Monday, 30 May 2011

The Slabdragger double LP 'Regress' is finally up for preorder today! Very limited vinyl pressing, shirt, shirt+2xLP and shirt+digital download packages are all available for preorder now! All orders of the record receive an instant download right now!

Fans of Yob, Torche, Sleep, Electric Wizard the like should take note!

Also out today and ready to ship is a new Holy Roar shirt...

Monday, 9 May 2011

Grazes/Eisberg 7"s out today!

Out today (no preorder!) - Grazes 'Myths' 6 song 7" vinyl/download and Eisberg s/t 7 song 7" vinyl/download! Grazes is up with a very limited shirt and colour vinyl edition. Grazes play sloppy, fast punk/hardcore with shoegaze and Sabbath influences. Eisberg are venomous, direct straightedge hardcore. Both are fucking awesome. Stream both releases from the releases page/the store!

Also up on the store today on distro from other labels is the Kerouac/Long haul split cd/10" vinyl and Desolated 'The Sixth Day' 7" - an amazing looking and sounding release for those who like their death metal/hardcore.

Monday, 2 May 2011

Brutality Will Prevail + The Ergon Carousel

The new Brutality Will Prevail 'Sleep Paralysis' CDEP and (Icemen rip) shirt is now up for preorder, as is the debut album 'Dead Banks' by ubergrindlords The Ergon Carousel, again with a shirt! Cheap bundles!

2 free The Ergon Carousel mp3s are up for download and you can stream 'Heavy Eyes' by Brutality Will Prevail...

Go to the store!