Monday, 25 October 2010

Touché Amoré ' the beat of a dead horse' 10" on Holy Roar!

The cat is out of the bag. We are HUGELY HUGELY happy to announce that we will be working with Touché Amoré to re-release their debut album '....To The Beat Of A Dead Horse' on 10" vinyl with 4 bonus live tracks, recorded at Chain Reaction. The live songs are not simply a thrown away add-on.....they truly display the vocal passion that this band inspire in their fans! You need to hear it!

Tracklisting -
1. And Now Its Happening in Mine
2. Honest Sleep
3. Cadence
4. Throwing Copper
5. Swimming With Sharks
6. History Reshits Itself
7. Suckerfish
8. Broken Records
9. Nine
10. Always Running, Never Looking Back
11. Adieux
12. Cadence (live from Chain Reaction)
13. History Reshits Itself (live from Chain Reaction)
14. Nine (live from Chain Reaction)
15. Honest Sleep (live from Chain Reaction)

500 copies pressed. 100 on black/white vinyl, 400 on black vinyl. A small limited number is available on preorder from Holy Roar starting next Monday, with a shirt. The bulk of the pressing will be available via the band on their UK/European tour. Dates are -

05.11.2010 Karlsruhe, Germany @ Die Stadtmitte
06.11.2010 Brugg, Swiss @ Piccadilly
07.11.2010 Ljubljana, Slovenia @Tovarna Rog
08.11.2010 Budapest, Hungry @ Caffe Zappa
09.11.2010 Cluj-Napoca, Romania @ Irish & Music Pub
10.11.2010 Kosice, Slovakia @ Collosseum
11.11.2010 Wroclaw, Poland @ CRK
12.11.2010 Berlin, Germany @ Cassiopeia
13.11.2010 Leisnig, Germany @ Ajz
14.11.2010 Hannover, Germany @ Stumpf
15.11.2010 Göteborg, Sweden @ Nordengärden
16.11.2010 Stockholm, Sweden @ Cafe 44
17.11.2010 Hamburg, Germany @ Rote Flora
18.11.2010 Tilburg, Netherlands @ Little Devil
19.11.2010 Mechelen, Belgium @ Metteko
20.11.2010 Merksplas, Belgium @ Jh Zig Zag
21.11.2010 London, UK @ The Old Blue Last
22.11.2010 Norwich, UK @ The Marquee
23.11.2010 Manchaster, UK @ Retro Bar
24.11.2010 Basingstoke, UK @ Bang Bar
25.11.2010 Brighton, UK @ Hydrant
26.11.2010 Essen, Germany @ Cafe Nova
27.11.2010 Bielefeld, Germany @ Ajz
28.11.2010 Trier, Germany @ Ex Hause

Monday, 18 October 2010

Hang The Bastard - 'Hellfire Reign' preorder now on!

Finally the debut album from Hang The Bastard is here! '1888' from the record is up for listening here now!

With guest appearances by Nick of Dead Swans (vocals on 'Levitation Lessons') and James of Rolo Tomassi (all keyboards), ‘Hellfire Reign’ is 10 tracks that shows the band writing a collection of songs that work and flow together, pushing their hardcore/metal sound out into doom, black metal and horror film soundtrack territory – an achievement clearly more than the sum of its parts. All hail the ‘…Reign’!

Cd, Vinyl LP on two colour variations, shirts and hoodies all available as part of the preorder in the Holy Roar shop NOW!

Monday, 11 October 2010

Rolo Tomassi 'Hysterics' vinyl repress on Destination Moon Records!

In the words of James from Rolo Tomassi -

"Following the recent two year anniversary of our debut album Hysterics, we have decided to repress it on vinyl.

With the original vinyl pressing selling out in only a month and interest in this record still ongoing we thought it made sense to make this album readily available again on vinyl in two colour varations.

This will also act as the first release on our own label, Destination Moon, which we're all very excited about. Pre-orders will be taken only via the Holy Roar site [starting now].

The official release date for this is November 15th.

Rolo Tomassi/Destination Moon"


- 400 on blue vinyl with yellow/grey splatter
- 100 on solid red with flecks of translucent vinyl
- Artwork is different to the original vinyl pressing.
- Comes on heavyweight 350gsm card, 5mm spine, printed inner bag, shrinkwrapped.