diplo, we genuinely believe this is the bands best material yet. It harks back to pre-ep material whilst also displaying a ridiculous amount of progression and heightened technicality. Starting off as an OTT-tech monster and ending on psychadelic space-rock trips. this is an epic journey of a record.

All pressing information can be found on the releases page or in the store.

Get on this. It wont around for long!

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Monday, 19 April 2010

New Cutting Pink With Knives shirt!

Released to commemorate and commiserate 3 years since 'Populuxxe' was recorded! It's also pretty sweet just to have a CPWK shirt available again! Design and layout by Mario Gambardella, incorporating the classic early CPWK logo and dual-layered seahorses....green and yellow print on a blue shirt. Summer vibes! Gildan heavyweight shirt.

We also got in some copies of the new Hang The Bastard/Abolition 7".....get on it all in the shop!

Friday, 9 April 2010

New Brontide and Maths shirts!

We have 10 of these Brontide shirts for sale. 5 small, 5 medium. White and gold print on a black shirt. Designed and printed by Vino Sangre. Free digital brontide ep with each shirt bought, and you can get the 'Holy Monsters' 10" for half price with this, if requested. Get on it!

We also now have this new spread colour print Maths shirt - red through to blue print on sports grey, heavyweight Gildan shirt. Designed by Sam Dunn. One time pressing of 50 shirts, with a portion of that being with the band on the road.

Friday, 26 March 2010

Jackals - 6 song 7" coming soon!

We are mega happy to announce that we will be helping release the debut 6 song 7" from Jackals within the next month or two! Hailing from the Norwich area, this 6-piece is a veritable smorgsabord of DIY talent! Jack runs the What Would Henry Rollins Do? zine and label, Alex Batten used to play in Maths and takes sweet photos and the whole thing was recorded by our very own Alfie from Maths. Sorry to the other members of the band for not knowing anything about you yet!

Seemingly coming from out of nowhere, this is rock'n'roll infused power violence with Kodan Armada/Neil Perry tendancies on their more expansive moments.

This is a co-release with Wineblood Music/WWHRD?/Power Negi. All good people! 300 copies will be made in total on coloured vinyl in handscreened packaging.

There is a free mp3 up now on the shop and release page for this. Download it and check it out and then preorder this beauty!

Monday, 15 March 2010

New Brutality Will Prevail and Easy Hips merch!

To celebrate Brutality Will Prevail going into the studio for us late next month to record an album, we got Bill Trevey from Throats to design us an exclusive Brutality Will Prevail shirt. Severed hand in a ridiculous star. Cosmically grimm. Charcoal grey shirt, gloss black print, Gildan Heavyweight shirt. Only 50 of these have been made and will not be reprinted. Photos coming v. soon! We've got copies of the 2009 mini-album 'Forgotten Soul' on coloured vinyl too. Cheap on its own or even cheaper with the shirt!

We've also got our hands on some left over tour merch from Easy Hips. Black print on a white American Apparel shirt or Red print on a cream American Apparel shirt. Cheap for American Apparel!

All available in the shop now!

Monday, 8 March 2010

New distro stock and Easy hips video!

We just got some stuff in by Never Again. Never Again play fast classic hardcore/thrash with sweet breaks. If you are a fan of Ceremony , Xfilesx, Scholastic Deth, Trash Talk or any bands of that like, then you will love Never Again! We've got the 'Repulsed' tape, the 'No Sympathy' tape and the 'Pressure' 6-track 7". We've only got a couple of copies of each so get on it!

Recently Easy Hips did a video for their Christmas anthem 'This Turkey's Bezurkey' that appeared on Happy Holy Roar 3. Here it is!

To celebrate we have made the song available to purchase from our store for a limited time!

Thursday, 4 March 2010

New band on Holy Roar - We'll Die Smiling

We are really happy to announce that we will be working with We'll Die Smiling, starting with a 4 track ep limited to 100 copies. The packaging will fucking kill obviously (preview it, courtesy of the band, here).

It will be officially out Monday 5th April, exactly one month from today. The band have put up the opening track from the ep, 'Interdisciplinary' up on their myspace page or you can download a free mp3 of it from us right now here!

