Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Baptists - 'Black Dawn' EP available now!

Baptists have truly upped their game this year, with a new drummer and a renewed vigour. This is doomy, lo-fi, dark hardcore for fans of Cursed, Shikari, Throats and early Baroness. Up for order now (no preorder, but will start going out the first week of January, due to the Christmas break) - we have 50 physical copies for sale in fantastic double-layer screenprinted card case packaging courtesy of Vino Sangre. Further photos available in the store.

Stream the whole release and also get an instant download when you buy the CD!

Also new in our store this week is 'Darkest Season Vol 1' - a 4-way split 7" featuring Black Mass, Lavotchkin, HUSH and Prelude To The Hunt. With Black Mass onboard we were obviously going to get a few copies in, which has a download code within the vinyl itself. Secondly we have also stocked some copies of the brilliant, long-running fanzine 'A Short Fanzine About Rocking' - it's not short and has loads of awesome content on a load of great bands. Pick it up - good fanzines understand music in ways that pro mags never do!

Monday, 13 December 2010

Maths - 'Ascent' preorder now up!

A companion piece, or sequel, to the ‘Descent’ album that was released back in November 2009. 4 songs (eerily clocking in at 5mins48secs both sides) of the bands passionate, intense screamo that will be instantly familiar to anyone who fell in love with Descent, whilst proving to be a great starting point to anyone new to the band.

Melodically and vocally stronger than ever, Maths have produced another incredible conceptual piece that also serves (ridiculously!) as the bands first vinyl release.

Dog Knight Productions also chipped in on this release.

Pressing Info -

300 x 7” solid green vinyl


Monday, 6 December 2010

Pariso new 7" and shirt!

The new seven song 7" and shirt from Pariso is now available for preorder in the store. You can stream the entire release in the store with 'House of Squalor' available for free download.

All purchases get a high quality download straight away.

This is a co-release between Dog Knight Productions, Tangled Talk, Dead Dead Dead Music, Throatruiner Records and Brainache Records