Friday, 27 July 2012

Cutting Pink With Knives 'Populuxxe' 5th Anniversary LP repress!

To celebrate 'Populuxxe' by Cutting Pink With Knives being five years old (how time flies!) we have decided to do an ultra-limited repress on a high grade, audiophile black vinyl LP. Preorder for the LP and an exclusive, unique shirt are up now!

This release, as well as being on (still available) CD, was also originally pressed on 10" vinyl (by Isomorphs Records) and was limited to 200 copies. This sold out almost instantly back in 2007. Do not miss out this time round!

This commemorative repress brings together the full recording session for the very first time - 19 tracks compared to the original releases 16.


Saturday, 14 July 2012

Kerouac 'Heavy Hearted...' discography preorder now up!

Kerouac - 'Heavy Hearted: Collected Recordings 2009-2011' Preorder

So this is it. Everything Kerouac ever wrote and recorded on one LP. From the very first demo recordings that have remained largely unheard by many until now, through the 'Cold and Distant, Not Loving' mini-album to splits with The Long Haul and Pariso to unlisted bonus live recordings, this is truly comprehensive. A feast of a package for the uninitiated and hardcore fans alike, this is the collection that this unique band will forever be remembered for.

Pressing info - 500 LPs pressed, co-release between Holy Roar and Tangled Talk. Equal split. 100 x ultra clear vinyl 200 x white vinyl 200 x black vinyl

* Blak Nite and The Lion And The Wolf remix/cover digital only bonus tracks. ** Vinyl contains 4 vinyl-only bonus live recordings.

Package deals including album artwork shirt, shirt+mp3s and all 3 vinyl variations also available in our store now!