Monday, 15 February 2010

Exclusive Hang The Bastard shirt now available!

To celebrate the news that Hang The Bastard will be recording their debut album for us in late May for a late summer/early autumn release, we went and got this awesome, exclusive shirt made!

Yep, it's Simon and Garfunkel! Pick it up here! We also have copies of their ep 'Raw Sorcery' in, and you can buy the cd and shirt together for just £12!

Please note i'm away in Australia from Wednesday, so any orders received after then will be sent out 5th March!

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Mp3s etc

Just a quick little update. We've gone through our catalogue, sorted and added a few bits and pieces...

- Holy States 'Urges', from the sold out 7" with Pulled Apart By Horses is now available to download at 79p
- The Holy Roar half of the 'Holy Monsters!' split 10" is now available to download on an individual track basis. This is an exclusive song each from Holy State and Brontide. It's easily the best Brontide recording to date by a mile!
- We traded a handful of Throats cd colours with the band, so we now have a couple of the cd in GREEN available now....

Just hit up the Shop page!

Monday, 1 February 2010

run,WALK! preorder now up!

The run,WALK! CD mini-album and t-shirt package is up now! £13 for the pair. Not bad, Not bad. Or if you just want the cd or the t-shirt then that's cool too!

Check out the shop page or the releases page to stream the entire release now, over a month before its release date.

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

New shirts and totes available!

Remember Emma Sailor who designed and printed Brontide shirts, almost every Holy State shirt to date, the run,WALK! shirt and more? Well this is the 'umbrella' label under which all the printing and designing takes place. Vino Sangre. It's fucking awesome.

Holy Roar backs Vino Sangre/Emma Sailor hard!

PLEASE NOTE - We only have one of each shirt and tote apart from the black print tote bags (we have 4 of them), so if you want it get in quick! Once gone, they are gone, these were made specifically for us.

Monday, 11 January 2010

New release available now! ANTARES!

Please welcome ANTARES. Easily the most technical UK heavy band I have heard for a long time! It was always going to be a ridiculous combination when you put together an ex-guitarist of Chronicles of Adam West and Calvin (aka the only person to ever fill in for Joe Nicholson on gutar in Rolo Tomassi).

4 songs, 16 minutes, mini-dvd style cases, 3" cd. Produced by the awesome Jason Sanderson.

You can buy their 3" cdep here now! There are only 100 copies ever, so this wont be around forever! You can also buy it digitally which will be around forever!

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Hi 2010!

I guess its a bit of a belated Happy New Year from Holy Roar, as I went to Paris this week and got stuck there an additional 24 hours due to Eurostar cancellations. It wasnt all bad though, I got a free (really nice) hotel for the night and first class back the following morning! Below is a photo of the Catacombs i visited in Paris. Total brutality. All human bones. The most ridiculous thing I have ever seen. They go on for miles of tunnel.

So a bit of a round up/whats happening etc....

- Any orders placed (excluding Throats preorders) between dec 18th and now will go out on Monday 9th Jan.
- The Throats preorder is still running! Have you picked it up? Its not going to be around for long now!
- We are working on a bunch of merch for some of our bands, some cds/vinyl/shirts/bags from friends labels to sell via Holy Roar, a secret imminent release, the Guilty Parents cd, the Run, Walk! cd preorder, and loads more upcoming releases and stuffs!

Here are, in no order, my top 20 albums of 2009 (whats the point of doing it before the year has ended hey?) -

agoraphobic nosebleed - agorapocalypse
health - get colour
the chariot - wars and rumors of wars
maths - descent
king cannibal - let the night roar
MSTRKRFT - fist of god
kylesa - static tensions
iwrestledabearonce - its all happening
suicide silence - no time to bleed
fuck buttons - tarot sport
bloody panda - summon
weekend nachos - unforgivable
mew - no more stories.....
passion pit - manners
yeah yeah yeahs - its blitz
brutality will prevail - forgotten soul
gaza - he is never coming back
zombi - spirit animal
nile - those whom the gods detest
hudson mohawke - butter