Wednesday, 29 June 2011

End Reign 7" preorders!

End Reign have truly upped their game with this self-titled 4-track 7"

Following on from their split 7" with Alaska and a 4 track demo, End Reign have now fully taken that leap from 'promising' to visceral. Whilst possessing their own musicality and catchiness, fans of Trap Them, Throats, Integrity, Cursed and even Zeke shouldn't go far wrong here.

2 limited 7" colours, a shirt and plenty of bundle deals in the store now!

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Holy Hell Summer 2011 FREE Digital Sampler

Available here

New, exclusive tracks as well as a bunch of stuff from this years releases so far.

Tracklisting -

Rosa Valle - Mathemagician
Slabdragger - Erroneous Maximus
Witch Cult - Burn
The Ergon Carousel - Dead Banks
Self Loathing - Cut
Crossbreaker - Time Is Making Fools of Us
Rolo Tomassi - ...And Then The Mannequin Spoke
Antares - to youth and valour
Pariso - The Recluse
Kerouac - Fiends
Make Do And Mend - Nights The Only Time of Day
Grazes - Observers Paradox
Jackals - Mob Mentality
End Reign - Abyss
Eisberg - Salt In The Wound
Brutality Will Prevail - Heavy Eyes
Daggers - Axes
Brontide - Jura
Gallops - Eukodol
Hang The Bastard - The Great Devourer
Abolition - Shadow
Cthulhu Youth - Free Music For Poor Punx

Monday, 20 June 2011

Abolition album out August 29th on Holy Roar

We are mega happy to announce that we will be releasing the debut album by London straight-edge hardcore band Abolition.

After split releases with Hang The Bastard and Ark of the Covenant, as well as their own releases, the band have finally arrived at their own 11 track album, recorded with the one and only Jamie Frye. Don't let the words 'straight-edge' potentially put you off - this is just awesome raging, classic hardcore with a metallic bent, with huge tunes!

You can download 'Shadow' off the new record here. Preorders will go up to coincide with the start of these live dates. Limited colour vinyl will be available on all shows, with a limited number also with us.

The band go on a serious tour to launch the record -

18th July-Ashford @downtown dinner w/Santa Karla, Final Rage…
23rd July-Leeds, UK
24th July-Nottingham, UK
25th July- Manchester, UK
26th July-TBC
27th July-Travel day
28th July-Brussels, Bel w/Allocation
29th July-Ieper w/Allocation
30th July-Mulheim, Ger @ AZ Mulheim w/ Cobretti, Wolfxdown, A time to stand
31st July-Nuremberg, Ger w/Wardogs+Broken Teeth
1st August-TBC
2nd August- Prague, Czech @cafe na pul cesty
3rd August-Gyor, Hun
4th August- Budapest, Hun
5th August- Ivano Frankovsk, Ukraine
6th August- Kiev, Ukraine
7th August- travel
8th August- Cracow, Pol @Miasto Gadających Głów w/ Violent Action, Get Out
9th August-Gdansk, Pol
10th August-Poznan, Pol
19th August-Windsor w/uncommon valour, discontent and a long time dead

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Jackals/Self Loathing 7" + shirt preorder!

Jackals follow up their debut six-song 7" with this split with Self Loathing.

Jackals deliver more of their lurching, expansive dual/duel vocal-attack punx violence, whilst obviously taking a step-up from their debut 7". Fast, harsh and ugly whilst incorporating nods to a more doom-laden/gazing aesthetic.

Self Loathing spew out 4 tracks of feedback-drenched raw, bass-heavy sloppy punk/hardcore/power-violence. Angry as fuck.

This is available in the store now - limited black vinyl, clear vinyl and an exclusive Jackals shirt!

Monday, 6 June 2011

Rosa Valle EP to come out on Holy Roar and BSM!

We are very happy to announce that Holy Roar and BSM will be teaming up to release the debut EP by Middlesbrough lads Rosa Valle.

Coming out on August 22nd on one-sided 12” and on CD, fans of Rolo Tomassi, Blakfish, Brontide, Shapes, Maths, We’ll Die Smiling, Tubelord, Antares, Gallops etc etc should find something they love here. This band really are that unique and wide reaching - incredibly catchy intricate tunes that are not afraid to swing from serene to blistering. Impossibly young and impossibly talented, the bare fact that this ep was recorded only a few months after the band formed, is jaw-dropping.

Download ‘Mathemagician’ by the band here