Friday, 26 March 2010

Jackals - 6 song 7" coming soon!

We are mega happy to announce that we will be helping release the debut 6 song 7" from Jackals within the next month or two! Hailing from the Norwich area, this 6-piece is a veritable smorgsabord of DIY talent! Jack runs the What Would Henry Rollins Do? zine and label, Alex Batten used to play in Maths and takes sweet photos and the whole thing was recorded by our very own Alfie from Maths. Sorry to the other members of the band for not knowing anything about you yet!

Seemingly coming from out of nowhere, this is rock'n'roll infused power violence with Kodan Armada/Neil Perry tendancies on their more expansive moments.

This is a co-release with Wineblood Music/WWHRD?/Power Negi. All good people! 300 copies will be made in total on coloured vinyl in handscreened packaging.

There is a free mp3 up now on the shop and release page for this. Download it and check it out and then preorder this beauty!

Monday, 15 March 2010

New Brutality Will Prevail and Easy Hips merch!

To celebrate Brutality Will Prevail going into the studio for us late next month to record an album, we got Bill Trevey from Throats to design us an exclusive Brutality Will Prevail shirt. Severed hand in a ridiculous star. Cosmically grimm. Charcoal grey shirt, gloss black print, Gildan Heavyweight shirt. Only 50 of these have been made and will not be reprinted. Photos coming v. soon! We've got copies of the 2009 mini-album 'Forgotten Soul' on coloured vinyl too. Cheap on its own or even cheaper with the shirt!

We've also got our hands on some left over tour merch from Easy Hips. Black print on a white American Apparel shirt or Red print on a cream American Apparel shirt. Cheap for American Apparel!

All available in the shop now!

Monday, 8 March 2010

New distro stock and Easy hips video!

We just got some stuff in by Never Again. Never Again play fast classic hardcore/thrash with sweet breaks. If you are a fan of Ceremony , Xfilesx, Scholastic Deth, Trash Talk or any bands of that like, then you will love Never Again! We've got the 'Repulsed' tape, the 'No Sympathy' tape and the 'Pressure' 6-track 7". We've only got a couple of copies of each so get on it!

Recently Easy Hips did a video for their Christmas anthem 'This Turkey's Bezurkey' that appeared on Happy Holy Roar 3. Here it is!

To celebrate we have made the song available to purchase from our store for a limited time!

Thursday, 4 March 2010

New band on Holy Roar - We'll Die Smiling

We are really happy to announce that we will be working with We'll Die Smiling, starting with a 4 track ep limited to 100 copies. The packaging will fucking kill obviously (preview it, courtesy of the band, here).

It will be officially out Monday 5th April, exactly one month from today. The band have put up the opening track from the ep, 'Interdisciplinary' up on their myspace page or you can download a free mp3 of it from us right now here!