Tuesday, 19 January 2010

New shirts and totes available!

Remember Emma Sailor who designed and printed Brontide shirts, almost every Holy State shirt to date, the run,WALK! shirt and more? Well this is the 'umbrella' label under which all the printing and designing takes place. Vino Sangre. It's fucking awesome.

Holy Roar backs Vino Sangre/Emma Sailor hard!

PLEASE NOTE - We only have one of each shirt and tote apart from the black print tote bags (we have 4 of them), so if you want it get in quick! Once gone, they are gone, these were made specifically for us.

Monday, 11 January 2010

New release available now! ANTARES!

Please welcome ANTARES. Easily the most technical UK heavy band I have heard for a long time! It was always going to be a ridiculous combination when you put together an ex-guitarist of Chronicles of Adam West and Calvin (aka the only person to ever fill in for Joe Nicholson on gutar in Rolo Tomassi).

4 songs, 16 minutes, mini-dvd style cases, 3" cd. Produced by the awesome Jason Sanderson.

You can buy their 3" cdep here now! There are only 100 copies ever, so this wont be around forever! You can also buy it digitally which will be around forever!

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Hi 2010!

I guess its a bit of a belated Happy New Year from Holy Roar, as I went to Paris this week and got stuck there an additional 24 hours due to Eurostar cancellations. It wasnt all bad though, I got a free (really nice) hotel for the night and first class back the following morning! Below is a photo of the Catacombs i visited in Paris. Total brutality. All human bones. The most ridiculous thing I have ever seen. They go on for miles of tunnel.

So a bit of a round up/whats happening etc....

- Any orders placed (excluding Throats preorders) between dec 18th and now will go out on Monday 9th Jan.
- The Throats preorder is still running! Have you picked it up? Its not going to be around for long now!
- We are working on a bunch of merch for some of our bands, some cds/vinyl/shirts/bags from friends labels to sell via Holy Roar, a secret imminent release, the Guilty Parents cd, the Run, Walk! cd preorder, and loads more upcoming releases and stuffs!

Here are, in no order, my top 20 albums of 2009 (whats the point of doing it before the year has ended hey?) -

agoraphobic nosebleed - agorapocalypse
health - get colour
the chariot - wars and rumors of wars
maths - descent
king cannibal - let the night roar
MSTRKRFT - fist of god
kylesa - static tensions
iwrestledabearonce - its all happening
suicide silence - no time to bleed
fuck buttons - tarot sport
bloody panda - summon
weekend nachos - unforgivable
mew - no more stories.....
passion pit - manners
yeah yeah yeahs - its blitz
brutality will prevail - forgotten soul
gaza - he is never coming back
zombi - spirit animal
nile - those whom the gods detest
hudson mohawke - butter